Santa, Here We Come!

Posted by Analyse at 4:38 PM

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do you believe in Santa Claus? Louna does. And at the moment, it's only Santa Claus that counts.

Last night, she accidentally peed on her bed and while I was changing her pajama, she sadly told me that Père Noël va être déçu (Santa Clause will be disappointed). So I told her Yes, he will be disappointed so next time, you have to wake up and call Maman or Papa to help you go to the toilet. Talking about taking advantage of Santa story, lol.

Since this Santa Clause period doesn't last a lifetime, we want her to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure with Santa - something which she will cherish at least during her childhood years. So why not go Paris Disneyland?

I've received an invitation from Paris Disneyland offering me a free entrance ticket. But the ticket is good only up to December 25. Since my mom will be arriving on December 27, we thought we could only go there on December 28. I started to check their site for opening hours and ticket prices. My, the prices made me scratch my head - ang mahal naman ng ticket (50€ for adults and 42€ for kids). My kuripot attitude started to hit me again. Then I received an email from this site which finally saved me from ruining my pocket. I had 4 tickets for only 80€! What a steal.

Now, Louna will surely meet Santa Claus in person. Hope it will be sunny on that day. I don't want my mom to freeze on her 2nd day in France, lol.


Heart of Rachel said...

Disneyland would be a wonderful destination during December. I could just imagine all the beautiful and fun activities lined up. Louna would be thrilled.

Rhada said...

Check out the hotel & ticket package. They're not too expensive. The last time we were there, we stayed at the Disneyland hotel right by the entrance. We had a grand time! I'm sure Louna will love her Disney adventure!!!

chung said...

i used to believe in santa too. the anticipation and waking up in the morning to find a gift (even if it was not what i was asking for - i once asked santa for a "bike na tumutupi") was an experience i remember up to now!

LOL about taking advantage of santa story. tama yun, might as well use it! :) louna will be very happy in disney! i want to go too! :)

Charles Bjørnsen Ravndal said...

Honestly, I still believe in Santa Claus even though I dont get gifts from him but there is no harm in believing

Shalimar said...

Hay naku day, make sure talaga lang yr mum warm with jet lag and cold weather its takes a while to adjust.

Am sure Louna will love Disney land, kahit ako man.. I swore off Disney land for so long. Imagine ilang beses ako nayaya sa Paris I said NON ,

Dito sa Florida nag punta ako hehehe....

Analyse said...

Rachel, I'm sure she will enjoy it. She's talking about Santa non stop now.

Rhada, my BIL has an appartment in Paris so we could stay there, no need for a hotel - quite difficult with a baby in tow.. and we will visit Paris by night too, must be awesome with the Christmas lights..

Chung, lol. Use it while it works hehe..

Charles, you made me laugh with that.

Sha, already bought stuffs for my mom.. baka ma-thermal shock e hehe..

Lucille said...

wow such a nice idea, ana! your lil' girl will surely b happy and thankful to Santa :-) mura na yong nabili mong tickets. I was a member din ng vente-prive, but i lost my hotmail account. Invite mo nga ako (parrainage) sa yahoo email ko, pamember uli ako.

We plan sometimes to go to disneyland for he kids,too kaya lang laging di natuloy, :-( last year my kids received tickets (2 parcs na yon) for 1€ only, ayon naabutan ng expiration di namin nagamit. Hope i will received that offer again. The ofer i received lately is free entrance for kids but for age less than 7 yrs old, kaya lang 60€ naman yong sa adult. hmp! wag na lang..

too cold na...keep warm!

FRANCINE said...

heheh pareho kami ni louna. oi grabe punta kayo sa disneyland, for sure louna will be enjoying a lot there. oi questsion ko lang, ilang beses na nakapunta dito sa france mama mo? plan ko din kasi inbitahan mama ko to visit me here next year.share naman the requirements

lovelyn said...

Yeah, enjoy Santa's "effect" while it lasts. My sons each opened one gift from Santa with a long letter attached to it. These boys will open more presents on Christmas if they'll do the 'daming pangaral and bilin' written on that letter hehehe... I hope they'll not sue me when they'll come to age(lol).

haze said...

Wow, can steal them too :D??!!! We wanted to bring them to there Ana kaso nga sabi ko super mahal. This one is interesting ha! how do you do it ?

I'm back still with jetlag :(( !

Analyse said...

Lucille, sent the invite already. yeah, i was too happy when i received the email from vente-privee, good timing as we were really planning to go there. really a steal, mura na di ba.

Francine, bale pangalawang punta na nya this december. check out the embassy's site, andun lahat ng requirements. you need to ask for an attestation d'accueil first from the mairie from your place then send that to your mom. email me if you need detailed info.

Lovelyn, lol, mas matindi ka pa pala sa akin sa paggamit kay santa hehehe.. lagot ka sa mga boys pag laki ng mga yan hehe.

Haze, mahal nga pag walang discount. In fact, you could buy the ticket at 35€/person (adult/kid same price) if you buy the tickets 10 or so days earlier.. pero mahal pa din di ba.. i got the tickets thru vente-privee, they had 2 days to sell the tickets, kalahating araw pa lang, almost sold out na.. i dont know if they will repeat the experience.. if you're interested with vente-privee, i could invite you.. in fact, it's a site where companies sell their products at a very interesting price, minsan, till 70% off..

Sarah Newcastle said...

Hi everyone - first time poster! Just a quick vote of confidence for the website that the Analyse talks about - I bought Disneyland tickets from there too, but on their UK website! Feel free to use me if you want to have a peak, it's a cool (and still fairly unkown) website.

IA said...

Hi Ana! We're planning a trip to Paris and I remember reading this bit in your blog about Disneyland. So I tried to click that link you posted to check out those cheap ticket, but alas, it's in French!

Do email me at if you can help me out on this. I really appreciate it. Thanks!