A Month and a Half Later..

Posted by Analyse at 2:38 PM

Thursday, November 06, 2008

During times when Kyla cries unconsolably and I start to cry myself, I wish time flies faster so she could be older and fill our house with laughter - just 6 months older would be perfect. But reality hits me big time when I think that I need to get back to work end of December - that's just too soon. I need to remind myself that the little miss won't stay this small forever and I need to take advantage, especially now that she starts to smile and focus on objects infront of her.

But the little angel is giving me a real hard time. She's regurgitating a lot and that wakes her up most of the time. She's got an agitated sleep too. Even the smallest of noise could wake her up. All that results to a fussy Kyla who lacks sleep which she badly needs for her development.

We brought her to an osteopath yesterday who did a series of massage particularly on her head. He apparently put all nerves which help in digestion in place to spare Kyla from any discomfort. The result could be observed progressively but so far, so good. Proof is, I could blog!

Ambiance at home is starting to get more harmonious than it was when Kyla just arrived at home. Louna got used to having her sister around and jealousy, I should say, is a thing of the past now. She's even becoming a protective sister, not wanting to bring her sister to her pediatrician because the doctor will just do some injections, as how she puts it. Yesterday, when the osteopath was massaging Kyla, Louna wanted me to take Kyla in my arms because the doctor made her sister cry. When I explained that the doctor needed to do the massage so Kyla could stop crying, she just contented herself in asking the doctor not to break her sister. That's just so sweet.

Yesterday, I submitted my request to work part-time to my employer. Since there's no school on Wednesdays, I'll take this day off so I could spend time with my daughters. The boss of my boss was apparently surprised and worried because he'll have less employee of my decision but finally signed the request. He even told Frenchguy that I'd be working on subjects which won't oblige me to travel at least for the coming year. That's cool.

It's Louna's 3rd birthday this Saturday. She already blew her candles last week when the family was here but I would still bake something for her tomorrow as she would be celebrating her birthday at school with her classmates. We would then bring her to an attraction park this weekend. That would be her birthday gift she already have a lot of toys and books, tired of picking them up one by one, the big girl is not arranging her stuffs!

Louna blowing her candles while showing her age with her fingers.


Heart of Rachel said...

It's nice to know that Louna has become more close to her baby sister Kyla. Her protectiveness is her own way of showing how much she cares. So sweet!

Advance Happy Birthday to Louna!

Lucille said...

hihi sinabi mo pa, talagang nainip na ako! J-5, still waiting my baby to come out! i feel so heavy and tired already kaya gusto ko nang manganak lol
anyway, si toujours rien jusqu'a fin semaine prochaine, on va me déclencher.

about the puschchair, high trek din pala yong sayo? i dunno why but i like it compared sa ibang models, tsaka for a change na rin. Yon nga lang disadvantages: chère et encombrante pero oks lang naman sa coffre ng voiture namin.

happy birthday kay Louna! my kids birthdays (9th & 10th) are coming too. :-)

tintin said...

"don't break my sister" AWWWWWWWW!

JO said...

happy birthday to Louna!

Christianne said...

Buti naman Louna's getting attached to her sister na, it helps din siguro that Kyla's reacting more to her surroundings at pwede nang "laruin" and i-amuse ni Ate :)

Galing naman ng osteopath! I hope there are similar doctors here kung maging ganoon din si baby #2 namin.

Re: your comment on my LJ, Annika has always been very well-behaved but was a bad sleeper from the beginning, so I'm hoping for a sleepier baby this time, haha...

Analyse said...

Thanks Tita Rachel ;).

Lucille, ano ba yan, high trek pala ang type mo, kung malaki na sana si Kyla, i'll lend it to you na lang haha.. convenient syang gamitin talaga kasi me amortisseur pa sya, ang laki lang talaga, kainis..

happy birthday to ate and kuya of the coming little one ;)

Tintin, sweet nga, she was even holding Kyla's hand during the massage session.

Thanks Tita Jo.

Christianne, check mo nga kung meron. Tho Kyla throws up quite a lot pa din, medyo nag-improve naman... tinatanong nga ng sis ko kung ano ba daw yun? sabi ko, manghihilot french style hehehe..

PS: hope your wish will come true.. louna is a good sleeper, kabaligtaran ni kyla.. so malay mo di ba, good sleeper na yan ;)

Makis said...

Ganda naman ni mommy Anna!
Time is so speed, Louna's already 3!

Analyse said...

Makis, salamat pow, flattered naman si ako kahit malaki pa daw tyan ko sabi ni MIL, grrr.

Soy said...

That's a very cute 1 month old. She seems very aware!

Belated happy birthday to cutie Louna as well! :)

Francesca said...

hiyang ka maging nanay, ganda kutis.isang buntis pa, hihihi.

And I love the fresh orchids plant at the back!

lovelyn said...

Belated Happy Birthday Cutie 1 and for Cutie 2, she looks great in red!