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Posted by Analyse at 10:30 AM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well, well, well. What do I do aside from changing diapers and breastfeeding? ... Hmm? ... Any guess?... Oh yeah, of course, I cook lunch, fetch Louna from school, bath Kyla, wash clothes and dishes, etc.. but what else?

Right. I work on our photo book!

I had been wanting to chronicle our pictures into something, you know, tangible. But it's been ages I haven't developped our pictures and I hate having loads of albums of different sizes at home. So when a colleague of mine talked about a photo book, I thought, why not give it a shot?

I started with one book probably 6 months ago. Satisfied with the result, I continued with 3 other books but due to lack of time, I just finished them and received them in my mailbox just recently. I'm now working on another book.. and I know, this is just a start of my cool-lection!


julie said...

Picture book. How do you do these things? I think I saw one like this at one of the malls. You just give them the photos and choose the layout and they will make it into a book?

Analyse said...

Hi Julie, here in France, you could do it that way or do it via internet, you just have to download their software then off you go to personalize your book.. i love it! my pictures are more organized now.. im working on a book for Louna..

Ruth said...

i was thinking of doing the same, pero til now didn't have the time to do it. just to browse through the tons of pics to find the nice ones is time consuming. and it gets worse as time goes by syempre. waaaaah!!!

Kathleen said...

congratulations on ur cute baby!

How much are the photobooks there?

Dito sa US $40 for a 30page book. medyo may kamahalan if u have lots of pix. But it is worth it. My problem is choosing which pix kasi my husb is a photographer by profession.

I did my son's 1st year already. He's 3 now, need to do 2 more! yikes!

JO said...

Care to show us a few pages of what it looks like inside?

I have tons of albums, that is why I'm dreading our upcoming move... but this sounds like something I would like to do after the move. Thanks!


Analyse said...

Ruth, that's the problem. I'm working on Louna's first year and gawd, ang hirap mag choose ng picture! So now, I'll work on the book of Kyla from now on..

Kathleen, here it's around 30€ for 26 pages!.. more expensive here, in fact, I had them printed in the US! i paid $37 for 80 pages ;)

Jo, wait, I'll post some later ;). yep, i think it's worth the time.. it's time consuming lang esp if you work on old pictures.

chung said...

i want! i want! i want! i wonder if they have the same services here? (as if masasagot mo ako, hehe).

but this is really nice! thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Nice one! theres somethign like that in philippines too.. somewhere in Glorietta and Ayala Town center.. or maybe now its all over the malls sa pinas.

out of topic: Ate I browsed with ur old post and saw that u got these diplomas:
Hello ate! Dunno if u can read this pa kc its an old post. I'm wondering why u got so many diploma in French

DELF : Diplômes d'Etudes en Langue Française
DALF: Diplômes Approfondis de Langue Française
CIEF : Centre International d'Etudes Françaises

Its just all for 6mos? or are all these the exams u took after ur French classes?

anyway I'm learning french now too in an association here in our place. I like to read ur blogs coz it gives me more insights here in France. Ako nagsisimula pa lang so I certainly undergoes on what u felt before :)La vie c'est pas facile! Ana of Angers France


Analyse said...

Chung, go, go! it really looks neat compared to an album.

Hi Ana, I only took DELF and DALF, CIEF is the institute where I studied French. DELF is a pre-requisite of DALF so I was obliged to take it. I took these exams after my French classes. It's actually independent of the school, I had another set of exams from the school, pero kung baga, internal evaluation lang unlike DALF which has the same level nationwide.

DELF and DALF are given twice a year lang yata.. you need DALF diploma if you want to pursue studies here.. ask your university if ever you want to study, kung ano requirements nila.. minsan di required depending sa course yata or depende sa univ..

Angers? That's where I take the TGV when I go to my PIL's place which is a good 40 min drive from there..nice place ;)

Goodluck on learning French. Just ask me if you have questions about living here, I'll answer whenever I can.. quite difficult now with 2 kids e lol..

Ana said...

thanks a lot for the infos.. coz me, I'm taking my French lessons too yet my teachers proposed to me to take a Formation..Ouverture vers L'emploi Formation (exclusivement pour l'etrangers) coz they think i can already. I took the exam and passed but now nangangapa ako. I don't have those certificates u have .. maybe after my formation I will take Level B2 thats the requirement daw to universities or to have a higher formation(I'm planning Assistante Commerciale for Import export_ Bilingue Anglais) hope it will work for me later. Merci for your time! :D

Yeah angers its a nice city but no enough jobs, i think :)

haze said...

This is cool Ana :D! Collections of memorable moments ika nga ;)! Musta na kayo dyan ?

Anonymous said...

A belated congratulations to you and your family, Analyse! Kyla is already a month old? I have definitely been out of touch with my cyber friends:)

raqgold said...

i've been wanting to do these photo albums.. i guess i might just work on it coz nainggit ako, hehe

caryn said...

hey, did you use my publisher for that? are they good? ;-) they look really pro from the photos

lovelyn said...

Ciao Analyse,


Just download their software? Upoad photos, do the caption and they'll print it out and send the copy(book)? Ganun ba yun? Link me to their site please!

Ok na pang regalo for Christmas.