Does It Hurt?

Posted by Analyse at 11:22 AM

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yeah! Just right there! Not my fault, Cookie thinks I'm a mommy blogger who kicks ass and so be it! But in all honesty and humility, I love the way she reads me inspite my constant rants in this blog. Here's what she said:

Analyse who is a new mother once again. She makes living the expat life look so easy. Never mind that she has a toddler and a newborn baby to care for, not to mention the kick ass job she has. The way it seems, her life is one that anyone would love to live.

Hey, she even thinks that anyone would love to live my life! Would you? So, ok. Here is what it would be like:

8:00am - breakfast

8:30am - breastfeeding

... after breastfeeding, everything would depend on Kyla's mood. During best times, chores would include Kyla's bath, quick shower for me, hand wash some delicate clothes of Kyla, plurk, blog when I can (fyi, this entry has been started 2 days ago, with Kyla in my arms all the time) and read some blog. During bad times, it would mean calming Kyla the whole time.

... breastfeed Kyla before going to school

11:30am - fetch Louna from school

... prepare something for lunch (or most of the time, heat prepared food in the oven)

12:00pm - lunch

... play with Louna after lunch. Breastfeed Kyla before going to school (or sometimes I do it while having lunch)

13:30pm - bring Louna to school

... nap, breastfeed, prepare something for lunch for the next day (when I can), do some household chores.

16:30pm - fetch Louna from school

... deal with the 2 kids while waiting for Frenchguy. Manage jealousy. Spend time with Louna when Kyla is calm. Breastfeed. Frenchguy prepares dinner and bathes Louna.

8:00pm - dinner

8:45pm - prepare Louna to bed (includes reading a story)

9:00pm - bedtime for Louna

... watch TV when we can. Most of the time, Kyla is a bit agitated during this time.

10:00pm - bedtime. Breastfeed Kyla till she sleeps.

3:00am or earlier - breasfeed Kyla.

5:30am or around that time - breasfeed Kyla.

... and another long day starts. Ready?

PS: Dirty diapers have to be changed when needed. Pictures must be taken at all opportunities.


lovelyn said...

The KAB Mother Of Two, the new definition of Analyse hehehe! I agree with Miss Cookie to why she gave the award. Hugs for you!

Amor said...

Hello Ana,felicitations pala sa new baby Kyla mo :) sorry late ako ha kasi bago lang kaminagkainternet tapos di muna ako masyado online.Ang hirap siguro ano na 2 na ang chikiting mo pero ang sarp di na 2 na ang iyong Marias :)

Bisous to your angels!

Soy said...

Only kick-ass moms can do those chores 24/7. Dads would have a breakdown after just one day, I would think. Hmmm, I'm sure you don't look like you've just given birth! I know how your body defies nature. hehehe!

Analyse said...

Soy, lol on that. Si Frenchguy, gusto na ibaba si Kyla just after 5 min of crying, hayy.. and hey, i still look pregnant till now, honestly!

cookie said...

nahilo naman ako sa sked mo!! di ka lang kick ass blogger...kick ass mother ka pa :)

IA. said...

Whoah! What a sked! Reminded me of my earlier mommy days. Pero bilib ako sa iyo kasi nakaka "fetch and pick up" Louna ka pa to and from school. Don't know how I'd manage kung ako diyan sa shoes mo!

Francesca said...

all moms are supermoms even when we are sick, we still can do miracles because being a mom is ike that.We do impossible things, that we even cant believe we did it.
motivated by love , c'est tout!

haze said...

That's how Mom's are, never ending multitasking :D ! Good luck and hope that Louna will not be to jealous of her little sister!

raqgold said...

dont you just love having digicams? sarap pikturan ng pikturan ang mga bata :)

Napotzki said...

I'm glad your able to manage everything with that jam packed schedule of yours.
And no wonder why anyone would like to have have ur lifestyle. You just don't know how encouraging u seem to most of us.
Take care u always tukayo!

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