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Friday, October 10, 2008

I have been receiving calls from families and friends asking me what I need for my dear Kyla to which I always answer Nothing. I kept all the stuffs of Louna so I don't really need anything. Diapers, maybe? Lol.

But there are still some who wouldn't let this grand occasion pass without sending a word or a gift. For those who wished me well through greeting cards, emails and messages in this and the kids' blog, thank you very much. I read all the messages but sorry for not answering. I guess you know why. I'm most of the time lost in bulks of dirty diapers.

I have been receiving bouquets of flowers since last week and honestly, I've run out of vases to put them. There's another bouquet arranged in a bottle of water covered with an aluminum foil. I again received a bouquet of flowers from the boss of my boss this morning which I arranged in a pitcher. He's really sweet. He makes working environment real cool. But boss, I can't be back to work till January 2009. And hey, haven't I told you that I won't be travelling till Kyla turns 1? Lol. Kidding aside, this is highly appreciated. I wasn't expecting it.

I had another surprise when I opened my mailbox this midday. Haze sent a gift not only to Kyla, but to Louna as well (right picture). Thanks a bunch Tita Haze. Plein bisous! Louna already started playing with the puzzles but she wants the lapin as well. Hayy.


haze said...

Finally, hope they like it :D ! Hope to see you soon in the South with Kyla, this time !

Belated Happy Birthday na rin ;) !

Lucille said...

hi ana! belated happy birthday...wishing you all the best!

cookie said...

Just remember to take it easy too. BTW, i have something for you on my site

Francesca said...

Hey ana. ganda ng design ng blog mo, really cute cute children. Sulit na ang pagod mo sa maghapon work or at home nyan...

You are so nice that everyone loves you because of your joyful spirits.Wish makadalaw din dyan, maki pisil sa pisngi ng dalawa.

Teka, di ba harvest time na sa dijon ng grapes??? Hmmmnn, feeling ko ma experience yan dyan, sabay dalaw sa tsikitings.

Today, hospital ako, check in in three hours, haha.

Siya take care. ALL THE BEST!