The Power of Osteopathy

Posted by Analyse at 3:08 PM

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kyla's arrival had certainly changed our life. The joy of finally having her around and cuddle her anytime we want is unexplainable. But to say that she brought but joy at home is an exaggeration. She brought more than that.

She'd been fussy. She had been regurgitating a lot, even close to vomitting sometimes. This disturbs her even when asleep, thus, not sleeping a lot especially at daytime. This is also one of the reasons why I started mixing between breast and bottle feeding - I thought my milk wasn't enough and good enough.

But there must be something more aside from regurgitation. She's too sensitive. She could be awakened by the smallest of noise and movement. She cries not even 5 minutes after I lay her down on bed. The only solution I found was to carry her almost all the time so she could get the dose of sleep she needed for her age. At first, I thought, that must be her reaction to what I had undergone after giving birth. Afraid of separation, she wanted to keep me this time.

Her behaviour had made our organization at home off balanced. Louna's jealousy had been intensified by the fact that I was needed by Kyla 24h a day.

When my FIL went here to pay us a visit, I was indirectly criticized because of my method (MIL in particular). They thought I was instauring a bad habit to Kyla. But after days of stay with us, they finally understood why I had to resort to my method. Kyla was crying a lot.

Her fussiness made me a worried mom. I unintentionally repeated several times to Frenchguy my hope that nothing is wrong with Kyla days before her 1st month visit to the pediatrician.

During those rare free time that I got, I search on the net for solutions. When my SIL talked about an osteopath and after reading reactions from the net, I thought I need to give it a try.

It's been 5 days now after our visit to the osteopath. Kyla regurgitates less, sleeps longer and could stay awake for an hour, observing things around her. Whoa! That's a big change. She still cries of course, but I could now decode the meaning of her cries. I could now attend to what she really needs. Calm is slowly gaining place at home. Louna is now enjoying her sister's company. What a joy!


geri said...

Ana, I hope that the osteopath is the solution to Kyla's bouts of crying. I remember when they are at that age their smallest cries can have our hearts racing. It's just mother's instinct.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad that your visit to the osteopath helped ease Kyla's state. It's a good start and hope there will be more progress. God bless.

Dúnadan said...

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IA said...

Hi there! So sorry to hear that your lil one has not been sleeping well. Oh I cringe when I remember how exhausting that can be for the mommy! Good to know that you found something that helped!

Wish I was nearby so I can offer to babysit Louna or arrange for a playdate so you can catch some winks too!

evi said...

it's great to be in this era where you can find solutions from the internet. i wonder how the older generations coped up with this kind of dilemma. and also i must say, mother knows best. i watched those mystery diagnosis shows and often the doctors are not alarmed at all but in the end, the mother's instinct is right. and these mothers got their answers too from researching online.

i'm glad your little daughter is feeling a lot better now.

Blacktating said...

Have you tried eliminating dairy from your diet and cutting out the formula? Some babies are really sensitive to milk protein, which causes spitting up and colicky behavior.
Check out this site:

And don't let anyone make you feel guilty for holding your baby. You can't spoil a newborn! Congrats on baby no. 2!!!!!

Analyse said...

Geri, yeah, mothers are easily affected by their baby's cries.. she's better now, really remarkable!

Rachel, she's getting better, she's calmer so everybody's happy now ;)

Dunadan, thanks for the link, i'll visit that later.

IA, oh thanks for the virtual help, that's greatly appreciated ;)

Evi, i think the oldies have a lot of solutions to such problems, i'm sure if we were in pinas, my mom would recommend a manghihilot ;)

Blacktating, I've checked that site before in which I found helpful infos. Thanks.

Oh, I don't get myself too much affected in criticisms now. It's my second baby and my FIL should understand that I came from another culture with different traditions and solutions to such problems.

raqgold said...

i am glad my in laws werent into criticism esp since as they dont really have an idea of where i came from. and am sure the family rhytmn would soon take place, iba talaga kapag lumalaki na ang pamilya. hugs!

Lucille said...

hi ana, glad that your little on is feeling better na.
Me naman, just got back home from the maternity. Whew! enfin nakaraos na rin. :-) my baby is doing fine, laging tulog. Hopefully hindi iyakin.
Ingat and kisses to louna and kyla.

Analyse said...

Raqgold, not blatant critism naman, remarks and comments lang, pero ganun na din yun, hmp. but yes, everything's getting back to order now.

Lucille, i wish di nga iyakin, but the fact that you're back to blogging at once, remarkable nga.. get a lot of rest and hugs to the new baby ;)

Leah said...

Wow, Kyla is 1 month already?

I'm sure everything will go well. Each baby is different and Kyla is just showing how unique she is.

and glad to know Ate Louna is coping well.

Anonymous said...

good to know your family of four is getting back to some semblance of control (mostly:)

hey, that kinda rhymed...

Happy birthday to Ate Louna.