Weaning Problem?

Posted by Analyse at 10:36 AM

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's been a month now since I introduced the bottle to Kyla. It was a breeze. No fuss. No problem. But since this weekend, I had been facing difficulties on bottlefeeding Kyla. It started when I changed her milk. She would start taking, like 30 ml, then stop abruptly and scream. It would then be impossible to let her drink the whole bottle. The only short-term solution I found was to introduce the milk through a syringe.

It was the same scenario the next day so I went back to the same milk. The same result. So I changed the bottle, changed feeding position, went back to the old position, went back to the same bottle, had Frenchguy nurse her, etc. In short, I tried almost everything but she doesn't want the bottle anymore. She still likes to be breastfed tho.

My question is, is this a weaning problem? A month after I introduced the bottle? Did you have the same experience? How did you get about it?

PS: I will be meeting the pediatrician tomorrow. Let's see.


haze said...

With Basti it was easy I weaned him at 13 mos. he liked the milk I gave him (accdg to his preference). Whilst Mayumi was a bit difficult at 18th mos. weaned and didn't like feeding bottle at all. Not even a glass of milk. She was contented to youghourt and other milk products.

I think you need to check what kind of milk Kyla would like. Kasi kay Basti rin I tried other brands...but he has always his preference!

Anonymous said...

Hello, mommy.
In as much as we would like to breastfeed our kids ( best daw hanggang 2 y.o.), shifting to the bottle is a must for working moms. I went through the same phase wherein you have these 2 full loads of dodo and yet you want to see the little one finish a substantial amount of formula.
Have you tried nipple variants? The bottle is irrelevant but the nipple is important. Try to check on those that mimic the mommy's nips. The milk taste isn't that important yet as most infant (6 mos. and younger) formula as generally unsweetened/unflavored.
I was successful with Pigeon's but I forgot the nipple variant.
Also, it helps that the head is a bit higher when using bottles unlike pag sa dodo natin, kahit makatulugan sa kama ok lang.

May the force be with you.


Analyse said...

Haze, thanks. The pedia said we need to wait till she's really hungry before feeding her. Nothing is wrong with her, which is a good news. I was worrying she might have pains somewhere, or allergy to protein, or who-knows-what. hayy, she's really different from Louna who is a gourmande.

Welcome back!

Mediatrix, ?? my classmate way back in college?

Well, I tried all that, ayaw talaga.. this evening, we really waited till she's really hungry, ayun, bottoms up. But now, i have 2 boobs fully loaded, i need to nurse her or they will explode.

Lucille said...

you might try another milk, ana, she might did'nt like the taste and perhaps she prefer the taste of breast milk.
Try also this, when kyla stops to drink and cry try burping her kahit na kaunti lang nainom nya, then after the burp, change her diaper, then give her again the bottle, i think she'll finish the rest of her bottle.

well, as long as she's healthy and everything is normal when the pedia checked, so you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes the baby is fussy so maybe it will pass few days later and you will succeed to bottlefeed her na...also taste buds are still developing i think kaya siguro minsan di magugustuhan ang taste ng formula milk. Minsan din yong nipple di magugustuhan, just like lately i pumped my milk and put in the biberon so the big sister and big brother could enjoy feeding their baby sister, but charlène did'nt even drink 5 ml, i think yong nipple ng bib yata ayaw nya.

bon courage ana! thanks pala sa invitation...member na uli ako. Vente ng Absorba soon, baka may bargain, we'll see ;-) di ko na naabutan yong 20eur or 22eur na disney tickets, mura na kasi kaya syempre sold out agad.
thanks din sa comments, mixed yata si charlène kamukha ni cathy at louis.

Anonymous said...

Hi!I've been reading your blog for years now. I too have 2 girls, their ages close to yours. I also had a battle with the bottle with my 2nd one. The key is keep trying, in my case I pump my own breastmilk and hubby gives it to her in the bottle while I'm at work. In order for your milk supply not to decrease, you need to pump,that way, the supply and demand cycle is maintained. Also, mastitis is not fun at all!! Goodluck!!


Francesca said...

She might prefer the softest nipple in bottle feeding?
Bah, kakapagod din for Kyla ang sige lumamon, its work,hehe.

Analyse said...

Lucille, kyla a finalement passé le cap.. she's ok now, taking her bib without any problem, buti naman. i was really worried kasi naman, she hardly gains weight di tulad ni louna. but well, now it's over ;)

Trina, thanks for always visiting ;). my kyla is okay now. yep, patience, patience, and another patience is really what we , moms need.

Francesca, don't know really what she didnt like in the process, now she's back to normal and we're also back to what she was having before. baka joke joke joke nya lang, lol.