Home Alone II

Posted by Analyse at 9:55 AM

Monday, December 08, 2008

Frenchguy left again this morning. He will be in the US until Tuesday next week. That would mean I need to move double time again. But the thoughtful Frenchguy made sure that I have food to heat in the oven and I have fruits and yoghurts in the fridge at least until Friday. That would already save me a hell lot of time from preparing food.

This morning, I woke up earlier than usual to prepare Louna for school. School starts at 8:45am but Kyla's still sleeping by that time. I hesitated a bit but finally decided to leave Kyla alone at home while I brought Louna to school My! I wish my Mom is already here. That was to prevent disturbing her sleeping pattern and exposing her to the cold winter temperature. 15 minutes later, I was already back at home but Kyla was still sleeping. The little girl changed her behaviour from a fussy Kyla last week to a sleeping beauty this week. In fact, she's still sleeping until now that's why I could blog.

Well, going back to Frenchguy, he'll be spending one whole weekend in the US. That would mean SHOPPING! I made a list for the kids but nothing for me. No idea, as usual. Would you be kind enough to throw some gift ideas ;). If you were me, what would you like for Christmas?


gail said...


macbook, iphone, books lots of them.

Maya said...

So,Solo mo yong mga girls mo? Ok yon more bonding time.

Francesca said...

spa,shopping, parlor, without kids, even just a day.

if not,pag dating na lang ni mommy.

Analyse said...

Gail, hmmm.. ayaw.

Maya, asus, too much bonding time with the girls already.. i think it's frenchguy who needs that, lol.

Francesca, ow, i love that idea.. that's exactly what i need, even before i get back to work.. Santa? do you here me? I need ME time and I'm serious!

Lucille said...

glad kyla is okay now, hopefully continues na yan...hirap kasi pag fussy ang baby natin di rin tayo mapakali.
grabe sobrang ginaw nga, sometimes i wanted to leave the baby alone at home too but i always ended up bringing her coz of hesitation.

xmas gifts ideas: shopping to da max! haha
thumbs up for francesca's idea...okey yon ah.

chung said...

goodluck again on being alone with the kids! nakaya mo once, i'm sure walang wala nalang sayo yan. can't wait till your mom arrives? :) sana nahintay nalang ni frenchguy mom mo, bago siya umalis, hehe!

regarding the gift, that depends on you. you seemed to like francesca's suggestion. okay nga yun! in your case, i would love to have "me time" too :)

Analyse said...

Lucille, i hope she'll continue to be cool and not fussy. she makes all of us worried about her, lol.

i hesitated a lot too, but it's not recommendable. i just leave her alone at home coz im out for 10-15 minutes lang, otherwise, bitbit ko rin yan anywhere.. lapit lang kasi school ni louna so i could do it.

Chung, you're right, i start to get used to it na nga. well, the kids are cooperative, that's why. they know that their papa is out, they need to be kind to maman.

yeah, i think i really need ME time. i don't need anything material at the moment.

raqgold said...

kids would give you all the moods in the world, hehe! i agree with francesca -- ask for a beauty and spa week :D sama mo na rin ako, hehe

Anonymous said...

Your mom is coming! Christmas wish granted:)

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haze said...

I'm sure you will manage everything at home, supermom ;) ! Wow shopping are we entitled to have our presence this Christmas ? lol