Summer Vacation Part II

Posted by Analyse at 8:37 PM

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Les Pyrénées

Hautes Pyrénées, our second vacation destination is situated at the southern end of France, at the Spanish border and almost 900 km away from Dijon. But you know what? That long drive is all worth it! Just check out the pictures below:

The beauty of the place is simply captivating. No wonder, nature is the biggest architect ever.

A lot of outdoor activities were proposed in that area and our one-week stay was actually sort of bitin. Mountain hiking was number one in our list but we needed to plan our activities to allow rest time for Louna. There was a day when Frenchguy did canyoning while Louna and I just visited the small village where we stayed.

A daycare tho was available in that little town for parents who wanted to do adventure sports without worrying for their kids. Of course, Frenchguy and I promptly jumped into the idea and did our new-found adventure - via ferrata. But this time, a bonus adventure awaited us - we had our dose of tyrolienne too. That was 100% fun.

Another sport activity which is quite famous there is cycling - anybody heard about Le Tour de France? Lance Armstrong? Col du Tourmalet? Well, Frenchguy did his Lance-Armstrong-experience at the Col de Tourmalet (18 km with 7-9% slope and 1450m elevation change) with his basketball top, football shorts and running shoes while I played Sheryl Crow (Armstrong's fiancée) - that is, follow him with the car and give him water from time to time. What a professional! I have to be proud of him. For somebody who is not a cyclist at all, bravo! Well, okay, he did it twice the time as the professionals but HE DID IT! That matters.

This vacation, though we didn't really have that great summer weather, was such a blast. We had fun. We were far from worries. We were stress-free. If only we could be on vacation everyday!

PMN Fam Pics

Do I have to be happy that the editors of PMN are up to their necks with work in improving the site that I had the time to dig on Louna's site for a great entry?? Yay, that really sounds selfish. Let's just call it, blessing in disguise.

Now, take a peek on my Anything Potted entry by clicking here and let me know what you think. The picture was taken when Louna was still 5 months old and already a nomad. It was her first time at her Grandparents' place.
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Linnor said...

Wow... wonders of nature! Louna is becoming an outdoorsy little lady. Hehehe.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Heart of Rachel said...

I admire your family's love for nature. Such exciting activities.

I followed the link of your Fam Pics. Louna looks so cute in her tiny tub. Thanks for sharing these memorable moments.

zingtrial said...

Yap!This is good all having fun He!He!He!Nice pic. If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.Have fun :) All the best

Analyse said...

Linnor, she always loved outdoor. Even at home, once the door is opened, expect her to play at the garden.

Rach, and it's great that everybody loves it. Hirap kasi pag may napipilitan lang di ba.

Very well said Zingtrial. Thanks ;)

shalimar said...

whoa things calmed down now here in antibes but boss will be back....seems you had a great time am running as much as I can now in case i go hiking for my holidays

Francine said...

ana, napaka sportif nyo naman.di ko ata kayang gawin yung mga adventure nyo na yan.pero im pretty sure na its a lot of fun.good for louna, at an early age she experience this kind of great adventure tapos great bonding for the family

ScroochChronicles said...

Frenchguy really did play the Lance Armstrong part. And he even wore yellow!! Galing!

auee said...

Love the views! Kaiinggit. It's nice that your hubby loves the outdoors like you. I'm sure Louna will be one-fit lady when she grows up.

Makis said...

I really love the mountains in the summer. I really loved it when we also went to the Pyrenees. Are you guys still on vacation :)

Analyse said...

Sha, so you're running too??? keep cool. where are you going to spend your holidays?

Francine, I think you could do it. Just try. You will love it.

Cookie, haha, pansin mo na naka-yellow pa sya ha hehehe.. i wasn't really okay with that silly idea at first, because he's not physically fit, he's not a cyclist.. but i guess what mattered was what he concocted in his mind.. really, what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve.

Auee, everybody in the family loves outdoors. we would prefer hiking than visiting a city, ganun!

Makis, it's my second time na in that area and i still so loved it.. hey, i thought about you when we visited the torture museum in carcassonne, i didn't realize that you went in that same museum till you left a message haha... nope, we're already back at work since 2 weeks now, medyo late ang entries ko hehehe.. (and now im sick, i have to stay at home and send louna chez la nounou).

soy said...

900km? whew, that was a long drive indeed!

haze said...

Hey Ana I did my 1st ever experience of tyrolienne also at Vizzavona in Corse, what a coincidence ! I am actually posting about it ! Wow talagang enjoy no ;) ! Sarap talagang magbakasyon, sana nga laging bakasyon na lang...deep sigh !!!
Hanep si Laurent, talagang mala ARMSTRONG ;) ! He's very courageous ! Buti na lang hindi umangkas si Louna hehehe !

Analyse said...

Soy, yep, kakapagod.

Haze, talaga. Did you like it? Grabe, at first, I was actually hesitating, kaya lang there's no way out kasi yung first stage is via ferrata, then to go to the next level, tyrolienne na. it's actually a bonus lang ng via ferrata adventure but it was fun. ill wait for your story hehehe..

haha, si laurent, ang kulit talaga, naka maillot jaune pa yan ha!

TeacherJulie said...

Ahh..The ala-Armstrong bike ride seems fun. Can't ride a bike but I would want to try that sliding thing.

Louna is so cute talaga.

Take care!

Analyse said...

Julie, it was a difficult climb but Frenchguy was happy he did it. that sliding thing? the tyrolienne! yeah, that's a sure fun and it's more accesible.