I'm on Sick Leave

Posted by Analyse at 3:21 PM

Friday, September 07, 2007

For the first time! I always boasted that inspite of my underweight, skinny physique, nobody could really charge me as unhealthy. I was never sick... till today.

In fact, I was already feeling heavy and exhausted since last week (I was still in the Philippines then). Blame it to too much work. I was obliged to shrink all the jobs I had to accomplish in the Philippines in 5 days instead of 6 - and that included auditing our sister company's machine and process, training their engineers and auditing formulation procedures in our company. Yes, I was in two companies at the same time - all in one week. Top it with jetlag and yes, I was dead tired.

A friend of mine warned me against burnout, but no, I'm not yet at this level and I won't allow myself to fall in this trap. I'm just tired and a little stressed out, me thinks. The fact that I was asked to work with our sister company wherein big bosses (from both companies) held high expectations from me was quite a challenge. Though I worked normally without really trying to gain their wows, I nevertheless 'extremely impressed' (got that straight from the director's email to my boss) the Plant Director who openly expressed that my results and proposals, though showed a big drift in their process, would definitely help them improve their productivity. I even heard that he would again ask my boss for my assistance once they start a new process. I just had to warn them na malaki na ang talent fee ko by that time hehe.

At my last day in the company, aside from the engineers and technical managers who wanted to wish me bon voyage, the HR and Training Managers wanted to meet me in person to express how happy they were to meet me and that they've heard good reviews about me. I was tired but I was smiling up to my ears.

Arriving here in France, I went directly to Dijon because I had an important meeting the next day. I just can't be absent in that meeting because I'm the project manager and I just can't say I still have a jetlag after missing 2 or 3 meetings already.

Louna and Frenchguy were still out when I arrived. Louna was on vacation at her grandparent's place while Frenchguy was on a business trip in Boston. They just arrived last night when I was already zombie-like because of fatigue.

I had a medical check-up this morning and of all the things I should forget, I forgot to ask for a medical certificate. Darn! It just shows how newbie I am when it comes to sick leave. Kainis.

Tidbits: I was carrying some measuring instruments (one with some chemicals which produces smoke at the contact with air) when I went to the Philippines and I was so nervous that customs might stop and question me. Arriving at the airport, waiting for my only luggage, I heard my name being paged, asking me to go directly at the right side of the arrival area. I was already imagining the worst scenario, convinced that it was because of the instruments in my luggage. But in fact, it was because it was my first time in the hotel where I was supposed to stay and they thought I didn't know where hotel counters were. Naman, ninerbyos kaya ako dun!


janet said...

uy, galing ka pala sa atin. me naman, going to the philippines next saturday, for a long holiday. :)

Bless said...

Hello Ana! Hope you get well soon. Get more rest. Ingats.

Lucille said...

hi analyse! thanks for dropping by.
Sorry to hear nagkasakit ka...get well soon! ingat.

ps: great adventure photos!

Francine said...

ana, pareho pala tayong malade. get well soon.anjan na si louna?

haze said...

Welcome back Ana ! So then you should take a break :) ! Basta pahinga ka muna, then we can chat ;) ! Salamat sa pagbati !

Agring said...

I hope you feel better soon. Hwag masyadong work....hehe. Congrats project manager ka pala

Linnor said...

super mommies need rest too... :)

Mitch said...

Get well soon, take rest kasi...

Analyse said...

Janet, hey, enjoy your vacation!

Bless and Lucille, thanks. Still sick tho :(

Francine, get well soon din. yep, louna's home now. kaya lang off limits, baka mahawa e.

Haze, kainis nga, kagagaling lang from vacation, me sakit na kaagad hehe.. nasanay ng walang ginagawa!

Agring, that's why it's more stressful. Thanks.

Linnor and Mitch, thanks!

Mommy Chi said...

hi. hope your feeling better now :)

Analyse said...

Mommy Chi, I feel better now. Hope you're feeling better too..

raqgold said...

great to know you're feeling better. am also impressed :-D

zingtrial said...

Hi! feeling low ? :)O.K.
I heard you were feeling yucky
Down and out and not quite plucky
So I send good thoughts to you
And Get Well wishes too!! He!He!He! Wishing you well my friend

Analyse said...

Raqgold, thanks.

Zingtrial, wow, that makes my day ;). nicely put!

Rhada said...

Hello Ms Byutipul! Kumusta ka na? I hope you are feeling better na. :-)

sha said...

inday ana chill dont over work masira yan beauty mo talaga kayo global nomad ang whole family

take care and rest

sha said...

inday ana chill dont over work masira yan beauty mo talaga kayo global nomad ang whole family

take care and rest

sha said...

inday ana chill dont over work masira yan beauty mo talaga kayo global nomad ang whole family

take care and rest

ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Ana!! Don't tire yourself out too much. Hope you're ok na :)

analyse said...

Rhada, Sha and Cookie, still sick but better than last friday.. lamig kasi dito e!

MyGoodFinds said...

Great to hear about your stint in our home country! I have yet to read about the reaction from the people who were expecting a french person.

Second, take it easy for just a while. Mahirap ang over fatigue. Take care.

auee said...

hala kayod ng kayod :-P

Take a break na muna & get frenchguy to pick up your medical certificate.

Well done, Pinay. Impressive indeed. I'm proud of you, too. haha

Julie said...

Ana, hope everything is well. Take it easy.

Take care and ((hugs)) to the little girl :)

Francesca said...

Naku ana, get well soon, health is wealth.
About yung drama sa airport ng manila, kala ata nila french woman ka?
Its a thoughful gesture.

I was once had that, my full name was flashed in WATERFRONT HOTEL Cebu front desk. Mama mia!
kakahiya oy, para akong wanted: dead or alive!
kinunan naman ng photo ni Lolo.for posterity purpose, lol

Pinoy culture,wala talagang discretion, haha!

rowena said...

Hi Analyse, hope you get well very soon...Too bad, we didn't get to meet while you're here in Manila.