It's NON Time

Posted by Analyse at 10:46 PM

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Louna, go to bed now. NON.

Let's go do the potty. NON.

Drink your milk. NON.

What happened to my sweet, ever obeying little Louna?

Find out here.


JO said...
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JO said...

she's turning 2 soon... so she's in the stage of terrible 2?

don't worry, all moms have to go through that stage.

haze said...

I guess children pass by this stage !
Mimi says NON aussi until now Ana hehehe. Kasi naman the word NON is a famous word from us parents so I guess, they have the tendency to imitate us :) pansin mo ?!

Heart of Rachel said...

I can relate to this. Kids certainly know how to stand their ground these days.