Ang Pranses na Mukhang Pinay, Bow.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So ok, KK wanted to know how my last stint in the Philippines went. For a little history, read this entry, on I'm Living on a Jetplane part.

My first encounter was with the guy at the hotel counter at the airport. His first question was of course, Filipina? To which I answered opo. Then he continued by saying Akala ko po kasi hindi Pinay, kadalasan po kasi hindi nagpapahatid sa hotel dahil me sundo. I just smiled and said Wala kasing gustong sumundo sa kin e.

Then the hotel car came. Apparently, the hotel counter guy told the driver P're, mukha lang mataray pero Pinay yan. How did I know what he said? Well, I think I have this bad habit of talking a lot with all the hotel drivers that I almost know all their driver stories - from abusive employers to generous guests.

On our way to the hotel, the driver started to radio one of his colleagues to check on traffic situation. At that time, I knew that they just started the construction of the Skyway
extension and traffic jam was of course, heavy. Not wanting to spend most of my evenings with the driver, baka kasi maubusan sya ng kwento, I asked him to drive me instead directly at my sister's place in Manila.

So the radio-ing with the hotel started. They exchanged too much blah blahs that in the end, they were able to cancel my hotel reservation and inform our sister company that I didn't arrive in the Philippines. Just a picture of how messages could be distorted and twisted that fast.

Another bad habit that I started to develop is checking my emails at home, at the airport, at internet centers... well, practically everywhere. A day after my arrival in Manila, I started checking my emails and there I learned that the secretary was helplessly searching for me (and it was Sunday!), asking if she had to re-book me to another flight and offered her number in case of emergency. Oh by the way, she already informed everybody, from the Plant Director to their Engineers that I missed my flight.

I rapidly dialled her number and tried to explain to her that I was already in Manila, that the hotel should be informed and the reservation was still on. Well, I think she did not digest properly why I was in Manila, where I was staying and this and that even when I said I was at my sister's place and everything was ok. She ended up by asking me if I was a Filipina. And I said yes. She then asked Marunong po kayong mag-tagalog? To which I answered Oo naman.

Right there and then, I guess everybody in that company knew I was a Filipina even before I set foot inside their premises. The news was just a text away.

Everybody was actually friendly and I saw some familiar faces - my classmates from Mapua. Somebody braved himself to ask why I was there, and when I said that it was their Plant Director's request to our Central Department, I think I saw some worried faces.

Working with them was a breeze, they were very cooperative and really willing to learn. I think I made a good impression (nope, di po ako nagyayabang, promise). Everybody thanked me and wished to see me again in the future. I was just surprised that 2 managers wanted to see me before I left - the HR and Training managers - telling me that they heard good reviews about me from their engineers so they wanted to thank me personally. Pwede rin po akong i-pirate hehehe.

Well, that experience, tho tiring was very enriching for me. My sole regret was that I didn't have the chance to shop (as if I love shopping!) and I missed my EB with the PMN moms. The only time I was available (because I needed to dine with them too - twice!), I was too tired that I stayed inside the hotel room and had my dinner room-serviced. The rest of my after-work time, I spent.. working! I was even too tired to even ask for a room-serviced massage. No wonder, I was sick when I arrived in France.

re: the title. That's how my former colleagues in our Philippine site fondly call me.


auee said...

aha naunahan ako ni KK na mag-request... i've been waiting for this with bated breath hehe

Dito naman lagi akala italian or spanish ako, due to my name. Then they see me and they immediately go for Chinese hehe

KK said...

Analyse! Salamat naman at ikinwento mo ang iyong adventure(anong Tagalog nun)?

Alam mo, hindi mo kailangan mag-paumanhin. Hindi ka naman nagmamayabang, nagkwekwento lang. Basta bow ako sa galing Mapua. :) Eh totoo naman ah. Sa iba siguro iba ang dating. English ko nalang, mabagal akong mag-type sa Tagalog eh.
It's really different when I read about the facts of someone's experience. I take it as is. I was just enjoying the fact that you were able to smell the Philippine air. It's a homecoming. I can't explain the feeling of stepping foot from the airplane on the country where you were born. You missed the EBs?! That's why there are no pics. Next time.

I also talk to drivers and helpers of people to get to know the bosses. One time I was chatting up the driver of the late Senator Raul Roco. The driver ended up sending me a love letter! I was so nice daw even if I was hired as the computer expert during the conference.

Mahaba na ito dear! Sige I will have to install a database muna ha.

ScroochChronicles said...

Wow!! Ngarag na ako just by reading your kwento. Hectic!! Kaya ka nga nagkasakit. Anyway, hope you're feeling better na :)

haze said...

I love talking to Drivers too,co'z my Dad is a proud driver himself (ma-employee man sya o kanya man ang kotse basta driver)!

I am really happy that your business trip went OK and that you had good impressions ! Wow Ana, iba ka na talaga di ka na ma reach! Puede ba akong apply na secretary :)? Promoted as Project Manager, oh that calls for a celebration ! Anyway, hope you're well !

analyse said...

Auee, hehe, dito din. Since there’s a language school here, students literally come knocking at my door asking if I’m interested in an exchange program (they see my name at the mailbox).. or even pay me just to talk to them in Spanish.. no hablo español hehe..ingles si.

KK, adbentura, pwede na ba yun? Hehe..

Going home, even if it’s for work, is always a treat. I get to eat Filipino foods which I will never be able to duplicate at 100% here. Plus I get to see my family and friends too. Magrereklamo pa ba naman ako?

Hehe, you’re playing spy pala, madami talagang nabibighani sa mga spy. Ako naman, it’s pure tsismisan lang hahaha..

ScroochChronicles, kaya nga dito na lang ako nagkekwento e, even my parents can’t follow what I’m doing hehe.. Still a bit sick but a lot better na.. how’s the big apple?

Haze, haha, ikaw din pala. Nahahalata ang mga madadaldal! In fact, one of the drivers was surprised when he learned that I know most of their stories. Ang nakakatawa pa, I was asking about one driver na kweninto nung isang driver na nasakyan ko last June na nagasgas ang kotse and he was obliged to pay a big sum (haba nun a), biglang na-regular. Sya pala yun. What a coincidence haha.

Ngek. That Project Manager thing, ek ek lang yun. I’m not promoted, I still hold the same position and the same salary, just additional work and responsibility. We’re doing multi-tasking at work, I could be classified as development engineer, auditor or project manager depending on the project I hold.. pero pers taym kong mag act as PM, after deliberately refusing the responsibility, well, one day, I need to grow in my domain di ba, my bosses just thought it’s time, I was caught off guard. Now I have to assume it.

auee said...

ana, I showed hubby your angel's creche site. He said she's a looker, I agree, kaya nga pinakita ko!

How about some playdate with my son then? hehehe

Joke! She's really one of the prettiest kids I have seen online. Love her rosy cheeks & dancing eyes. Goodness sana naman e di ako naglilihi.

airwind said...

wow naman umuwi po pala kayo ng pinas ..... na curios ako tuloy sa itsura nio ... ;)

Analyse said...

Auee, naku, lalo tuloy naging rosy ang cheeks ni louna hahaha.. sige EB natin sila hehe..

Airwind, hehe, ikaw naman, e di mukhang pinay!

gracita said...

analyse!! wow, after that long vacation e back to work ka pala kagad. and a pinas stint at that. hindi ko na tatanungin how was it. basing from your kuento, it was all work and no play. sayang, pinas pa naman yun, i can't believe hindi ka nag shopping!! walang divi sa france ha, dapat nilubos mo na! :)

congrats on the job well done! :)

Makis said...

Bilib talaga ako Ana! Makahingi nga ng tips soon :) I wonder their face expressions when they saw the French but no a Pinay.

Ano na, we need to kick your butt na for your French nationality???

Duke said...

Galing mo Ana!

Kudos to you :) You really make me proud to be Filipino just with the way you handle things :)

kat said...

wow! napaka busy mo talaga! i didn't even know you went to the philippines! well take care of yourself. i think i'd be sick too if i had so much travelling to do in diff. time zones! i'm going on my 1st solo trip w/o the baby and i'm already nervous!

Analyse said...

Gracita, oo nga, sayang pamasahe, di nakapag shopping hehehe..

Makis, hehe, i just promised myself I'll look for the requirement pour la rentrée.. ehem, ill have to start :D

Duke, ;)

Kat, goodluck! take that 'me' time as a break.. hubs will take good care of rsb, dont worry ;)

raqgold said...

kitams, sabi ko na nga ba patok ka dun eh, hahaha. nice story, parang andun ako sa tabi mo when i was reading it :D

Francesca said...

pre, mukhang french na mataray, pero pinay yan...

Loko mga yun ah...

Si Sec naman, OA, lol