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Posted by Analyse at 7:26 PM

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Life has been sooooo busy and complicated since my last stint in the Philippines. At times like these, either I cope up or I break down. I was actually coping up till my health said stop. I felt sick, contaminated Louna.. then Frenchguy (who just left this morning for Boston to contaminate in turn his colleagues hehe). Life’s great!

At times like these, as usual, blogging becomes my least priority. I haven’t been bloghopping lately so I didn’t notice that somebody named Francine wanted a peek of my desk. Well, there’s no surprise, I always put a picture of my daughter for my wallpaper. I just can’t get enough of her. Icons displayed are the strict minimum, I hate messy workstations.

A good surprise for this week (or is that last week?) is that Gracita, for I don’t know what reason, named me as one of her favourite reads - on two categories! Well, she just declared that she loves my blog and what I write are nice matters. Oh, she’s always been a suki I guess. I even proclaimed her as Louna’s fan club manager because she’s read every detail of Ma Crèche Privée. Ask her about Louna’s latest development and you’ll get the answer hehe. We probably love to read each others blog because we both talk about our very ordinary life, nothing else. Ain’t that boring?

Well, I think all of my fave reads already got this award so I won’t name all of you guys. My list is not exhaustive. I’ve always been meaning to update my blogroll but hmmm, no time. What I could say is that, aside from my list, I’m becoming addicted to the PMN site and the sexy moms behind it.

Oh by the way, you might want to read about my take on mixed couples and their adventure in nurturing their kid. Read here.


gracita said...

i love your blog kasi i love reading about louna and how you seem so proud of her and how smart she seems. Also for your work and travel stories :)

i was trying to come up with descriptions for each blog that i listed kaso nahihirapan ako. so sabi ko, dibale nalang, hehe :)

ako din nagkasakit, hinawaan naman ako ni papa harvs. oh well, uso ata talaga.

auee said...

I'm glad you're coping well na. Cute naman ng wallpaper mo!

Analyse said...

Gracita, uso nga siguro hehe..

Auee, it's Frenchguy's turn ;)

Francine said...

ana, super cute talaga nitong si louna.shes not just the star in your family pati din dito sa blogging world. i really like hr

haze said...

Most of our desk top ate eh pictures of our kids, hubby or love ones ! Grabe Ana, Louna is growing up a beautiful toddler ! And she's slimming down ha, nawala na baby fats nya, taas pa ! Puede ng pang future contestant ng Miss France or Miss Philippines :))) !

Analyse said...

Francine and Haze, psst, wag ganyan, baka maniwala si louna hehe..

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Ana. What a coincidence. I was tagged for the same meme and got the same award too. I'm about to post it in a while. :)

Congrats! I love your blog too!