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Posted by Analyse at 9:37 PM

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I got tagged by KK:

What Were You Thinking when you first met your current main squeeze? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!)

Quite irritated. I don't know what has gotten in his mind but he decided to call me Monalisa from the first meeting.

A little background. Frenchguy and I met inside the premises of our Philippine production site end of 1999. It was during the start-up of the company. I was the 4th person hired in our department and Frenchguy was there to supervise the installation of the machines. My boss didn't formally introduce me to him so I didn't really care who he was. The very first meeting was at the stairs leading to the workshop. He introduced himself to me so I did the same. He called me Monalisa. Grrrr.

The rest is history.

And what was HE thinking when he first saw me?

He thought I was beautiful. Walang aangal. I was the only girl in the department at that time. :D

So now, I'd like to tag Haze and Francine.


geri said...

When I read your story at that fil-west forum my thoughts were - this is so romantic, the kind of love story I wanted to have. I can still remember how frenchguy was going to porpose to you and you can't stop talking haha

Analyse said...

Geri, haha, ours is a non-stop kulitan, until now actually. funny that you still remember that part of my story..

Makis said...

Kakatuwa naman, you never really thought he'd just be there, the guy calling you Monalisa, at the stairs...that will produce Louna :)

haze said...

Oh I've got an assignment ! Sige gawin ko ha ! Cute and funny love story Ana :) o ayan na ang bunga si Lounang maganda ;) !

ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Analyse!! Did you ever ask him why he called you Monalisa? Baka binigyan mo siya ng smile na nakakaloka. Hehehe.

I did this tag too a few weeks ago.
And I finished the tag you sent me :)


Rhada said...

hahaha ang umangal, patay! nice naman ng umpisa ng inyong love story....

Agring said...

Oo nga baka binigyan mo ng Monalisa smile ala Julia Roberts. Cute naman!

auee said...

What a really nice compliment. So pano ka nya napasagot? BITIN!

analyse said...

Makis, haha, 7 years ago? Nope, it did not even cross my wild imagination hehe. I should have tagged you, teka....

Haze, kulit story hehe.. i'll wait for your story too. Please tag Makis... hehe.

ScroochChronicles, because my real name is close to Monalisa.. and because I wasn't smiling that often daw, sobrang precious ng smile hehe..

Rhada, haha, boycott ko blog for a month kung sino man ang umangal hahaha..

Agring, haha, di naman masyadow.. taray smile lang.

Auee, hehe bitin ba?.. hmmm, actually, it was a LDR after, di nya ko napasagot ng harapan, thru phonecalls and email na lang hehe... and in fact, he monopolized all the projects in our plant before, kesehodang (tama ba spelling?) may abu sayyaf ka dyan haha..

Francine said...

ana, i did the assignment already. thanks very much. bon weekend

KK said...

Hi Analyse,
Thanks for playing along this taggie. Wow! I bet kiligs ka rin ;) Wow, pioneer ka pala sa company ninyo.

Francesca said...

i believe, its not only the monalisa smile of ana.
Its more of:

Frenchguy, sees her as:
a girl with a true brain in her head!
walang aangal din dyan ha?

Analyse said...

Francine, thanks for playing the game ;)

KK, ;)

Francesca, haha, wala ngang aangal kundi, patay sila sa kin hehe.