I Rock, My Mom Too

Posted by Analyse at 9:59 AM

Sunday, July 22, 2007

And what about that? After blogging and bloghopping at a slower pace lately due to inevitable everyday errands, Mitch still thinks I rock. Thank you, thank you. I'm not prepared for this. I'm speechless.

Still from Mitch, I was tagged on 10 Random Facts about my Mom. In fact, I could list a lot more than that, but OK, I'll limit myself to 10.

1. She's a proud Mom. And she's got all the right to be one. She's raised 6 kids (with my Dad of course) with two meager salaries of elementary school teachers. With the expensive education in the Philippines (add to that the boarding house, telephone, water, electricity fees and the monthly allowances), she's obliged to follow a strict financial scheme. They are insurance agents and rice farmers on the side. And by the way, she was obliged to sell a beach lot which she bought when she was still single - for our precious education.

2. When she starts to brag, she brags. She would start with 'Yung panganay ko... yung pangalawa naman... yung pangatlo.. yada yada yada.' She would normally talk about her kids and their achievements. No wonder, we are her pride. And of course, when we are with her and she starts to brag, nagtatago na kami. Ang yabang ni Ma-Dear e.

3. She's equally proud of her grandkids. She's got 4 from 4 of her children, and obviously, she wants more.

4. She helped for the education of her youngest sister-in-law. My Dad is the oldest child in the family and with that, the salary of my Mom became a part of the family money. Inspite of that, she still feels indebted to my Dad's family by the fact that our house is built on their ancestral land. By the way, that youngest SIL just gave them a Toyota Revo as a gift this year. Not bad. Good deeds pay off.

5. She never knew her parents. They died when she was still young. So her eldest brother raised her. But this eldest brother married a very strict wife who obliged her to work all the time except on Good Friday. And yes, she feels indebted to this SIL too.

6. She's an utang-na-loob slave and I don't know how to move her out of that.

7. Loving Mom as she is, she never wanted her children to be morally indebted to anybody. Not even to her. She doesn't want her children suffer because of utang-na-loob. She never obliged us to send her monthly remittances - she just doesn't like the idea. To those who don't understand her concept, she just shrugs her shoulders and say 'Pinaghirapan naman ng mga anak ko kung ano man ang meron sila ngayon. Dapat lang na para sa kanila na yun.'

8. She is the 'Mommy' to all her children's friends and all her co-teachers. My ex even continued calling her 'mommy' even after we parted ways.

9. She waves her hand to everybody when she's out to go to the market. She knows almost everybody in our little town. They even tease her to run for Mayor of the town to which she answers 'Naku, ngayon at retired na ako, I will dedicate my time to my children and their kids.'

10. She's 64 years old and enjoying her retirement with my Dad (who is 7 years her senior). They still do farming and work as part-time insurance agents. They consider that work as their sole social outlet.

As you noticed, it was hard for me to dissociate my Mom from my Dad. They are partners, through good and bad times.


mitch said...

Mahal ko na ang nanay mo hihihi! Parang ang sarap nyang maging nanay...

Analyse said...

haha, mahal mo na ba? im a lucky brat to have her as a mom.. she's so cool!

Rhada said...

like my mom always says...her greatest achievements are her kids.

you're mom is on my "super-mom" list!!! :-)

tintin said...

It is so wonderful to see parents from the Philippines who don't use their kids as a cash-cow but instead honor and love them. And dotes on their kids!

What a lucky mom she is to have you, and you a lucky daughter!

Analyse said...

Rhada, the problem also of being a 'supermom' is that, lagi syang kinukuhang ninang, magastos! haha.

Tintin, i am luckier to have her as a mom, than her having me as a daughter, hehe.

Francesca said...

ah, the best moms are from Philippines!
sama n tayong mga mommy!

by your description to ur mom, she is a typical Pinay mom, the best.

Buti ka pa, buhay pa sila, ako, wa na!

Analyse said...

Francesca, Pinoy moms rock!!!

noemi said...

hi analyse!
sorry po at ngayon lang makaka-iwan ng bakas..hehehe
anyway, nice to see yung mga ganyang relationship ng mom and daughter..inspiring baga..hihihi
have a nice day analyse and kamusta na lng po kay baby louna!
ingat lagi :)

Duke said...

what a supermom! :)

pepe said...

i guess every mom rocks! may kasabihan nga na tadtarin ka man daw ng pinung-pino, you can never truly repay her.

Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds really cool, Ana! She deserves the spotlight indeed ;-)


ScroochChronicles said...

You and your Mom...you both rock!!

rowena said...

Hi Analyse, your mom can definitely run for a public office, super popular eh...

haze said...

I guess Mothers or parents are all like to brag about their kids syempre mana kaya tayo sa kanila! They have the reason to be proud, kita kaya ebidensya ;) !!!

geri said...

I smile at the picture of your mom waving to everyone at the supermarket, brings images of the Philippines. I had to laugh at how you try to hide when she starts to launch at her children's achievements, I can so relate :)