Job Applicant - French Style

Posted by Analyse at 3:27 PM

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The engineer trainée in our department is currently applying for a job and is chaining interviews one after another. One day, she would be somewhere around Paris, the next, she would be somewhere in the south. She have a rendez-vous with ANPE next week, for her to have all her travel expenses be reimbursed.

Sarap buhay!

*ANPE - Agence Nationale Pour l'Emploi (National Employment Agency)

Note: New graduates have to register to Assedic (National Unemployment Insurance) as job applicants. Assedic will then study the applicant's case to evaluate the amount he is entitled to. Most of the time, almost 95% of the travel expenses related to job-hunting is being shouldered by this government office. The papers will then be transfered to ANPE. ANPE will then provide all the services available for the new graduate, from job propositions to trainings with pay.


Francine said...

ana, sarap goro pag ganun pero haaayyyy, wish ko lang i'll find a job like that pero impossible hehehe.havent called assedic yet pero soon i have to. get nervous when im speaking french with the people here at the offices.pano baluktot yung grammar pero at least i tried di ba? ;-p

analyse said...

ok lang yang baluktot, at least you're trying.. sila nga pagtagalugin mo hehehe..

SexyMom said...

wow! how nice--touring around while finding a job (did i understand it correctly?)

here, it's a difficult time for people to find jobs, no perks even, they are all on their own.

Analyse said...

not really touring around.. but yes, they could go anywhere and their travel expenses are being shouldered by the govt.. jobs here in france are not really centralized compared in the phils where most industries are somewhere in the laguna cavite area, and most offices are in the makati ortigas area..