PMN E-Zine's Up

Posted by Analyse at 9:50 PM

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The fast growing Pinoy Moms Network is taking another height by launching the much awaited e-zine. The sexy new look is of course a product of blood, sweat and tears as Sexy Mom describes it. Credits to the founder of PMN, Connie and Noemi, and of course the section editors, Sexy Mom, PinayExpat, FeistyMomma and AnnaManila.

PMN has become one of my favorite tambayan lately. It's there where I met interesting people with the same interest and love as me - our children. So once the e-zine project was announced, I was quite excited to be a member writer. Too excited that I have my first two articles published at the same day. Read my take on Toddler Management and what your kids could benefit from camping.

See you there.


gracita said...

sympre i can't be a member of this fast growing network...atleast not yet :)

i read the two articles. ang masasabi ko lang e ang cute ni louna sa camping picture niyo. ang taba taba ng cheeks! puede na nga talaga akong manager ng fans club niya, middle east chapter, hehehe!

tintin said...

i am finding out so much from this site. I love it! I cannot wait until little Mina is born. Maybe then I'll be motivated and have a lot more to contribute.

Leah said...

Ako rin member, Read your articles. And thanks for reading mine too.

chase said...

ooohh i should check it out!

SexyMom said...

we are one big happy family at PMN--we look forward to the august visit!!! will we get the chance to kiss lovable Louna?