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Posted by Analyse at 9:58 PM

Monday, July 23, 2007

There's no secret. Browse a little bit more and you'll see pictures of her and her daughter posted on most of the entries. This blog started August of 2004. It talks about the author's observations, her views, her life.. no wonder, it's HER blog. Barely a year later, March 2005 to be exact, a big milestone dawned on her. Came with it is the creation of another blog - Ma Crèche Privée - literally translated to My Private Nursery, which tackles her daughter's life, from in vitro to today. It's her way to communicate her child's development to families and friends all over the globe.

The woman behind the blog is a first-time mom and a career woman rolled into one - in short, a SAHM wannabe. She's blogging from France and she's dreaming of winning the EuroMillion (lotto) to be able to stop working - but without betting a single euro. While waiting for that big jackpot, she's working her a** out as a Chemical Process Engineer in a French-owned multinational company where she's given free air tickets to solve machine and process problems in their production sites worldwide.

The woman who tagged me - Francine. She's a newbie in the French environment and she's adapting quite well. She's at the moment preparing for a big event and realizing all the more the difference between her culture and the new culture she's trying to embrace. Feel free to check her page.

And here's the instruction to this meme :

1st step - Post a short blog article that includes a photograph (or a series of photos) showing the face behind your blog. If you already showed a photo somewhere on your site (such as in your about page), then make your post more interesting and choose a photo that’s not currently online.

2nd step - Include links to other people that have displayed a photo, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference.

3rd step - Tag as many others as you like in your post to spread the meme.

4th step - If you link back to me here and send an email I’ll be sure to include links back to you. Each person tagged should create their own post and repeat the process.

I'd Love to Tag:

Auee - Same reason as Francine, i don't think I already 'saw' you.
Mitch - I always see you 'blurred'.
ScroochChronicles - I'd like to know you too.
Feng - You're tagged!


sha said...

ana am back tom... croatia cool hiking snorkelling diving canoe name it all....been too busy

hopefully... will catch up

Analyse said...

Hi Tatie Sha, summer season's over for you?.. we haven't even started yet.. leaving 2nd week of Aug, heading south of France.. we were considering Croatia too but I needed a visa, darn... probably next time.. are you visiting France?

Francine said...

ana thanks for doing the tag.busy pala sked mo next month.di ba uwi ka pinas?tapos bakasyon ka din? wow!kakainggit naman sked the way, ganda mo ah tapos and cute ni louna *wink*

feng said...

hey analyse, bat di mo nai-tag for this? (hehe, joke) kung sabagay, matagal ng pakalat-kalat sa cyberspace ng face ko. :)

anyhow, this is a nice tag to get to know blogfriends betters, parang putting faces behind the blogs. :) will wait for the entries of those Mommies you tagged. :)

ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Anna!!

You sure you want me to post my face? Wag mo na lang pakita kay Louna at baka magka-nightmares yung bata..hehehe

Thanks for the tag!! Hanap ako ng mala-Angelina Jolie pic ko :)

mitchteryosa said...

I'm done na po!

Thanks for the tag! If you want a my closer look, email ko na lang sayo. Pampasira kasi yun ng blog ko hahaha!

J@n!ce said...

thanks for dropping over my blog :)

auee said...

hmm I have a picture in mind na

Will do this Friday night hehe

analyse said...

Francine, a bit busy, yes. but i'm looking forward for end of next week, start of my vacation. i'm starting to get tired of my everyday life, it has to change.. even for only 3 weeks.

- sus, binola pa kaming mag-ina ;)

feng, haha, i actually hesitated.. but you could always do the tag, consider yourself tagged.. wait i'll add you later hehe.. hey by the way, check the PMN groupmail, there will be an EB of PMN moms on Aug 30, hope you could come ;)

ScroochChronicles, naks, Angelina Jolie. wag naman, baka mainsecure kaming lahat dito hehe..

mitchteryosa, naks, first honor. I'll check it out after this. Sige, email mo hehe..

J@n!ce, wala pong anuman.. and thanks for visiting too.

auee, naks, I'll wait for that.

rowena said...

Hi Analyse, wow, chemical process engineer. You're one of a kind girl. You really rock. Btw, congrats on your award.

Analyse said...

Rowena, ;). di naman po masyadow.

gracita said...

hi analyse! ay, bakit hindi ako tagged? pero never mind, ang dame ko ng utang na tag that i haven't answered! nakakalimutan ko kasi madalas :) tska what's the point of tagging me for this?! my blog has my face all over it, hehe.

winning the lotto without betting a single euro?! hmmm, mahirap ata yun! :)

KK said...

SAHM wannabee ka diyan, hahaha! You love what you do, and there's nothing wrong with it. Wala bang glamour shots diyan ;) .

noemi said...

cool pics sis! muhkang relak na relak..lalo na yun mag-isa ka lng..misteryosa ang dating ;)...
how time flies talaga..dati nasa tummy lang si exploring the world with maman na ang drama..hihihi
have a nice day and ingat lagi1 :)
hello kay bebe louna :)

noemi said...

habol lang...pareho kayo ni baby louna ng smile...:)napansin ko lang po :) ingats!

chase said...

Lovely daughter and mother picture! Both of you looks so gorgeous!

analyse said...

Gracita, as you said, nagkita na tayo sa blog mo hehehe..

KK, shhhh.

Noemi, time flies.. dami ko ng napalitang diapers since then hehe..

Chase and Noemi, kamukha ko kasi ;)

Rhada said...

Napakaganda namang mag-nanay!! ;-)

haze said...

Ganda nyong mag ina !! Oi going back to Pinas ka na naman :) pasama Ana huhuhu !!!

Analyse said...

Rhada, baka maniwala ako nyan ha.

Haze, ;). yep, tara, lagay kita sa bagahe ko hehe.

feng said...

finished the Face Behind the Blog tag. checked it out, pinahamak yata kita. read the part of who tagged me. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Ana. Sorry haven't been here for a while. It's lovely to learn more about you through this meme. I'm excited to meet you in person. Hope to see you soon.

I also posted my own version of this tag just recently.