Why One Prevention is better than a Thousand Cure

Posted by Analyse at 10:45 AM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We knew that it will come one day, but not this soon.. we always reasoned out the lack of finances, that it's not our priority, that everything seemed to be working well, that she's running a-alright.

But too late now.. my Peugeot 106 is seriously ill!

And it came barely 2 months before the arrival of the new car. Bad timing. We actually brought it to the garage for the technical control so we could sell it afterwards. The bad news came when the garage manager informed us that he couldn't release the car. That we need to have it repaired for 350€ when the car value is barely 500€. Darn!

Now we're blocked with only one car available for at least a week, obliged to have the car repaired, need to expedite the buying process of the new car, and stay calm to avoid friction at home.

If only we decided earlier to buy a new one, considering that we knew that both cars were almost dead, we could have saved ourselves from all this mess. Sigh!

Note: Peugeot 106, 1992 model, 187,000 km, pawis-steering. She's been my constant companion for almost 5 and a half years.


Linnor said...

Nagtampo si Peugeot...papalitan na kasi sya. Hehehe...

I had a similar experience with our old 1997 Mitsubishi Lancer, somebody already bought it. Before we could turn it over, we got rear-ended. Kainis.

nao said...

Ang hirap nyan, pero keep your cool lang ha bading. Wala dapat pasahan ng sisi, baka kasi mapagbuntungan mo pa si papafrench.. ahihi. Asan na ba kasi yang si new car at nang mabinyagan na kagad :)

ann said...

Same with our old car kaya napilitang bumili ng bago. Yung magagastos sa repair more than half the cost of the car, hindi na sya practical pang ipagawa.

KK said...

Similar thing happened to us but the difference was we didn't plan of buying so soon. We spent $1k at the shop but the problem wasn't solved. The manager told us: " just go and sell it now while it's running." He said the shop will gladly work on it but even spending $2k more, he can't assure us they can fix it or the transmission will go out on us and spend another $5k. It was appraised for $2k. Binenta ko nalang sanang chop-chop. The parts are expensive.

I hope you get over your car troubles soon. It's so inconvinient.

Analyse said...

Linnor, yeah, kainis no..as in bad timing.

Nao, waaaaaaah, late na bading, as in inaway ko na kagabi, asar kasi e.. pero ok na ulit, under nego na yung new car..

Ann, we will be obliged to have it repaired, wala akong magamit e.. new cars here arrive after a 6-8 weeks pa, we're checking on other options..

kk, really inconvenient, bat ba kasi di uso jeep at tricycle dito no ;)

racky said...

mag-rent ka na lang muna Madame habang hinihintay iyong bago ;)

babati nga pala ako, paki-clik na lang >>> You're Everyday

dangkin said...

pfew! nagtampo nga talaga cguro yung Peugeot mo kasi alam nyang papalitan mo na sya ;)

hope you'll get out of that mess, soon... and mini will soon arrive ;)

Analyse said...

Neng, salamat sa greetings, muntik ko ng makalimutan, vday na pala, sobrang busy sa kakahanap ng solusyon..

Dangkin, oo nga, sobrang matampuhin pala.. ayaw ko na nga ng peugeot..

Lucille said...

nainip na yata yong old car mo! hehe yong sa amin naman, we ordered a new one first before we sold our old one. It was sold immediately & hindi na kami gumastos sa CT or reparations kasi yong bumili eh yong shop din na binilhan namin ng new car tsaka it was still excellent condition with 145,000 km (a citroen break model 1998).
We got our new one after almost 8 weeks! but if 2nd hands cars naman, i think not that long yata. Or depende din siguro sa availability of cars sa car dealers and the options for the car.
Anyway, goodluck for the new car. I hope i can have one,too someday..for the meantime hanggang dream na lang muna ako for my own car...hindi pa kc pumasa lintek na auto ecole pinahirapan yata ako! :-(

Lucille said...

just finished browsing your previous post, wow! cute the lil' girl walking in the park...hehe! ganyan talaga once natuto ng maglakad, naku parang nonstop na yan, ikaw nang hahabol nyan...

Btw, have fun choosing your car. nong naghahanap kami, dami din sa listahan namin then exhanged kami, tapos yong car models that we both liked, we listed it down again. The last 5 cars in the list were Hummer, Pathfinder, Navara, C8 van, and 4x4 Toyota (all big cars kasi yon nga ang reason why we wanted to replace our Break)... then finally we both choose the SUV Pathfinder. Hubby wanted the Hummer but unfortunately him even a banker himself can't afford it for spotcash since we bought a house also in the same time. Yong Navara naman, i was not OK na magkapareha sila ng bestfriend nya! lol the C8 is fine family car kaya lang hubby prefered the 4x4 because of his hobby and also to "tracter" his boat & ya know pag kami mamakasyon halos pati bahay ikarga sa kotse haha. And Toyota, well, more expensive than Nissan! simple 4x4 toyota is almost same price to Pathfinder luxury pack already.

Well, for me naman..if i can have my own car (hopefully someday), i'm like you...gusto ko yong maliit pero big siting capacity lalo nat bitbit ko lagi mga anakis ko. :-) I will begin to look the model i like, pag may driving permit na ako...as hubby said: No Permit, No Car! decidement

Analyse said...

lucille, matagal nga pag brand new, so we're checking second hand din, pero interesting yung offer ng brand new.. ang gulo!

on choosing a car, we had a list before, and then we visited some to have an idea, from there, we ended up with only one car in mind. i dont go for 4x4 pero for you, you need it for your boat hehe..di kakayanin ng mini yan!

no permit, no car.. that's motivation enough.. goodluck sa permit hehehe

Makis said...

Oh no, what a pickle! Parang sometimes you think may nang-iinis sayo no? But it's not going to be long naman, just a wrong should have/would have timing (and I always do that). BUt you used your car for all its worth, diba ;-)

Francesca said...

sometimes things happens that we cannot avoid.
Di bale ana, bawiin mo na lang sa tipid, and tiis, hehe.

As you say, stay calm na lang kesa sabunutan mo man sarili mo: whats done is done...

haze said...

Ayayayay ! Super car is sick :( ! Alam mo Ana, at first we had our 1st car citroen hubby bought it 2nd hand to go working (i was still in Pinas) when I arrived we sold it to jeune conductrice. We bought a 2nd hand 205 peugeot (from his Bestfriend excellent etat) and another 205 old car for me (wala pa rin akong permis until now wwahhhh) and when Mimi came we bought Partner to travel comfortably ! In the end, we found ourselves having 3 cars, but we lend my car to his cousin while looking for his own 2nd hand car too! So at least yung lumang 205 nakatulong for half a month din. What a timing nasira yung 205 ni hubby so tapos nakabili na si cousin ng 2nd hand, then cousin returned the car! Tapos napahiram pa namin sa bestfriend nya for a month, tapos saka nasira yung kotse ni hubby! Ngayon 2 na lang kotse yung bago at yung 205!

Sana dumating na kaagad yung bago! Bon courage Ana !

analyse said...

Makis, yer right. kainis talaga, until now, we're still blocked with only one car!

Francesca, bat ko naman sasabunutan sarili ko, syempre bunton lahat kay frenchguy no hehe.

Haze, hmmm, i see that the 'no permit, no car' policy of lucille doesn't apply in marseille.

now, we're a bit hesitant kung bago ba or second hand, 2 months waiting time pag bago!