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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How do two engineers at home deal with important decisions?

- First, they stablish a CdCF, the functional requirement.
They would list down all criteria possible then weigh each of them according to the defined objective and needs. He looks for performance, she looks for comfort. He looks for energy, she looks for consumption. He looks for prestige that goes with the product, she looks for functionnality.

- Then they compare and analyse different solutions.
By internet. By visiting different boutiques.

- Then check if they are within the target budget.
Hello banker? We need cash. Deal or no deal?

- Finally, they negociate.

The most difficult part, the first one, has already been defined. Finally. After having consecutive headaches (thus, expenses!) with our old Peugeot 306 and 106 (yes, the two cars!) and after having endless discussions on which car we will keep (for me), we finally decided to entertain the option of buying a new one. But who would tell that this experience could become a getting-to-know each other's preferences stage for us?

Frenchguy dreamt of having a big BMW, Audi or VW. The problem is, we have a very narrow garage. Built in the 30s, the proprietors at that time didn't anticipate the idea of having cars as big as what we have now. And he even thought of buying a 4x4! Asus! Probably 85% of our time is spent driving in our little Dijon, we don't need a 4x4. Add to the fact that the energy consumption of such car is way out of my take on the environment. Scratch the idea.

Moi wanted a Mini. Hehe, syempre pa, scratch kaagad ang idea.

CdCF says: family-friendly car, big trunk, bigger sitting capacity but relatively small in size, low fuel consumption (low C02 emission), diesel, good performance (110 hp mini), silver, affordable price. After comparing different brands and models, we ended with one car in mind. It's in fact a very common car which we totally ignored but finally seduced us with all its functionalities and options. Hope the banker says 'deal'. Hmm, I'm quite impatient to drive it now..


haze said...

We had 205 peugeot an old car, we were obliged to buy a bigger car to have a bigger space when Mimi came. 205 isn't possible/comfortable with 2 kids having 2 bébé siege. Hubby wanted to have Touran (Volkswagen) me wanted a 2nd hand car with airconditioned. VW is expensive but quality is on top, very good car, but we aren't after esthetic, we go for practicality! Finally, we decided to get a Peugeot Partner with big space, big trunk, diesel, lower consumption and price is just right! Now, we are happy and contented with our car, c'est la mode en plus! Most importantly, we have practically saved 7T euro against Touran(VW)! On eu 30% de remise avec le Partner!

Wow Ana, mini-cooper, sosy ! It's not easy to decided but I hope you will find what you really need that will satisfy your taste ! Bon courage a vous 2 ! Happy car searching and buying!

kala said...

Ana! go for the mini! style first!!!

analyse said...

Haze, yep, we need bigger space, and our cars are really nearing their end... the heater of the 306 broke down when the temp in Dijon went down to -10°C, and i swear, i nearly had an accident due to lack of visibility.. galit na galit ako kay frenchguy hehe.. we're eyeing for renault this time.. finally, we might stay with the french manufacturer..

Kala, haha, if only i could.. hirap isakay si louna sa likod... and i saw a review on the mini, it's consuming more than 10 L/100km city driving, whew!

Dutched Pinay said...

When it comes to cars I never invest on them. We are not millionaires -in euros (ah, I wish so I do not have to work). Like you, I usually buy something that is practical - particularly on the CO2 emission and gasoline consumption (1 liter here is almost 1.30euros and my everyday km consumption si 80km - although I get a 140eu per month gasoline subsidy from my employer) and affordable that I can pay cash. I hate car mortgages, its not worth it, so I prefer to pay cash always. Back home in Pinas, I bought a second hand car on cash terms because mortgage was not an option for me. With all the high interest rates its crazy, an 800k pesos car can reach to almost a million peso car? Since I could not afford to buy a 500-800k pesos car in Pinas cash, best is to look for much cheaper options - second hand.

When we buy a car, the moment we drive the car out of the dealer's garage its equity depreciates down to at least 10-20% or more, of course depending on the brand and model.

Here in NL, locals only drive the nicer cars if they are lease cars from the company - although you still get to pay tax to the government because it is seen as income. If its personal, no way. Unlike my previous employer where I have a car option, my new employer does not provide me one. So I made sure the car I bought, the one I currently have is economical. What matters to me is to have more money in my bank than pay it up cash (or mortgage) to just a freaking car. Its not worth it.

Analyse said...

totally agree with you. we will actually pay it cash, we hate mortgages and as you said, you get inside the car and the depreciation clock starts to tick. no way.

here in france, you could buy second hand cars from peugeot or renault employees (and other brands, of course) with very low kms for around 30% less, with a lot of options included. we're actually eyeing for this solution.

a lot of oldies drive expensive cars here.. i told frenchguy to wait till he retires to drive the car of his dream hehe.

Makis said...

Having a car here is not a luxury (except for the oldies :) but a necessity & when it is a necessity, of course having a good & comfortable car is important. We thought getting a second hand is risky - it might have troubles & in the end, you didn't save. So go for the Audi ;-) But I agree there are so many second hands at an almost new condition.

So what are you guys getting???

Francesca said...

Ay oo, pag nag kapamilya, nag kaka isip ng mas malaking kotse.
Lalo na luggage ni Louna LOL!
she packed like a queen, daig pa si mommy, sama pa niya bebe nya on top.

Hope Laurent got that sleek BMW.
Why not ha? Then, uy, punta kayo dito ha? Hihihi

soy said...

So tell us - which car is it you hope to buy?

analyse said...

Makis, you could buy des 'voitures collaborateurs' with less than 5000 km and are still under constructor's garantie. they are normally less than 6 months utilisation, not bad.

Francesca, korek ka dun, dapat kasama si bébé anywhere we go.. hanggang pinas kasama doudou ni louna hehe..

Soy, errr, still under negociation.. we still have two cars on the list..

KK said...

Function(enough power to get on the beltway), safety and fuel consumption were our priority. Looking nice was a bonus. It costs so much to maintain an old car over here, it'll nickel and dime you and you might end up shelling out more cash. They put so much automatic stuff that only certified mechanics can fix them. 4x4's are luxury specially if you don't live up in the mountains and cost an additional $5K but I still see a whole lot of SUVs on the road.

What have you decided on?

nao said...

driving a mini cooper would be great! pasakay bading! and happy weekend mwah!

chase said...

i always like small cars that's why my preferences usually goes to mazda miyata, minis, the new beetle or usually those small cabriolet types. hehehehhe. But you have a family so you must have a family type car to take the kids and stuff related to family

Analyse said...

KK, you're right. the maintenance of our cars starts to be irreasonable.. we have to replace them.

Nao, that would be a sexy solution.. but i was turned off when i saw that it consumes a lot.

Chase, yep, we have to be reasonable on that part hehe.

Rhada said...

Mahirap talaga magdesisyon lalo na kung major you, major influence din sa akin ang gas consumption and kailangan family friendly dahil sa mga tsikiting. And who could go wrong with silver??

So, ano na ang desisyon ni banker? ;-)