Why I Love My New Toy

Posted by Analyse at 3:26 PM

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm quite ecstatic to discover my new toy. I was so used to drive my old 1992 model Peugeot 106 that changing it by a 2006 model seems to be a big promotion for me. Contrario to what we dreamt of, we ended up buying a car which was, for us, a car for Monsieur Tout-le-Monde (Mr Everybody). Simply because we find a lot of these cars on the road (8 out of 10 in its category, we learned - but ain't it a good indicator of good quality and good customer satisfaction?).

It was not on our list, never considered as a potential candidate, and not even our dream car. We wanted something different... till we did the road test. We were awed. We were seduced. We wanted that same car.

Here are some super cool options I find great:

Hands-Free Card = Key : The car opens automatically when you approach it. You could keep the card in your pocket/bag forever as you don't even need to push a button to open the car. To start the car, you just have to push a button and off you go. To close it, simply push the button on the car door. I know, this little gadget is an electronic concentrate... but it's just so cool!

Big Boot Capacity and Handy Drawers in Every Seat : Women. You should understand me. By the way, the glove compartment serves as a 'refrigerator'. Cold drinks you keep inside remains at the same temperature throughout the ride. Cool!

Cruise Control and Speed Limiter/Regulator : Ok, this thingy, I hated it when I first drove a car with this option on the roads of America. Imagine me driving, alone on the road, on the long straight roads of the West, without the gears to change or the gas to accelerate - it was boring - nearly pushing me to sleep. But with the fixed and mobile radars roaming around France, we better have it.

Consumption Display : Ang saya. Who drives better? Moi or Frenchguy? Hehe.. it's our new toy, I tell you.

Special Edition : Who wouldn't want it?

PS: No regrets. My dream mini consumes 6.7 L/100km (42.2 mpg) compared to 6L/100km (47 mpg) for my Renault Scénic II. Not a bad deal. Be earth-friendly. - now, don't call that sour graping, OK?


KK said...

Congratulations on your new toy!
Looks very cute too. 47mpg?! wow, that's great.

Plain_Jane_Too said...

That looks like a cool little car. How comfortable is it for long drives?

I totalled my car last July '06 and bought a new one and I wish I had gotten a smaller car.

Rhada said...

Yey! Congrats! I like the "new car" smell.....

Linnor said...

As long as you're both happy with it, its a good choice!

sexy mom said...

nice toy...good find
happy driving!

JO said...

cool! especially the hands free card key.

I don't like the cruise control on our car too. I might fall asleep behind the wheel.

Airwind said...

wow!! big time!! haha

ann said...

Wow! Napaka higtech naman nyan. But I think it's too big for Louna alone at the back, kaya dapat sundan na si Louna...hahaha!

chase said...

Wow that sounds like a neat car Ms. Analyse! I am all there as long as the car is earth friendly as well!

haze said...

At last you have found the car that meet your expectations and taste ! Ana puede ko ba i-drive yan, hehehe :)? Congratulations Ana, way to go....destination Marseille ?!

Leah said...

Totally cool esp the card key. I love the fridge option. Good for a summer day.

Lucille said...

wowwee! finally your new toy...renault megane or scenic? good that you found the car that suits to you.
Yes that hands-free remote key is great! my hubby likes it a lot coz no need to find the key in his bag.

How 'bout GPS? well it's optional but we liked it a lot,too. Hindi na kami naliligaw, i'm retired na of being a navigator! thanks to that GPS thingy lol

Thanks pala sa reply sa previous post mo, i will visit Haze blog.
Take care hugs to Louna!

dangkin said...

47mpg? galing! lots of room pa.. dapat sundan na nga agad si louna! :))

Francesca said...

Ana, c'est superb! Yan din balak ni Lolo bilhin, kasi economical, practical, parts are made in france and always available, mga technicians are evrywhere, kasi french made. pang pamilya na, deseil pa!

We have Renault Clio, luma na Year 2000 model, then laki na pamilya ni Lolo, wala lugar luggages if mag travel, kaya plan namin bili bago.
If he allows me na to drive, of course, kasi until now, may liscence nga ako, ayaw ako pa drive ng car, huhu!
crazy raw drivers sa autoroute, baka pulutin ako sa highway.

Again,congrats, its a practical decision. And I like black too, its incognito.Cool, classic.

The glory me with a new BMW or mercedes, latest model car, does not matter muna, saka na yun!

Analyse said...

KK, consumption is one of my concerns.. and i've heard that europe will tighten the rules on road pollution, so better be ready..

Plain_Jane_Too, we just had a long drive and it's really comfy.. it's spacy inside and not that bulky outside.. we could easily park as it isn't that long.. if we want more space, the 3 seats at the back could be totally removed too..

Rhada, i love it too hehe..

Linnor, yep, that's right.. both of us agreed to that model at once.. then we both liked the same color.. etc.. so it was quite easy to decide..

Sexy Mom, thanks!

Analyse said...

Jo, yes, i like to keep the control of the car too...

Airwind, hehe.

Ann, ngek..

Chase, im glad to hear you're equally concern for the planet ;)

Haze, destination Dijon ka muna hehe..

Leah, that would be really useful for long drives this summer.

Lucille, Scénic. We didn't opt for the integrated GPS, 2 kasi yung car namin, and we both use them sometimes for work, so mas ok yung pwedeng hiraman hehe.. the Scenic will be used when we go out for vacation, dont GPS.. and frenchguy will continue using the 306 when he goes out for kayak, dont GPS.. so we better get a mobile one hehe..

Dangkin, low consumption nga sya, that's a big + !

Francesca, the first paragraph is exactly why we wanted a french car. mahal kaya ng spare parts hehe..

yep, clio would be too small for everybody now.. pero type ko yung bagong clio ha, sexy ang dating...

check out for citroen c4 visiospace din, not bad... and those expensive cars, saka na lang din pag retired namin hehe..

Heart of Rachel said...

Cool car! I love the great features esp the Hands-Free Card.