The Pope and the President

Posted by Analyse at 4:29 PM

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I don't normally read news about the Philippines. First, because I have no time. Second, because I just feel down and disappointed on what I read. The least I could do is read the headlines listed at the right corner of this blog without really getting into the details. Today, my eyes were caught by this headline: Pope's reaction drew interpretations over Arroyo administration which led me to click on the link at once. What the heck are they mixing again? Politics and religion, don't you think they have to be tackled separately for the betterness of everybody?

Here's a quote from the article:
Malacanang officials and proponents of Charter change were elated at what they believed was the blessing the Pope gave to the Arroyo administration's campaign to revise the Constitution.

That sent them to euphoria, people. Blessing from the Pope! Onli in da Pilipins! Do you really think Berlusconi (from Italy), Zapatero (from Spain), De Villepin (from France) or any other political figure from a dominantly-catholic country would ask blessing from the Pope for a revision of their constitution? I guess they react mainly in function of their current social, economic and political situation. They use intelligence and not prayers.

And what's with this Parliamentary form of government they want to propose? I only see a grand mafia behind that slogan and an infinite power to those who are already in political position. I can see my dear Philippines dying because of the Filipinos. I don't think that kind of government is adopted to a corrupt country like ours. This would just boil down to a big corporation of few selected people who would rule the country.

Kawawa naman si Juan de la Cruz.


Duke said...

onli in da pilipins talaga ang dating.

Like you, I don't like reading Philippine Politics because they either make my blood boil or just plain depress me.

Francesca said...

I dont like the Church (any church) interfere with politics ( affaires of the State) kaya nga nag stay ako as a Jehovah's Witness because of that.Put off ako sa hypocrisy ng Catholic teachings.
The Catholic church knows that they are losing members, so they try to use the govt (esp in Phils)to gain power(over the people).
The Bible speaks about Babylon the Great. I dont want to speak to much about religion here, in respects of Ana's blog.But it is there.
The Pope must and improve on His Bible reading and teachings (doctrines) or just concentrate on selling more rosaries...
sorry ana,la lang, basta religion and polictics mixed, I am boiling, carried away agad ang Lola...

soy said...

hear, hear.

spot on.

nao said...

kita mo pag tuwing election, san ang takbo ng mga presidential candidates for support? Sa mga religious leaders diba.

Yung ke Belarde na lang eh, ilan ang galamay nya bakla. Boto rin kasi yan. Kung tutuusin, ang mga hunyangong opisyales pa ang parang nagkakandahumahog sumipsip sa kanila. Baligtad.

Well as you said... ONLI IN DA PILIPINS.

Analyse said...

Duke, ya, me too..but sometimes, just can't help it..tigas din ng ulo ko..

Francesca, the catch is, they're like mixing oil and water..they're just not miscible so there won't never be a homogeneous solution..

Soy, sigh! i'm glad you agree with me.

nao, ano pa nga ba ang masasabi ko, onli in da pilipins talaga..

Ka Uro said...

shows how desperate the arroyo administration is to cling to power

Francesca said...

minsan ang hypocrisy daw eh, part of diplomacy. sige na nga, para kasing vaseline yan eh, they need these (hypocrisy aka diplomacy) to get intimacy with one another, LOL

Anyway, the Pope wants to be THE part of the arroyo's DECISION to stop death penalty. As usual, agawan SILA ng glory.

Sige na Pope, mas sikat ka na ke Mme Arroyo.You got your rewards done/given na on

Rhada said...


haze said...

That' the reason why we don't progress...mixing politics and religion.. As explained by hubby France was like that before the French Revolution...naku history na to masyadong mahaba! To make it short they've separated these two para hindi mapolitika di ba kaya aasenso! Minsan ayaw ko ring basahin balita sa tin kasi nakakainit lang ng ulo pero yon nga di mo naman maiwasan hay buhay!

Anonymous said...

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