Nearing the Finals..

Posted by Analyse at 11:07 AM

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Portugal vs France

5th of July at 9 pm.

0 - 1

On to the finals... everybody's celebrating outside; car's hooting, people running, jumping, shouting.. and me trying to simulate a soundproof room for Louna, tell me how the heck could I sleep.

Anyhoo.. Allez les bleus! France vs Italy on Sunday, July 9 at 8 pm.


racky said...

viel glück! (good luck) :D

duke said...

our flat is going to be wild again!

husband has this thing with NOT breaking the chi. He wants the exact things we did last game to be done again. Even sitting arrangements, dapat daw pareho para hindi ma break ang chi!

he's gone crazy over fussball!

i'm scared about Portugal!

nao said...

cheers to FRANCE!
(go go go!)

Analyse said...

Neng, bonne chance to germany this evening ;).

Duke, what's this thing about french? superstitious pagdating sa football...heard the same thing sa office kanina haha..

and hey, if they beat brazil, i guess i could be confident tom night..what do ya think?

Nao, ouaaai, allez les bleus!!!

haze said...

I am scared for France becoz Portugal could be violent di ba! hay naku I am still crossing my fingers!!! Allezzzzzzzz les Bluessssss !!!!!

Francesca said...


sha said...

haha inday andito kami sa lipari sa aeolian last night we had a mad mad eve with the italians

i will blog about it

today we were in a cafe our delivery captain is a frog opps frenchie so we all cheered for france and the rest were for the portugese...

now we wished were in france
last friday i was in cannes could not even walk there riot!!!

Ka Uro said...

viva francia! galing ni zidane!

Analyse said...

Haze, o di ba, on a gagné!!!

Francesca, yow, finals with the spaghettis!

Sha, still there for the finals? must be fun hehe.. wanted to go out too..kaya lang, with louna and without frenchguy, hirap..

KU, vivre la france hehe..

Duke said...

finale na on SUNDAY!!!!

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