On Football and Racism

Posted by Analyse at 6:39 PM

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sports should normally unite people regardless of origin, race, politics, beliefs or religion. There's only one rule applicable.

The headbutt done by Zidane was a result of provocation. This guy isn't stupid. When he engaged in the act, 10 minutes away from his retirement, at the World Cup finals, don't you think there's something serious behind?

Here's his explaination.

The declaration done by an Italian senator was even more uncalled for, calling the frenchies 'black, muslim and communist'. Ok Mr Senator, let me explain it to you :

Black - Mr, you should review your neighbor's geography. France has this so-called DOM-TOM, overseas departments and territories, lovely islands I should say, where populations are mainly black. So these blacks are in fact, French.

Muslim - Franck Ribery? His wife is Muslim, so I guess he converted to this religion out of love. What wouldn't you do for love, hmmm?

Communist - Errr, I should search more. The whole www cannot provide me the name of the communist french football player.

The controversy has gone worldwide. TF1, one of the leading channels here, will present the 8pm news tonight with a black newscaster. A way to show their stand to 'SAY NO TO RACISM' campaign.

Picture from Fotothing.

It's not either you win or loss baby, it's how you play the game.


duke said...

I haven't seen the TF1 news. I just saw the one fron TV5.

I think that Italian senator needs to review his statement before going public.

Analyse said...

yep, adding insult to injury..

haze said...

Italian Senator came from the North and most of the people there are rich. North Italy is the richest part of Italy (Milan, Turin and Genoa). Before they wanted to separate the North from the South in Italy. People from the South are mostly poor, they live in hilltop villages in rural areas. They have little industry to attract people so they prefer to migrate to the North of Italy or other European countries.

Mr. Italian Senator it's not because you belong to the rich and famous you don't fart like poor people do!!! Or shall I say human being. You maybe a senator but you are living in CORRUPTION !

Hay naku kakainit ng dugo yang Senador na yan Ana ha! I've heard about it as well ! Hhhhmmm hayaan mo na nga sya maka karma rin sya !

Ka Uro said...

zidane for prime minister!

Rhada said...

Ignorance nga naman! hmmm kaya nagkakagulo-gulo sa mundo eh, kasi kahit yung mga walang utak eh nasa pwesto...tsk tsk