My Little Nomad III

Posted by Analyse at 5:53 PM

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The doting and ever loyal mamarazzi followed this little nomad as she explored the world of bigger people. The presence of her Mommy and Daddy from the Philippines obliged her to pursue her adventures at a more accelerated pace resulting to more discoveries, not only on her part but also for the mamarazzi. Follow me as I follow her...shhhh.

Camping at Collioure - at 6.5 months! With the duvet and contoured changing pad in tow, sound sleep on the go. This changing pad has actually found another function, it will surely be added on our to-bring list. Bath time was a guaranteed intimate moment with mamarazzi and papa Frenchguy (yes, we were 3 inside that 1m2 shower cubicle! ... red tub no more.

Sunbathing - Lil nomads suggestion is to pamper lil nomads like her with sunscreen creams with at least SPF 50 with wider spectrum (Sun Protection Factor which could block UVB and UVA). Well, at least in France where UV index is quite high most of the time. The cream pampering session should be repeated every 2 hours to ensure good protection and TLC from mamarazzi. Sun exposure should of course be taken with moderation.Mountain Hiking - Not more than 1500 meters altitude for babies less than 6 months. But what about babies living in high altitudes? Anyhoo, I caught this lil nomad having great time with her papa Frenchguy while climbing the Pic du Canigou (2784m). They stopped halfway at around 1800 m alt, because like sun exposure, adventures should be equally taken with moderation.Night Partying - and this lil nomad had the energy to feel the Barcelona life up to past midnight. I guess she was caught in the ambiance, with people walking everywhere and talking out loud.Kayaking - ehem, she just had the feel of it ... out of the water. .. and contented herself watching her papa Frenchguy as he glided into the waves.

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Enough for a 7 months old little girly... more of her next time ;)


agring said...

Hi Ana,
7 months already? wow! so fast eh! Great pictures...

By the way, Abby's blog moved. You may click my name to see the link. Thanks

Francesca said...

ang aga ng lakwatsa ni bebe! LOL
Oy, familya sagrada church sa photo,Barcelona, aba eh, first time ko makita yan, i cant believe it is a church, ksi spooky ang ambience, shhhh!
meanwhile, pahiram ng tent bath tub! kasya din siguro kami ni lolo!

analyse said...

Agring, thanks for reminding, i've been there but haven't updated my links..will do it later ;)

Francesca, fantasia land nga ang dating e hehehe... kaw ha, more intimate dating nyo ni lolo nyan if i give you the red tub hehehe..

Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

Your little girl looks very much like your hubby! I hope I did not bring bad news, lol. She has a cutest smile though --- reminds me of Monalisa's. Really.

nao said...

ang cute naman ng mag ama while kayaking, bagay na bagay ang PINK na hat ke bebe bading! (ang cuuuuuute!!!!) grabe bakla, tinalo pa ko ni bebe huh? Di pa ko nakakapag kayak hello!

Analyse said...

Jori, yep, she's really the exact replica of frenchguy..with dark hair and eyes..and a bit of tan.

Nao, punta ka dito and we will bring you there haha..frenchguy is so super inlove with kayaking..friends are joking that he will make a hole in his kayak to place louna hehe..

haze said...

Nahilo ata ako don sa kayaking na yan ah! Pero I always love to do Kayaking but the problem is yung sakit ko na naman alam mo "mal au transport ou mal de mer" :(

Ana grabe 6 months na pala si Louna! You need to be a Mammarazzi because she's so beautiful that boys of her age will surely turning around like bees who sees a blooming flower! Fais attention ;-) Have a nice Weekend there! Sunny na ba senyo? Parents are leaving or they've already fly back to Pinas?!

Joy said...

What a lovely wanderer!

Buti pa si bébé nagkakayak na... bigla akong kinabahan nong nakita ko ang picture! (medyo may trauma kasi ako sa mga bangka, etc.)

Ang cute ni Louna ha. Smile kaagad pag may kodak!

Nice to know you always have a great time with her. Time flies so fast, profites- en!

Linnor said...

Aw...Look at those chubby cheeks... Sarap i-kiss di ba??? :D

analyse said...

Haze, 7 mos na po kaya sya hehe.. o di ba, bilis talaga. yeah, she's attracting a lot of curious eyes, she's too loud kasi since she discovered she could actually produce different sounds.. frenchguy enjoys pushing the stroller, feeling nya sya ang tinitignan, e yung anak nya naman hehe..

parents are leaving this weekend..

Joy, she's camero-shy no more. kuntodo pose na talaga hehe..the kayaking is just for pix purposes only, frenchguy's doing wild river kayaking, too much risk for bébés... saka na, ocean kayak na lang sakyan ni bébé..

Linnor, yep, sarap panggigilan kahit puno na ng laway after that gigil moments hehe..

Kat said...

oh wow! Louna's been on so many adventures! heck, i haven't even kayaked until i got to college! so cool that's she taken to the outdoors like a pro!

(by the way, you look fabulous!)

jairam said...

Your baby is sooo cute!

racky said...

pede ng kurutin sa pisngi!

active na ni bebe ah! hinihingal na ba ang mommy? :D

sha said...

oh ana i bought a bike yes a bike
no time to hike so bike lang muna

wala basket for LOUNA

great kiddo very outdorsy na

Analyse said...

Kat, she loves to be outside, doing whatever, from shopping to hiking.. ;)

Jairam, Neng, thanks. she's becoming makulit na rin hehe..

Sha, ako naman, kinakalawang na yung bike ko, still waiting that Louna sits down really well before launching to that activity.. bike seat for bébé already available...

hey when are you coming, parents are back in pinas since this WE