Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

Posted by Analyse at 5:22 PM

Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm in deep merde. Bad luck, mistake, missed train.. always come when they shouldn't.

I'm working as a support on a priority and strategic project for our company. To have an overview, there are 3 main steps in our workflow. First, we produce the material. Then we add a 2-step technology for the added values which makes our product more sophisticated and of course, more expensive than our competitors'. My job falls on the first phase of the 2-step process and the project concerns the final step. That means that I'm not directly working on it , I just supervise the process prior to the final step. Easy, right?

The problem is, the final step won't run without our precious intervention on phase one.

Yesterday, operator 1 came back from vacation. She thought operator 2 did her job well while operator 2 actually relied on her. Me thought, everything was ok as usual especially that operator 1 was back. Confident me did not even check the work area, thinking two operators are better than one. Today, there were no processed product for the final step. And the products in question were to be used for customer survey - ya know, the products that should be processed with no mistake! I guess I'm really in for a deep merde.


Plain_Jane_Too said...

critical path, critical path, critical path and project dependencies. :) sorry to hear about this, it happens. but where was the project manager? LOL

Ka Uro said...

interesting. so how did you tackle the situation? just curious

analyse said...

the problem's ok now. we launched different tests to evaluate the risks, then relaunched the process to recover the materials and get them treated. i did not inform the project manager at once, i know it will create chaos, so we tried to manage it within our group. no more finger pointing, i know the operators are already stressed out, they don't depend on me heirarchically, just functionally, so imagine if i scold them, and their boss blame them just after..baka magpatiwakil na sila nun hehe..

Anonymous said...

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