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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

After a week-long stay, my in-laws left Dijon leaving our enclave as good as brand-new!

My mom was surprised to learn that house reparations and renovations or even house constructions here are being done by the proprietors and their family and/or friends, unlike in the Philippines where even small reparations are being subcontracted. I'd say that they are artists at heart, DIY enthusiasts, handymen / women, manual labourers with plenty of ideas and imaginations...they really take pride on their oeuvres (works/achievements)! It's not surprising that when you visit a friend's house, the house visit would include explanations on how they did such and such and on what nouveautés they ventured their creative minds into.

Frenchguy's favourite hideaway these past days/months is our little garden. Good thing we're not at all hacienderos, otherwise, he will probably spend all his afternoons outside the house. In giving way to my caprice, frenchguy agreed to buy a house within the city centre, compromising his desired tranquillity in the outskirts of Dijon. In consequence, he wanted to hide himself from the noise of the city and the scrutinising regards of our neighbours by transforming our garden in a little forest hehe.

Big shops like Leroy Merlin, Bricorama or Jardiland (for gardening) facilitates a lot on these menial tasks. A lot of do-it-yourself stuffs could be bought and even neophytes like me could venture into something constructive. Here's my little garden proving how greenthumb i am. ;)


Francesca said...

It is very nice, ana that you have your family helping out. Must be because of the baby coming up soon, they are eskayted to have the playground, the room for the baby, the house more comfy for him/her.
The flower pots are pretty too. W e have Castelli here also for the garden stuffs. And if you like orchids, it suits your salon. Nice house you got there !punta ako minsan ha? Lagay ka swing.Wink!

Airwind said...

wow.. bait namin ng inlaws mo.. tama ka .. dito sa pinas di gagawin yan ng inlaws mo. ganda rin ng garden mo.. green na green.. gusto ko yun.. hehe

ruth said...

haha, i remember when we moved to our apartment, i was aghast when i was told na we'll be painting it on our own, and bulding the ikea furniture by ourselves, too. what?!?! it's also amazing how people here would be complete with tools, no?

uy, ganda nung little project mo, ha? i have a similar tub, too, pero yung lamang halaman, mamatay-mabuhay, hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, dito rin sa new apt. namin sila in laws ang nagpalit ng wall paper at naglagay ng parquet. I really like the garden. Wala kasi akong ganyang lawn nakikigarden nalang kami sa in laws ko. Anong outdoor plants ang pwedeng itanim that will last the whole year?

Pagpumunta ako sa dijon dalaw ako sa iyo ha?


Bokbok said...

Hi, Ana!

I told you about 2 days ago that there's been a work being done in our appartment, well, we've been putting pierre de parement on our living room walls. I find white walls a bit boring so we're currently jazzing 'em up! Then next weekend, we'll give our foyer walls a stucco look. I'm afraid that it would take long and is a very messy project! A very sweaty task!

And when I said "we", that means , moi and the hubby! See? Back home, I wasn't even able to change a light bulb! haha!

Alors, t'as pas trop chaud? I know, summer is not the expecting moms' best friend...

take care,

TinTin said...

Very admirable. I need to be more like the do it yourselgers. My husband would die to see those trees. We pass by houses nicer/bigger than ours and he's not impressed. But we pass by modest homes with a sprawling yard and plenty of greens and he sighs over them like a love-sick puppy!

ladycharlie said...

buti ka pa, may green thumb. no plant can live long in my flat. flowers yes, but any pottering plant, no.

i love doing DIY myself. i sometimes find it relaxing.

Analyse said...

Ate Amy, everybody's eskayted nga hehe, our bébé will be the first eurasian in the family, they're quite eskayted to know what feature he/she will have. Hope he/she will have a bit of natural tan just like maman para di na sya maghirap magbabad sa araw to have that simpatico/a look hehehe...

i have no swing but i could lend my duyan for you ;)

Airwind, korek ka dun, sa pinas kasi, we're used to ask somebody else to do the dirty job and pay them...even if we could actually do the job.

Ruth, i love those DIY furnitures :), i assembled my own cabinet all by myself! palit nga kami ng role ni frenchguy e, i do those karpintero jobs and he stays in the kitchen ;)

hehe, ressurection ang tawag dun not actually blessed with a green thumb kaya yung little pot lang na yun ang allowed sa kin :)

Joan, you're very welcome! im not an expert on gardening din, i focus on indoor plants hehe. but you could plant tulips, arums and the like, at least you dont have to renew them every year, you just have to cover them with paille on winter. we also have le lavandre, so we create a southern atmosphere in Dijon hehe.

Boks, ah, summer time, time for renouvellement de la maison, hein! back home, i'm a certified bricoleuse, just love doing those boy stuffs hehe...

temperature restarts to be tolerable ;)

TinTin, frenchguy's the same, he's drooling over nice gardens year, i would be able to help him decorate our garden...i would love to add a little corner for old wine cellars / jars and such to have a little taste of old burgundy gardens hehe..

AprilLassy, try indoor banana trees or palmera, it's kinda cool inside the flat and easy to maintain. love them, reminds me of pinas :).