Hey, nasa France ka ba?

Posted by Analyse at 2:40 PM

Friday, July 01, 2005

After a month long trial and validation (naks industrialization ang dating a hehe), just want to share how you could burn your phones doing endless chika to anybody around the planet without exhausting your bank account. Click here.

The thing is, from France, you could call up Philippine mobile phones at a local cost! It's like I'm calling around Dijon! Whoa! Just can't keep this good news just for myself..

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ruth said...

ay, pang-france lang sya? sayang!

Bokbok said...

well, well, well...

telerabais, never heard of it. mais bon, basahin ko muna...

thanks for the tip, dear!


Duke said...

sayang sayang sayang! wala pa yang promo na yan when I was there last January!

Analyse said...

Try it Boks, c'est super génial! I was doubtful at first so I just did some trials at first, a phonecall to my mom (eherm, can I still consider an hour telebabad with my mom as a trial?) and to my sis (eherm ulit, this time 30 minutes lang!), and then I waited for my bill to figure out (I'm using FREE so I could check current bills on the net). Frenchguy promised to strangle me if ever I have astronomic bills hehe, sa bank nya kasi yung facturation e, but hélas, with FREE's free local calls, I only had to pay 2 centimes par minute for the 08 11 access, isn't that super cool?

Ruth and Duke, try www.skype.com (check skypeout rates) for their current rates for your respective country of residence, their offers are interesting too, I was using that before migrating to télérabais...I'm actually waiting for their skypein option to be opened in the Philippines so people from the pilipins could call me up at local cost too...hmmm, technologies, love it!