Stress: How do you deal with it?

Posted by Analyse at 3:20 PM

Monday, July 18, 2005

I was tagged by Isabela, this one's kinda cool...let me tell you my style!

What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you want to go out and play?

I love reading a lot, does that count? That's my way of forgetting where / who I am and transforming myself into somebody else, most of the time, a detective (obvious ba that I'm more into suspense and detective stories?)....kasama na dyan yung reading other people's blog (and learning from their experiences)...

I enjoy taking pictures too...tho I'm not at all a professional one, haven't even read the user's guide of my camera.

I like listing all our expenses at home. Yep, I even have consumption bar graphs, repartition of fixed and variable costs, percentage of each category in my expenses list, etc...di po ako accountant, inhinyerong pulpol lang po!

What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list, post it in your journal…

I'm normally a super cool gal, I hate being under pressure. Life is beautiful, so why waste my time worrying, right? But di naman po ako manhid, there are instances when I, too, am subjected to different stresses na nakaka-high blood which end up on sleepless nights due to anxiety. The main reasons are:

Stress: Most often due to my work. Kung pwede lang mag work without responsibilities and yung di ginagamitan ng utak, ginawa ko na!

Blood Pressure: Kadalasan, due to shopping. Those who know me are aware that I hate it! Nakakahigh blood kasi minsan yung ibang sales lady na di man lang palangiti, lalo na dito sa France, siguro dahil I frequent yung mga chipipay na shops hehe...e di ko na nga feel, tapos I can't even get the necessary infos that I want, darn! Sa Pinas naman, dalawang klase yan, me sunod ng sunod sayo, mukha ba kong shoplifter? Meron namang ni hindi ka papansinin (lalo na sa mamahaling shops)...hello, di ako nagwiwindow-shopping no!

Anxiety: When frenchguy's out of town / country, first thing he has to do is to call me up, di kasi ako makatulog sa kakaworry! He's complaining tho, pag ako kasi yung out of town / country, I don't return the favor, e alam ko namang safe ako e hehe..

So how do I manage?

I communicate: I talk, write emails, blog. I feel better after that.
I clean the toilet and bathroom: Yun na lang ang pinanggigigilan ko, try nyo, effective!
I cut my hair short: Yep, kadalasan kasi nai stress ako dahil late na ko pumasok, cutting it short means isang suklayan na lang. But judging by the number of times per year I visit my coiffeuse, I could be considered a certified super cool gal nga hehe.
I look myself infront of the mirror and say, 'you're not that bad after all!': It's because of my weight, super payatot kasi. So that's my way of consoling myself hehe..and hearing my friends with their weight problems and how they restreint themselves in eating what they really want, naiisip ko, maswerte pa nga ako e.
I read: Sabi ko nga, I forget everything when I read.
I watch a movie: Yung comedy at nonsense ha.
I walk: Normally, I invite frenchguy on a weekend and do a little hike. I love being with nature, parang walang problema ang mundo if you're surrounded by the trees, the birds, the cows hehe..
New!!! Watching my baby move: Ah, sarap!

…and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs.

Francesca: I know she's always she just hiding her stress or she just knows how to deal with it?
Schatzli: She's got a hectic schedule, so how does she cope up?
Airwind: A cool pinoy. Let's see how a young ambitious pinoy deal with stress sa Pinas Ngayon.
Naomi: Hmm, want to know ya better. So how is it there in Canada?
Baby Chatter: A mom in Paris. How does she deal with stressful parenting in France?


schatzli said...

LOKa hahaha I wanted to tag you but I opted for the less known blogs.... para ma expose naman ahem
secondly since I somehow know you had a relaxing day at the lake and you read so there I had an idea.

Thanks I have been tag they are wanted to know how I deal with stress.

you and I have few things in common when things get slipping

1) I go for a haircut yes short na.. may suki ako sa Antibes and Monaco.. and I dont want to bring anyone with me...

2) yes i go mental with cleaning. the shinnier the sink the better i feel.

3) I also get videos dvds something I do not need to analyze


I like the way you said about shopping I prefer to shop in London where the service is a lot better than in France worst than those who tail you around kala shoplifter ka HAHA HAHA

I think alam ko na i reregalo ko sa bebe mo.. hiking boots!!!

Naomi said...

aaawwwwwwwwwww, how sweet of you naman sis...... but DUKE has just tagged me i guess two days back. You're very very very sweet sis, touch ako sobra.. really.

CANADA is by far ok [kumpara naman sa Pinas noh, ajehjeh!] Super hot ngayon dito, as in. Sige sis.. duty lang ako ha, pabeso *mwah*

Analyse said...

Sha, korekek, the shinier, the better, with no traces of water droplets plssss..

erm, didnt watch TAXI, dont like the actors...gusto ko yung kikiligin ako sa actor hehe..

Hey, mind you, frenchguy learned how to walk alone at 22 months..wag naman sanang get allowance for the hiking boots hahaha..

Nao, late na nga ako, pareho kay Sha, haven't bloghopped kasi this weekend, di tuloy ako updated hehe..

ayan, beso beso din, *mwaah* *mwaah* kasamang tunog yan ha hehe...para mas nakakatuwa, i'll take frenchguy's region's tradition, beso beso beso beso...4x yan, starting sa right cheek..

Duke said...

ahh cleaning!minsan may pagka OC ako sa ganyan like you and Sha. dapat lahat shiny! hahahahaha

grabe you really do list all yur expenses at home? i tried doing that once as in gumawa ako ng format sa excel pero nakakalimutan kong gawin lalo na pag maraming ginagawa! ngayon i go by themoney in my wallet. pagubos na pera ko wala ng gastos for the month! hihihihi

I like hiking too! it is such a good exercise kaso i had a not so bad experience with it hiking 2 mountains and back in 5 hours! jeez i thought i would die. pang pro pala yun na hike ko!

Analyse said...

Hey Duke, hanggang toilet and bathroom lang ako sa panggigigil, minsan pati kitchen pag sobrang asar hehe..

Yeah, i have all the listing at home, pero i dont update it naman every month, pag me time lang ako, i just want to have a clear vision of all our expenses and want to compare them when we were still in our appt (pampasakit daw ba ng ulo hehe)...dati nga i even have an update of our revenus + investments (with matching forecast for 5 yrs pa yun ha) kaya lang, since nanakaw yung laptop namin dati (, i lost all my files and tinatamad pa kong gumawa ulit...

when i start a hike, i check the distance, the elevation gain, and the hiking duration so i know what awaits me, french guides are best for that!

i did hike with a mexican friend dati, and i was the one who organized it, it was almost perfect, kaya lang, it was the time na pareho kaming student sa french language and yung book namin was written in french, nung stressed out na kami kasi medyo naligaw kami, di na namin maintindihan yung nakasulat haha, buti na lang, somebody showed us the way..

Naomi said...

sistah, ni-rephrase ko yung post ko ha for you, sobrang lakas mo saken as in! mwah! =)

Francesca said...

I dont have stress. I dont have problems, only solutions! LOL !
Wed, la na ako pasok, kaya gawa ako tag sa inyo. okedoks?
1 am na, waaah tulog na muan me.
Ty ana. ty sha.

isabela said...

Sabi ko na nga ba, eh. kakaibang mga sagot ang makikita ko dito hehehe.
Naglilista ng gastos? joskohday, lalo akong mai-stress! pag nag-shopping kasi ako, pikit-mata at parang wala nang bukas! tapos yung bills ko sa Meralco, napipilitan lang akong magbayad pag may kulay pulang tatak na "disconnection notice" (minsan, naputulan nga ako hahaha!)Putsa, panic time, hindi maka-blog!
tama ka talaga sa nature tripping. The best! At saka reading. Nakabasa na yata ako ng isang libong libro. Ang taas na tuloy ng grado ng mata ko. Hmmp!
Thanks. Nag-enjoy akong magbasa ng kakaibang sress busters mo. Nagkukuskos ng banyo!! hahaha! Siguro pag marami kang problema ,puwede nang tulugan yung baldosa ng banyo mo hehehe

Airwind said...

oppssiee ... wehehe... *airwind thinkg who will he tag" thanks!!! say hi too the baby for me... :)

Analyse said...

Nao, touched naman si ako dun..salamat pow...will check it later, work muna kuno hehe..

Ate Amy, i doubted it...malamang si lolo michel ang maraming stress dahil sayo nyehehehe...pakipasa na lang yung tag sa kanya hehe...ano kaya ginagawa ni lolo para di ma high blood kay madame amy? abangan...

Isabela, aba try mong ilista sistah, at least alam mo kung may extra pesoses ka pa, effective yan, less stress! everything is under control hehe...

About sa mata, kumain ka ng maraming kalabasa, pampalinaw yan ng mata...about sa banyo namin, korekek ka dun, sabi nga ng pinsan ko nung napadpad sa lungga namin dito, kung marami daw akong bisita, pede ko ng patulugin sa banyo hehe...

Airwind, looking forward sa stress busters mo hehe...baka me mas effective solution ka hehe..