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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

All lines are busy now, please try your call later.

Familiar with that? Here is the email version that I've been receiving at work lately..

Je suis absent de mon bureau et serai de retour le x août 2005.
I am out of the office and will be back on August x 2005.

Yep, time for summer vacation, time to get that tan, time to seize the summer sun at the sea or the mountains, time to discover little villages or another country. The whole France is on standby mode, be it with administrative offices, industries or schools and universities. After our neighboring countries, the frenchies are now clogging the French autoroutes to get to their respective destinations. July to August is the summer vacation peak for France as it coincides with the scolastic vacation, oh yeah, there are children to attend to. So here's a hint, if you're residing around Europe and thinking of spending your vacation in the countrysides of France, try to take your vacation earlier or later than these dates. Of course Paris is excluded, during these dates, only tourists stay in the french capital.

Vacations could extend up to a month, what about that? Starting last week, even if I was still at work, I was nevertheless blocked as some of my colleagues are already on vacation. What I have in my inbox are:

Je suis absent de mon bureau et serai de retour le x août 2005.
I am out of the office and will be back on August x 2005.

Ok, I guess I got the message. I need a break too. Starting this weekend, my auto-response will take the revenge:

Je suis absente de mon bureau et serai de retour le 9 août 2005.
I am out of the office and will be back on August 9, 2005.

On the menu:

Entrée (Starter):

One-day hike at Ile d'Yeu with the beaux-parents (parents-in law).

See that little red mark on the map? There is where we will sweat out my beau-père's (father-inlaw) 70th birthday. Yep, sweat! A little 11-km hike is on the list to examine his tonacity. The 3 children agreed to give him (and mom-in law bien sûr) this surprise birthday gift (he detests leaving his garden on a hot summer day kasi hehe), and since frenchguy and I are on vacation on that same area too, we will be their guides.

The lost chateau (castle) is just one of the appetizers waiting for us in our one-day hike. I'm sure the ice cream at the port (our arrival area) is just as appetizing, yummm!
* Photos are from this site.

Plat Principal (Main Meal):

Cultural Visit / Castle Hopping at Loire Valley Castles.

Now that I cannot travel a lot and fatigue myself over our usual itinerant visit to God-knows-where part of the globe, it's just the right time to know more about my frenchguy's region. A cultural visit at that! Whoa! Well, I guess it's worth it, this region is not called the Garden of France for nothing, right? It's actually the King of France's favorite hideaway during the rennaissance period and transformed the area into the Region of Thousand Castles.

Among the list of castles in the region, I might throw a glance at this Leonardo da Vinci-inspired Chateau de Chambord, the biggest in the region with 440 rooms, 385 chimneys and 83 stairs! Hay naku, hirap sigurong linisin nito.

But just like most of the castles in France, bahay bakasyunan lang ng mga kings and queens yan..sarap no.

Another castle of interest is of course, the XVth century Chateau d'Ussé. If it looks familiar, that is because you probably read Sleeping Beauty during your younger years. Opo, there is where Charles Perrault got his inspiration in writing that novel.

It's a mix of gothic and rennaissance architecture, so my bébé will get his first lesson for that period habang nasa loob pa siya hehe.

Dessert (Dessert):

Beach hopping, biking (not for me now), beach night market shopping, partying and sorbetes and seafoods galore at nearby La Vendée with frenchguy's niece (on photo)! See that plate of oysters and little kuhols? Kami po ang nanguha nyan sa dagat, galing no?



schatzli said...

tante....military precision yata to sorpresa na to....

sarap ng oysters..lalo na sa west coast ng france...

about FREEZE dito din... every shop there is notice we see you Septembre.. mag aalisan ang mga greeks for their villages and islands....

i might go back to france soon hinahanap ako ng agents.. i need to go back to monaco!

Naomi said...

wow, now it's your turn for vacation pala ha, bongga! take care sistah, and have fun! =)

Analyse said...

Sha, asan ka ba ngayon? sa Greece? hirap mo namang sundan..aba e wanted ka pala dine is fine nowadays, not that hot...tara, back to the beach hehe..

hmm, oysters, bawal sa kin yan ngayon...anyways, the best time daw to eat oysters here e kung me R yung month...septembre, novembre, decembre, janvier, fevrier, mars, avril...

Nao, yep, need a break, need a kitkat hehe...nakakalasheng nga yung organization namin, we're not used to that cultural visits, mga batang walang kultura yata kami, we prefer to be in the mountains kaya lang, si bébé...

Duke said...

ang saraaaappp!!! vacation galore! grabe.. di ka talaga mapigilan sa pag hike!ang bebe! wag kakalimutan :)di pa ako nakakpunta ng chateau de chambord! hanggang aigue morte lang sa montpellier ang napuntahan ko!

Analyse said...

ngek, ako nga yung pinakamaikling vacation sa office e (keeping them paglabas ni bébé), reklamo pa si bosing nyan, he wants me to take 3 wks hehe...

good exercise daw sa juntis ang walking so better do it with the landscape and all no hehe..aigue morte? ça me dit quelques choses..pero malamang di pa rin ako napapadpad dun..

when will you visit again here in france?

Lynn said...

Ana sounds like an exciting break! Think of me pagnandyan na kayo sa Chambord, that’s where I practiced my driving years ago ;-) Nakakatuwa when I did that, I imagined the French royals hunting and riding their horses around back then, tapos heto ako ginawang pampractice ng driving yong grounds nila lol! I never thought I would do that in my lifetime!

Analyse said...

Lynn, hehe, that was a great experience! Gawin daw bang driving piste yung garden ng Chambord Castle hehe..sosyal ka day! e di feeling princess ka nun?

Ligaya said...

Hi Ana! Wow, your grand vacation is coming, you must be all excited na. Walking is a good exercise when you're pregnant, huwag lang masyadong magpapagod ng husto, and don't forget to drink a lot of water. =o)
Take care and enjoy!

Duke said...

hay.. i dunno when I am gioing there again.. malamang next year.. pag winter ulit! ayaw ko pa naman ng winter.. naninigas ako sa lamig .. literally ! lol

Analyse said...

Ligaya, well, kinda excited, i'm more excited in the fact that we will recover some baby stuffs from my sis-in law, and then pagbalik namin, we will really work on the room of our coming bébé..walking nga daw is one of the best exercise, great, love it hehe..

Duke, me too, hate ko ang winter, very dull and grey..pero when it's hot here, gusto ko naman winter's winter in turkey ba?

Francesca said...

Ana, yang Chateau de Chambord na yan, yan ang pangarap ni Michel na bisitahin namin. Dumaan dyan ang Tour de France, and we saw it in tv.
Loire Valley Chateaus are ebautiful that Michel would die to bring me there.
Haaay, next summer na siguro kami makakarating dyan.
Ganda ng post mo, kakatuwa about people having vacation.
True yan. Aba in Monaco, tourists na lang halos makikita mo.
Includes Butler. Wala siya gala. LOL

Bel said...

Wala na. Butas-butas na ang puso ko sa inggit sa pasyal mo!
O, ang baby, ingat. Wag masyadong magpapagod. Pero enjoy, my friend.You need the break.

Analyse said...

Ate Amy, naku, kung di nga ako juntis, di pa namin maiisipan bisitahin yang mga chateaux na yan hehe, dapat kasi relaxed daw ang vacation, kaya cultural visits ang trip namin ngayon..

Hehe, wawang butler, iiwanan mo na naman...hey, iligo mo na lang ako sa dagat, bon voyage!

Bel, yaan mo, kukuwentuhan kita pagbalik ko hehe, para naman makapasyal ka dito thru my beautiful tantalizing eyes hehe..mwahh!

Duke said...

same in europe! it gets to -5 during winter! ayaw ko!!!!!!!waaaaaa!

Analyse said...

Duke, wala ka palang choice, either way, you'll have a freezing winter (except bien sûr if you go back to phils), welcome to the club ;)!

Agring said...

Hi Ana,
Wow! Buti ka pa may bakasyon. Well, enjoy it while you can kasi mahirap pag 'andyan na si baby.