Weekend Gimik

Posted by Analyse at 5:48 PM

Monday, February 21, 2005

As jetlag accustomization (read: mental and physical alertness despite travels which could stretch out up to 26 long and tiring hours!) has been part of our professional life à la jetset, an effective way to fight this goddamn fatigue which miraculously works for both of us is to adjust ourselves at once with the actual time upon arrival at our destination. That is to say, adapt a life-on-the-go attitude as if everything is synchronized.

Frenchguy just arrived last Saturday afternoon from Thailand, just in time to have our lunch together. My pasalubong, a bunch of ripe mangos from Thailand was our mouth-watering dessert. Yummy yum yum! Needless to say that I would much prefer the not-as-delicious-as-our-Zambales-mangos from Thailand than the not-at-all-delicious-mangos from Brazil/Africa which are being commercialized here. I just hope Philippine mangos would one day reach the European markets..well, at least Dijon hehe.

After this sumptuous lunch, we then proceeded with our house decoration. Yep, frenchguy traffics a lot of Asian decorations each time he travels so each balikbayan drama with him means additional art expo in our saloon. What the heck, it’s thrice or so moins cher (less expensive) in this tsangge* haven. (*did I spell it right?)

The sun was still up when we finally finished our interior design session so we decided to grab a little relaxing gimmick. Bowling and billiards were on the menu, with of course the unbeatable San Miguel Beer. The rule, as always, was: loser pays. He paid. Wow, for a second, I thought I was in the good ole Philippines!


Bokbok said...

wow! can you send me some thru email? hehe, quelle chance!

there are a lot of things that we can no longer do quand on a des enfants, alors profites-en! :)

Analyse said...

bokbok, il n'y a plus! kinidlat yata, ubos kaagad. frenchguy loves mangos too...so imagine the scenario..

ya right, that's why we try to maximize our times together, habang 2 pa lang kami...we cant even imagine ourselves with children yet..it will surely change our daily habits :)

Bokbok said...

LOL "kinidlat"! haha! "dinaanan pa ng bagyo"! LOL ulit! ^_^

Analyse said...

boks, exactement! en plus, frenchguy mange beaucoup de mangue, et après il forme une sorte d'allergie...mais il continue quand même..:)