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Posted by Analyse at 11:01 PM

Monday, February 14, 2005

Don’t ever ask me why I blog on valentine’s day. I’m alone, period. Frenchguy's out of the country.

To be honest, I find this day too advertised, too commercialized, a day to spend those bucks out. Why wait for this famous February 14 to offer your valentinas their much-awaited red roses and candlelight dinner in the well-decorated rooftop of your kapitbahay?

Ha? Sourgraping? Sino? Ako? Hello?

Ok ok, so let me just reminisce the past valentines I had with my frenchguy..

2004: I was alone too..he's again out of the country. Hmmm, Am I actually getting used to it now? Well, it was actually un jour comme les autres (a day like all others) - when my daily itinerary was restricted to juggling between books, television and internet. So what made this day different from the rest? At exactly 7pm, the doorbell rang and infront of the main building door was a young lady whom i never met (our doorbell was equipped with a camera and an interphone). As I was told not to open doors to strangers, I didn’t answer pretending there was nobody and continued savouring my self-made rhum-cola. The doorbell rang again so I finally decided to answer. It was actually a flower delivery. Seconds later, my phone rang and it was frenchguy saying je pense à toi, je t’aime. *kilig*

2003: My university days. Went home late and was surprised to see frenchguy in his dressed-to-kill attire and our apartment in a romantic atmosphere. He actually took his afternoon to prepare a sumptuous dinner for us – better than any Bourgogne restaurants!

2002: Our first valentine together. Unluckily, he was in the Philippines on a project assignment (and later with my family) and me, on scholastic vacation, visiting romantic Venice alone, well, with a friend! We spent valentine together on the phone.

2001: On a Philippine setting (I was still working there and he was on a project assignment in our company). After work, we headed in a cozy restaurant, far from the curious eyes of our colleagues – were we hiding our relationship? Yep.

2000: We’re not officially together yet. Went out with other friends. Just on a Philippine gimik mode.

2005: I just had a phonecall from frenchguy asking me if I could be his valentine. Hangkoolet! Ok, we just fixed Saturday as our valentine date (he will arrive on the same day from Bangkok), starting off at the nearby bowling inn. Loser pays!

Roméo and Juliette was the valentine special in one of the channels this evening...naisip ko lang, if only there were chats, texts, blogs and cellphones during those times, things could have been different. Naku, ito na ba ang symptom ng SMV (Samahan ng Malalamig ang Valentine)?

Happy Valentine's Day Folks..


Bokbok said...

uy! ok, happy valentine's din! lol
same here, i don't know why but i find celebrating valentine's day on the day itself, quite baduy.
g.giant doesn't believe in valentine's day, moi non plus, but since the flowers at the flower shop are sooo tempting, he offered me a bouquet. so sabi ko, "bon d'accord...tenk yu ha?"(while making a grimace).lol

yikes said...

hope you both would have a grand time...and may you WIN!... in bowling and everything else that needs to be won :)

Analyse said...

bokbok, moi non plus, je n'aime pas aller au resto le jour même en sachant que tous le monde fête la même chose, so baduy. en plus, il faut reserver longtemps en avance, tellement qu'il est commercialisé..

mais avec mon hopeless romantic frenchguy, il faut quand même faire quelque aime trop les surprises!

yikes..ty. i normally have the highest score..but im inconsistent with my points so he gets the highest average most of the time..but anyways, ill be treating him out this time :)