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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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After 8 long years, the Kyoto Protocol has finally seen it's light today, the 16th of February 2005. 141 countries, eXcluding the USA and Australia have given their accord to protect mother earth by decreasing their emission of greenhouse gases to prevent global warming. A tough decision which engages not only big investments but most importantly, everybody's willingness to help protect mother nature.

So what is greenhouse effect all about? It's the rise in temperature of the earth's climate due to the emission of certain gases in the atmosphere or the so-called global warming. This is greatly penalized by of course the rampant industrialization experienced in the last decades leading to gross consumption of fossil fuels.

Eco-Efficacité was the subject of the training I attended to last week. It tackles our companies approach to sustainable development and how we could transcend this step in our respective subjects.

I conducted a comparative technical-economic study last year for one of my projects and this same study has been dissected to add its environmental impact, digging down even at the smallest percentage of uranium to produce one piece of our product. The choice could have been different if we were to implement this same project this year.

For us, this additional constraint will add up to the long list of our already-head-aching decision matrices that we have - launching delay to the market, budget, technical complexities, product quality, human ressources, etc - I know that project implementation will be all the more difficult, but I'm just glad that our company engages to be environment friendly and that stretches out to all our production sites worldwide.


Major Tom said...

The KYOTO Protocol is one of the best things that are happening in the international community nowadays but it saddens me that the most industrialized countries like U.S. are not part of it when they compose the most filth in the air today.

I hope they will agree to reduce emission soon.

Analyse said...

hi major tom, it is indeed a great step for the global community. the US which represents 40% of the greenhouse gases emitted by industrialized countries, and 21% in a global level was the first one to say no to this protocol..i guess they've got another environmental vision compared to the rest of the world..

i even heard that they're waiting for the ice in the northpole to thin down so they could extract the oils underneath..well, i've just heard about it, i dont even know if this true..but the idea sucks!

Bokbok said...

I wonder why the US did not ratify the treaty, because emission of the gases might damage their economy? LOL. I hope Bush is aware of the disaster the warming could lead. >_<
am glad that the France has ratified the protocol, not only that, it has been trying to limit the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect even before the K.P. comes into force. ^_^

yikes said...

i agree it is sad that the U.S. is not making a concerted stand with the rest of the world on this issue. i live in the U.S. so its doubly disheartening for me feeling betrayed by the people ruling, what i call now, my adoptive home. for what it's worth, a little consolation is the commitment of our mayor to outdo the standards agreed in Kyoto. **sigh**

Analyse said...

boks, i guess the great america doesnt have the same politics as the rest of the world. if you see all the big cars (= higher gas consumption) they have, all the frenchies will really rant hehe. vraiment dommage. of course this protocol will lead to stricter rules esp in industries, this requires additional investments, some even stop production of some products proven to be polluants.

now, we are required to add this on our checklist esp for new products and processes.

france has always been square with this démarche. im waiting for pareng jacques chirac to fulfill his promise - to swim in la seine in paris. :) for the implementation, he's proposing to start with l'habitat et le transport...hmmm, bonne démarche!

yikes, pareng bush will be in bruxelles next week and pareng chirac (french president) readies himself to convince bush to ratify the treaty. hmmmm...will it work? friction has been always present between these 2 countries..i hope this 'tampuhan' will end and americans start drinking the expensive french wine hehe..

yikes said...

that is so funny analyse :D am afraid some kano right now are settling for napa valley wine and the new label for the stringy fried potatoes -- the Freedom Fries!

Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

never really surprised that the good ole USA didn't cooperate. USA is synonymous to capitalism, which is good actually... but just as there is good in everyone, there is also bad in everyone.

its still fresh on my mind when one of the scandinavian greenpeace officer slapped a cake on the american representative.

Analyse said...

yikes, speaking of, i still have my napa valley wine (sterling vineyards) unopened! i dont even know if it's a good one, any idea? frenchguy is not at all excited about it, ya know, he's french and drinks french wines, duh!

jorz, not at all suprising, i guess they know that everybody's expecting it to be that way, then so be it..i just hope they'll stick this treaty into their system. we really need to move to preserve mother earth..

i guess i've seen that cake scene too hehe, they like zapping here!

yikes said...

sorry analyse am not much into wine...somehow i never got past the san mig kind