Quand la Chine s’éveillera, le monde tremblera…Napoléon Bonaparte.

Posted by Analyse at 5:36 PM

Friday, February 04, 2005

After a long silence, the sleeping dragon has finally waked up. The world has changed China, now brace yourselves, China will eventually change the world.

Historically, they know how to manage business. They know the ins and outs. You can find them in the four corners of the world and their forté is the word TRADE! Go to Chinatown and you will see what this word means.

Recently, China has been imposing in the world scene too. Their quest for space discoveries, gold medals in the olympic games, the arts, their growing investments..we’ve been talking about them in the net, in the magazines, in the newspapers..

With a demography equivalent to 20% of the total population in the world, China represents a promising market to all commercials and investors. Some Paris boutiques even have Chinese-speaking sales agents to welcome the next powerful population of the world.

Its take-off to the world market was definitively on time (China has joined the World Commerce Organization last December 2001), when all means of exchange has opened the doors to easier business trades – the net, competitive airfare prices, free trade – the liberalization of world trade.

It was no secret that the rest of the world was behind China’s explosive take-off – their market, their technology, their capital! China has provided its country and its people…and now, like a little bird learning how to fly, it has gained independence and now ready to explore the world on its own.


Bokbok said...

oui, sacré Napoléon!

Les États-Unis ayant un gros déficit financier, c'est la Chine qui "Bush" (bouche) son trou. hehehe...

Ils ont de la chance, au moins, le gouvernement chinois change. Pas comme aux Philippines. >_<

Bon weekend! ^_^

Analyse said...

sacré en effet!

j'espère que le governement relance notre économie aussi comme ça, on aura le travail sur place et notre compatriots n'ont plus besoin d'aller ailleurs..croisons les doigts.


Anonymous said...

besoin de verifier:)

Anonymous said...

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