work pressures

Posted by Analyse at 5:57 PM

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I wasn't able to sleep last night...

Yesterday was the presentation of previous and future activities, targets and results of our big bosses. Naturally, most of the people are there. One of my colleagues purposely bumped into me to ask me some technical stuffs about my project. He was actually at a lost because one of the raw materials I listed did not correspond to the reference (each product has its own code). Oh my, I took all those references from a colleague and I even rechecked it from our procurement agent, so why the difference? My mind started to panic that I didn't understand a thing about the presentation, the main reason why I was at that meeting.

While I was supposedly listening to the presentation, my mind was actually calculating all the investment losses if ever the company where I forwarded this list bought another chemical. If ever, I am in a big s...t!!

For history, I spent 7 weeks in the Philippines for my first project, and take note, I went back to France once. The project has been 4 months running, and all these times, there was always somebody from Global Engineering (where I work) staying on site to insure the process. That translates to plane business class tickets, train tickets, taxi fares, hotel expenses, everything! All expenses paid of course. For 4 months, this project has been consuming loads of electricity, treated water, chemicals, manpower, and don't forget the non-stop brainstorming with the project group to optimise the process. Loads of investments. And still, the problem is still there!

Everybody involved in the project is analysing, trying to solve the problem. And when this colleague asked me this question, it's like I was convicted of something. I began to doubt myself thinking my credibility is at risk right now. For info, I just started working. I sent a quick email to the Philippines inquiring about the quality of chemicals they're currently using. And since there's this time difference, the answer will be the day after, if they have time of course.

My evening has been shattered into pieces. I cannot think, I panic!

This morning, first thing i did was to read my email, praying that there will be something from the phils. And yes, there's one! The chemical they're using is the right one. What a relief!

Whew...I should be more careful next time. In fact, it's only in Europe that we use the reference code, so even if I added it on my file, Asia will never use it. Luckily!

PS: after the meeting, there was this 'drinking' session so participants could exchange ideas, comment on the presentation, or just have a drink and go tale-telling with some colleagues...i missed this one!