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Sunday, September 05, 2004

one good thing about europe is its diversity. you could visit one country to another without any problem, provided you have the schengen visa. what i like in this kind of adventure is observing different culture as they unfold infront of your eyes. one myth about europian, as ive heard it is that, women from the north are as hot as the men from the south. well, did i really saw that??? i was always wondering if france is considered north or ive said it's the crossroad between the two regions.

we once visited the north and i particularly liked brugge, the venice of the north. it's refreshing there, and almost everybody speaks either english or french. isnt that a bonus!

typical house in brugge..can i find the same in dijon? Posted by Hello

this is one of the sites there, my favorite place. where you could have your sandwitch and have siesta at the same time. :)

one of my precious moments.. Posted by Hello

bye for now..