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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dealing with Administrative Stuffs

I'm barely two and a half months away from maternity leave and my mind couldn't stop listing all the necessary procedures I need to do while waiting for the D Day. I'm not talking about maternity stuffs though. My expiring passport starts to annoy me and I can't drag myself to renew it at the embassy in Paris. There's just too much papers to present and I don't have all of them. And I hate myself for not asking for naturalization earlier to avoid such a headache.

So stubborn me thought, ok, I need to get on with this. I need to be French. Just for the sake of my passport! Darn.

I took my Friday off. There's just too much to do. I just can't sneak off the office to do all that.

First rendez-vous was at my gynecologist for the 5th month visit (first portrait as shown on the left).

Then after a quick lunch, I went to the Préfecture to get the updated list of requirements for the Naturalisation thing. Jeeez! The list was long. It was almost okay except that I need to have my Philippine documents legalized by the embassy - the birth certificates and the NBI clearance. I hope they won't ask me for red ribbons everywhere - I mean, I only had mine stamped, but not my parent's.

Then I went to the Mayor's office to ask for the Attestation d'Accueil for my sister and my Mom. I hope they could spend Christmas and New Year with us. The same, the list was long but since I already asked for my parents two years ago, I already prepared all the papers before going there. Surprise! I can't put both of them in the same document, so I paid 90€ for two Attestation d'Accueil. 2 years ago, it was only 15€/person.

After my stop at the Mayor's office, I went directly to Trésor Public to ask for a Bordereau de Situation Fiscale, a paper needed for the naturalization thing. It's a document stating that I paid my taxes - revenu, proprietary and resident taxes.

Whew, I was never that productive in my entire life! I think it's a hormonal thing, lol.

Frenchguy Got Back from the US..

.. and he brought my new toy! It's sleek. It's black. It's sexy. It grows longer when you play with it. Here it is:
The euro-dollar rate is so interesting nowadays that US became our favorite boutique lately. And since Frenchguy gets to travel in that part of the world quite regularly, I bought that new toy there (thru internet).

The shopping addict (read: Frenchguy) also bought some stuffs for Louna - clothes, toys and books. Prices here in Europe just got too expensive lately that having this shopping mall alternative is a welcome treat to our pocket.

If only I'm not pregnant, I would surely organize our summer vacation in the US - to visit families and friends - and of course, to do some shopping. And you hear that from somebody who hates shopping!

It's Tax Season, Arrgh!

Have you declared your 2007 revenu taxes (residents in France)?

I was probably hallucinating. I saw more than 2000€ difference from our 2006 taxes. Didn't they promise lower taxes? I checked again this afternoon, even re-simulated the computation, but still the same, we will pay an additional of 2000€ this year!

Nope, we didn't really have huge salary increase. I know that they changed something in the computation (removed the 10% deduction and 20% abattement before the application of QF). I also know that they changed something on the computation pertaining to travel incentives. But the heck, that's 2000€ (+ the base of 2006 revenu tax which also increased compared to 2005!).

So the government talks about measures on how to increase buying power? Are they really serious?


Soy said...

The new baby's gonna have Louna's cheeks!!!

feng said...

uy buntins, relax ng konti ha. ang bebe, remember.

love your new toy. pahiram lens mo!

ScroochChronicles said...

ay babae na naman!! well, at least she gets to share stuff with her ate louna :D

inggit ako sa toy mo :(

if mom more problem said...

Congrats. Buntis ka pala.

Buti pa sa inyo dyan, tax lang ang tumaas . Dito sa pinas, lahat tumaas. Sabi nila, si gloria lang ang hindi tumaas hehehe.

Lucille said...

Happy mother's day, analyse! belated na kc di ako nakabloghop kahapon na-busy lang ng konti with my kids. Hope you had a great one yesterday! cute ng gift ni Louna, later pag nag school na yan they will make thier personalized gifts too for every mamans day.
Wow andyan na yong pinaglihian mo, seems the lens is more nice, sa'kin yong 18-55mm pa rin, it's sexy ha pero nabibigatan pa rin ako, nasanay sa compact na ilagay lang sa bulsa kaya pag kasama si hubby sya taga-bitbit! hihi
So another beautiful girl? ganda kuha ng 3D. Excited na rin ako sa next ultrasound ko end next month, aalamin namin ang gender ng baby. :-)
Goodluck for the naturalization. How i wish i can prepare the documents for my parents to come here,too w/out hassles. So now it's 90€ per person instead of 15€?? huh! ang laki ng increase :-(
About revenu taxes, hmmp?! sinabi mo pa. Ayaw ko ngang isipin yan nakakadismaya, the hubs company and the stock market had big crisis early this year so we had less income than last year and this year we paid for the tax last year...added the health problems of my family, more siblings in college and some things added in our house, really spent a lot of money. I was complaining nga ba't walang bargain price for the chaudière, volet roulant, adoucisseur, etc. Buti na lang mayrong coming baby that made us smile and forget those painful prices here.

Glad to hear your parents are safe, that's more important nga. The life cannot get back pag nawala. Sorry to hear sa mga napinsala ni Cosme.

Oops, sensya na napahaba to. Ingat...ilang months na lang D-Day mo na.

haze said...

Yesterday night we already filed the 2007 tax revenue, like anyone else...stressful!

I like the lense Ana, ayan masaya na si buntis! Btw, I will send you the list of the docs by email.

JO said...

cool new toy! enjoy taking lots and lots of pictures!

Anonymous said...

I hope your plans to spend the holidays with your sister and mom will go through:)

And good luck with your passport renewal!

ScroochChronicles said...

Hi again!! Here's a tag for you..

Analyse said...

Soy, it seems like ;).

Feng, e di ba magpinsan cam natin ;)

Cookie, yeah, and they will play together coz the gap isn't that much.

re: new toy. aba, pabuntis then tell hubby to buy you one lol.

If mom talks..., oh, in fact, everything increased here too, that's a global dilemma i think..

Lucille, thanks buntis, happy mom's day to you too. about the new toy, bigat nga, nasanay din ako sa compact e hehehe..

re: attestation d'accueil. 45€/person, dalawa kasi sila kaya 90€. ang laki nga ng tinaas, i was shocked too!

Haze, thanks ;)

Jo, just to starting to learn how it works, lol

Joanne, thanks, i hope so too..

geri said...

Uy, another pretty baby!

Whew, grabe requirements niyo jan ha. Parang Pilipinas.

I can't believe na ang lapit na nag maternity leave mo.

julie said...

Wow, love that new toy!

Relax ka lang, Ana. Di bale pag leave ka na, you can take photos left and right :)

Makis said...

Hala! You really better do your naturalizeation na before it gets more complicated with Sarko! On the Phil passport though, it's down to 40€ as of last week when we went there. I have an application form & I don't see any NSO BC with red ribbon as a requirement. On the baby, ça pousse???

Sexy Mom said...

what you were able to accomplish in 1 day there would have taken weeks to accomplish here with the bureaucracies, kilometric cueus and all.

soon, louna's sibling will be born--God bless you, dear.

raqgold said...

alam mo, am also thinking of working on a dual citizenship, so it is easier to travel around. but i only qualify next year pa, i need to check the requirement na. and i am sure everything would be more expensive pa. super mahal na talaga kaya we shopped til we dropped din nung asa asia kami this year. well, good luck to all of us here in europe! and have fun with your pregnancy, if i may repeat!

lovelyn said...

Hormonal imbalance works for you. Not only that you were that productive, you even striked 3 posts in a row hehehe...

What's your coming baby's gender pala?

Francesca said...

Aba ana, korek ka sa naturalization, para wala na hassles sa visa visa, and tuloy na sa airports anywhere.

Malayo ang Phil embassy paris sa amin, kaya i would do ours (me, anjo and marghie) sa Milan Phil Embassy, three hours lang, than sa Paris ten hours.

Ano pa ba?shopping! uy ganda cam.

Islander said...

drooling over the camera.