Italian Getaway

Posted by Analyse at 6:37 PM

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We’re back from our Italian escapade. All three of us are beautifully kissed by the Tuscan sun. We’re slowly starting to get things back on track but loads of pictures are still waiting to be sorted, retouched and downloaded. Oh by the way, I met Michelangelo's David in Tuscany (left photo), tumaba na. Naober yata sa pasta, lol.

A nice weather greeted us upon our arrival in Pisa. The 8-hour drive was quickly forgotten once we saw the Leaning Tower. Did you know that I came to this place like 5 years ago but was not able to see the tower? It was because Pisa was not included in our itinerary. So I, together with an Estonian friend decided to take the train from Florence and go there. Unfortunately, or should I say, stupidly, we missed the fast train because we were caught by the beauty of the Uffizi Museum. We stayed longer inside without caring for the time. So instead of the fast train, we took the regional (slow) train, unknowingly. Upon arriving in Pisa, we only had the time to take another train back to Florence because our bus was already waiting for us. Luck!

After the visit, we headed directly to Florence for a two-night stay. Museums were full-packed (and anyway, I already visited them lol) so we just contented ourselves to a walk around the city and appreciate its architecture, visit churches, eat ice cream, pasta..

We visited the Science Museum (just near the Uffizi Museum) where works of Galileo Galilei and other scientists were exposed. There’s generally less visitors here so for science fanatics like me and Frenchguy, it was haven. I already visited it but I didn’t mind re-plunging myself to these great works. Even Louna appreciated peeping on Galileo’s telescope!

Our next stop was in lovely Rome. There’s just too much to say about this place. I’m speechless. I let the pictures speak for themselves.

We took the Roma Pass which gave us access to public transportation for 3 days, free entrances to 2 museums, and discounted entrances to other museums. With that, we had direct access to the Colosseum which was a bonus because there was too much tourists at that time.

But well, anyway, we did not visit a lot of museums because Rome could be considered as an open-air museum. You could just walk around the city and church hop..

We visited the Vatican City on a Sunday, May 4. Big error. Incidentally, it was also the 140th anniversary of Santo Padre Benedetto XVI. Could you see the number of people over there?
After the intensive city visits, our next getaway was at the relaxing countryside of the Tuscany region. Our first stop was at Pienza (Siena Region) - a UNESCO-protected site. We stayed in an Agriturismo where Louna had the privilege to collect eggs every morning. A morning walk around the farm was a relaxing way to unwind from our busy lives.

The last stop was at Volterra (Pisa Region) - again in an Agriturismo. We mixed between visiting old villages and sunbathing by the seaside.

We visited a lot of typical hill-top villages but you need to note these sites: Pienza, San Gimignano, Siena, and Volterra. A walk in the farm and old villages or a road-trip is the best way to enjoy the Tuscany region. Its beauty is simply captivating and extraordinary.

Tips: I did all reservations via and Great sites. Lots of choices and you could also read feedbacks from former users. I highly recommend BBSavoia in Rome simply because the owner Augusto is really nice. I had all needed information before my vacation and he even updated his site for me ;). Another one is Agriturismo Il Colombaiolo in Pienza. Nice room, nice view, good breakfast and really accommodating owner Lucia. She wanted to keep Louna with her.

More pictures here.


julie said...

What a fun trip!

Take care, Ana :)

chung said...

hey analyse! kaya ka pala matagal nawala! despite the pregnancy, mukang marami kang lakad! :) i loved the rome pictures with you, louna and hubby!

i loved rome too! but i have yet to see florence (and venice too!). sana very soon, makarating din ako :)

take care!

haze said...

Great Pictures and funny posing on Pisa LOL! Wow Ana I am really jealous, in fact Italy is one on my lists to visit! Hay naku, katabi lang hindi pa kami makapunta! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures ;)!

Pictures really speak for itself! La petite famille heureux :D !

Soy said...

Looks like you all had loads of fun. I love the Tuscany photo of Louna kneeling down. Her hair makes her look all the more angelic!

And oh, I'm disappointed David got himself so obese! lol

Analyse said...

Julie, it was fun indeed. plus the weather was great too!

Chung, pregnancy was never a hindrance for me, got more adrenaline, lol.

oh, i'm sure they're already on your travel list, tama ba?

Haze, lol, even Louna did the 'traditionnal' posing, halata bang kasing kulit namin ang anak namin?

Soy, lol, now i'm regretting why i didnt buy it, darn! it really looks cute!

Anonymous said...

I'll never look at the David sculpture without thinking of your picture:)

A trip to Egypt and then to Italy, your so lucky! And like Haze said, nakakaingit.

Analyse said...

Joanne, sorry for polluting your imagination, lol. Cute naman kasi di ba hehe..

Just taking advantage while we could still easily move.. next year, 2 na aakayin namin.. so i think we need to change our travel habits..

Francesca said...

Great holiday ana.
Lalo na yung Pisa photos.

my kids wanted to see those places also but hintay namin Lorraine, para isang gala isang gastos na lang.

Ive been in those places, but would like to go back, kasi its sooo beautiful.
And to buy that fat david, kasi parang si Michel, laki tyan, haha

Analyse said...

Francesca, korek ka dun, and mas masaya pag kompleto ang pamilya di ba.

been there twice too, but still enjoyed the places all the same. sana nga binili ko si fat david e, para constant reminder kay frenchguy, lol.

Sexy Mom said...

am glad you had a fun time, am sure a meaningful time, too.

that's a dream itinerary for me, you know?

ingat lagi!

raqgold said...

wow you really got to move ha, mabuti hindi na bore si louna ano? i also want to visit more of italy someday. sana the kids would also appreciate the museums, parks, etc para walang kulitan during the trips.

Christianne said...

Love love the pics! And it seems like you had fantastic weather!

lovelyn said...

Wow Analyse! I love the Tuscany pic specially this:

Those red wild flowers are amazing, its one of those I look forward to during this time of the year.

You're also looking great with your bump. Suits the mood of this Italian get away I had just seen through this entry. You look great!...and Louna too... so is the French Papa para the whole fam na hehehe...seriously, for me these are your best set of holiday pictures.

Analyse said...

Thanks Sexy Mom.

Raqgold, she hardly cared in fact. I think it was more of As long as I'm with my parents, I'm a-ok kind of attitude. She's just following us, or she's probably used to our travelling attitude, that's why. I know that with IC and MC's age, it's more delicate because they will surely get bored.. with Louna, basta me aso or kalapati, or flowers na nagkalat, masaya na sya hehe..

Christianne, averaging at 23°C? Could we complain hehe..

Lovelyn, that's biased, you're in Italy kasi. lol. Just kidding. I love that country and even if we go there again next year, we wouldn't really mind.. Frenchguy's never been to Venice, and we haven't visited the Cinq Terres.. so we still have some places to visit hehe..

rowena said...

Louna is getting lovelier as she grows up..kakatuwa, ang ganda talaga nya...At ang buntis, rumarampa pa rin...Very nice pics, ganda talaga ng Europe, dream ko din makarating dyan...thanks for sharing your pics.

ScroochChronicles said...

Sarap ng bakasyon mo!! Hmm...tumaba nga si David!! Louna is sooooo fairness. Looks like you're having an easy pregnancy at pasyal ever ang byuti mo ha :)

Nga pala...yung bagyong dumaan dito..Sta. Cruz daw ang tinamaan ng husto. I hope your family there are ok..

Maya said...

wow, your photos have truly speak for itselves.
Happy to see that you are enjoying with your fam. you all look so good together.

Analyse said...

Rowena, aba, kelangang rumampa kahit tisbun na hehe..

Cookie, easy pregnancy, yes. as in, di ko nga feel na mabigat na pala hehe..

and yes, thanks for asking, 80% daw ng houses dun are damage by cosme, and we're not spared.. wala na daw kaming bubong, and the car of my dad was hit, and lahat daw ng puno sa paligid namin, tumba!

Maya, yeah, the 3 makulits from dijon, lol.

FRANCINE said...

wow dream ko talaga to visit italy one day. ganda naman ng mga shots ninyo. oi ende halata na preggy ka. talking about this subject, yes gusto ko na talaga mabuntis at sana next month :-)

right now busy kakahanap ng work for summer tapos wanna look for another job para me bagong experience. right now, im interested in taking the formation sa anpe pero iwan. i hope they'll manage to help me

Analyse said...

that's a good move, i know a filipina here who took the same training, and so far so good.. at least she's able to integrate in the french bureaucracy, improve her french, and meet more people di ba..

and goodluck to your project ;)

gail said...

nice pictures. I'm happy na before I got married/pregnant I was able to visit a part of Europe (germany, france, and italy) to think I only dreamed of seeing the Eiffel tower for real!

mukhang enjoy si Louna sa trips nyo and no tantrums.

KK aka Tina said...

Hi Analyse,
Pang travel channel ah! Thanks for sharing your awesome trip! Kahit sa pictures lang I've traveled Italy with you. With the situation of the American dollar, European trip would be costly.

lareine said...

hi analyse! it seems you really enjoyed your holidays! well, i haven't congratulated you with the pregnancy yet, so i'll take the opportunity to say "felicitations" and hope it goes well (like when you had Louna)... and speaking of Louna, she seems to be enjoying the outdoor life like her parents...

well, have a nice weekend... and happy mother's day!

caryn said...

uy inggit! ;-) your pics are really nice! hubby and i wanted to go to florence and piza but there was no time so it was only rome and venice for us, but it was lovely! your little girl looks as if she enjoyed the trip!