Business with Pleasure

Posted by Analyse at 6:15 PM

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I’ll be boarding the plane again next week. To Thailand. For two weeks. Alone. Buti na lang.

When Frenchguy knew I was going to Thailand just before Christmas, he eagerly suggested that I hop and spend the holidays in the Philippines - and bring Louna with me. At first, I thought it was a wonderful idea. My eldest brother, who never met Louna in person, will be in the Philippines for Christmas too so it will be a great occasion.

But bringing Louna with me would mean:

- Managing a toddler on a long-haul flight - alone!

- Asking my sisters to join me in Bangkok so they could babysit Louna while I work (which means they have to ask for vacation leave and two weeks is quite a lot)

- Buying 4 air tickets: 2 for my sisters (MNL-BKK-MNL) and 2 for Louna and I (BKK-MNL-BKK). This is quite a mess considering I changed the dates twice (because of work constraints). And since I buy the tickets at the last minute, I was offered the highest price!

- Buying another ticket for Louna (CDG-BKK-CDG). Our travel agent proposed a huge 850€ enfant ticket on waiting list. I should be insane to accept that!

- Worrying about my daughter while I work. Not that I don’t trust my sisters. It’s just that Louna is quite hard-headed and doesn’t want to give her hands when she’s outside. And though she understands English, she expresses herself in French. Not to add, what if she fells sick while in Bangkok? I just can’t justify an Enfant Malade while I’m on work assignment outside of France because my daughter is sick.

- Spending Christmas with my family back in the Philippines, but leaving Frenchguy alone here in France.

That’s just too much to manage. And too much to pay. So after weighing things out, we finally decided to cancel Louna’s trip to the Philippines – and mine too. Finally, we will be spending Christmas together as a family here in France. There will always be next time.

But my sisters would still go to Bangkok for a week. That’s a promise of great fun and shopping. Girls just want to have fun!

Cebu Pacific E-Tickets

Anybody who tried buying tickets online? Is it normal that I have received the e-tickets by email but no payments have been collected so far (3 working days after)? I’m quite used to online reservations here in France where payments are collected in no time. I hope my sisters won’t have any problem boarding the plane.


raqgold said...

wow, sarap naman :D have fun in bangkok... that used to be my playground, you know, hehehe. find the bargains... as for your sisters' tickets, why not email the online agent again? just to make sure. minsan mas nauuna pa nga dapat ang bayad kesa sa ticket e. never tried buying tickets online.. my hubby doesnt trust it, as of now ha.

tintin said...

Hi Ana, yes its normal. I usually book my flight through and it takes them a few weeks before the payment is collected. If it is an e-ticket, they should be good to go.

Now orbitz has a tool where I can log in and choose my seats already. This way, I get extra sense of protection that my seats are "saved" so to speak. Is there something like that available to you for the flight?

ScroochChronicles said...

Wow Bangkok! Sarap! I want to visit that place again and mega-shop. I was 4 months pregnant when I visited so things were a bit constrained.

The last time I bought an e-ticket, agad naman ang bayad.

Enjoy the shopping :)

Anonymous said...

I think I know now why I quit working. I remember travelling to Cebu bringing my 4 month old baby complete with crib. I had to hire a helper for my baby. Business and pleasure is great for you. You will feel refreshed by the time you get back home.

Unknown said...

It's better nga na iwan si baby kahit na nakakaguilty. Kami rin we have to leave our son during our trip to bohol this December kasi di nya pa maeenjoy yun coz he's just 1 1/2 years old. At saka 2nd honeymoon namin yun hehe.

Have a nice trip.

Wenchie said...

Hi Analyse, have a safe trip. Enjoy your Bangkok trip...Have fun...

MegaMom said...

Enjoy your trip! Enjoy your "me" time! (Got that from YOU!) :)
Ca va!

Makis said...

I think you decided the best for everyone. Saya naman! Another sisters getaway eg Francesca in London :) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy!! You know hubby was suggesting they tag along with me in Moscow. Yun nga kasama pa sya asiwa pa din, yun pang ikaw lang?

Unknown said...

Just print the e-tickets with usually the bar codes and number series and you'd be fine. Show those to the check in counter at the airport and pay. I was also hesitant to do online booking/ticketing when I visited an uncle in Seattle but I just had to take a "first" try and learn.

Enjoy Bangkok! For me, among ASEAN countries I've been too in the past, Bangkok seemed to be the friendliest (second to Phils) -- you'll just have to practice sign and body language to communicate in some areas. Also, practice the Thai greeting of bowing a little with palms in prayer-like position to people you meet. "Sawasdee"

MegaMom said...

Analyse, you've been tagged. :) Show me a sunset or sunrise, hey a Bangkok one would be nice. Although maybe one from France might be more unique. Both? :)

ann said...

hi analyse! i'm sure you'll get to visit the philippines next time with your hubby and louna. :)

Anonymous said...

Raqgold, yeah, I read that from your blog. Any recommended addresses? hehe, parang first time ko sa bangkok no?

re: e-tickets. i'll check, if i still have no news this weekend, ill send them an email. i do a lot of purchases thru internet including vacation packages, pati nga pinapatulan ko e haha.. but i think this is the first time that payment is not deducted kaagad, well, they probably dont the money kaagad di ba ;)

tintin, hey, thanks for that info.. ill check that site, i dont know if cebu pacific offers that service, ill check their site.. ill be flying with thai airways from paris to bangkok and i have my seat 'saved' already ;)

ScroochChronicles, sarap sana but i'll go their mainly for work, so i only have 2 weekends to spend, sundays lang! but anyways, weeknights could be fun too.. bangkok is quite a busy and lively city, im sure ill have lotsa fun, esp that my sisters will be with me..

noemi, i hope so.. but anyways, it would be christmas when i get back.. so im sure ill fee refreshed before i start 2008!

Bang, aba, if it's for 2nd honeymoon nga, better talagang iwan si baby hehehe..

rowena, thanks ;)

MegaMom, haha, love that!

Makis, yeah, at least di ako worried while i work di ba.. and yes, this is sure fun!

auee, sinabi mo pa.

alice, i think i worry because it won't be me, it would be my sisters hehe.. i've always travelled mostly with e-tickets so i know how it works.. it's my first time tho with cebu pacific so hmmm, bakit di nila ako sinisingil?

thanks, i think i'll enjoy it more this time. and yes, bangkok is friendly and safe so no worries..

MegaMom, thanks for the tag. I'll try to do it this weekend, i'm a sunset lover ya know ;).. hmmm, bangkok sunset could be a good idea.. ill check if i already have one ;)

Ann, yeah, there will always be next time naman.. sayang lang because my kuya is there tsk tsk..

dangkin said...

have fun in Bangkok! my sister said it's a nice place to be --minus the amoy? hmmm...

Analyse said...

Dangkin, lol, that amoy is part of bangkok, thay love spicies kasi haha..

raqgold said...

the best places in bangkok are those without addresses, hehe.. walk, walk, walk and use your noses, sarap ng pagkain, follow the locals!

Ann said...

Nagpa-iwan kami minsan sa pinas, then pagbalik dito dala ko 2 bata (5yrs old and 1 yr old). Dusa yung 9hours flight ko.

Francesca said...

i thhougt Id already post something here? wala pala haha.

about voyages, my bosses were going away too.
I told Lolo, I might ask the bosses some time off to go to holiday somewhere;
sigaw ni Lolo:



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