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Posted by Analyse at 5:06 PM

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Life has been too busy lately, I have a hard time coping up. Blogfriends know that blogging is not in my priority list so when life gets in the way, blogging is set aside. Lately, as a way of getting away from reality, I have been indulging myself with our old pictures - trying to add colors to them thru Photoshop. Photography is a hobby I want myself to get addicted into. I don't have a top of the line camera nor the professionalism that goes with it. I only have eyes attentive to beauty, and that I think, is already a good start.

MegaMom tagged me to share sunset or sunrise pictures to which I am willing to oblige with gusto. Now, if you could allow yourself some constructive criticisms, that would be highly appreciated. Just be careful tho, you have an affair with an un-professional camera mom.

Sunset at the Chambord Castle, France

The inside architecture of the castle is loaded with what seemed to be the works of art of Leonardo da Vinci. One of the favorites is the spectacular double-helix staircase which is very ingenious. The two helixes ascend the three floors without ever meeting, avoiding the possible meetings of the King's wife and his mistresses. Galing no.

Grand Canyon

Taking a sunset picture in this legendary site was quite an event. Professional photographers and tourists alike crowded the place to capture what that particular sunset had to offer. I had loads of pictures but this one became my favorite. Trust me, the Grand Canyon is just at the background, lol.

Baywatching at Venice Beach, LA

I was a fan of David Hasselhoff, what else. It was a lazy afternoon at the beach and this cabin became a model for my sunset picture.

Fishing Cabin, La Vendée

Typical fishing cabin in the west of France, La Vendée area. Love this picture.


At my hometown in the Philippines. Here is where I spent most of my childhood. Funny it may seem but I live just a few kilometers from the beach but I don't know how to swim.

Marseille, France

Hmm, mas malaki pala ang araw sa France kesa sa Pinas, what do ya think? lol!

Father and Child

Christmas last year. After a grand feast with the family, the two Frenchies asked for a quick dip at the beach. It was a quiet and relaxing family getaway. There was almost nobody at the beach. Look at how sweet my mag-ama were..


KK aka Tina said...

Hi Analyse,
I love them all but I have to pick the bangka and the father and child. Awesome photos!

JO said...

lovely pictures!!!

MegaMom said...

Galing Analyse! I'm so glad I did this tag talaga, lumalabas ang artsy side nating lahat. :)
I, too, love the father and daughter shot. Hmmm... thanks for the idea.

lovelyn said...

Great photos! "Un-professional camera mom", you said but, 'pang'-post card 'naman' these pictures hehehe!

Grand Canyon is my cream, good composition.

Analyse said...

KK, those are my all time faves too ;)

Jo, thanks ;)

MegaMom, thanks for tagging me. I enjoyed browsing my old photos for this tag.

Lovelyn, oh, i visited your entry last night and i was so jealous of your photos. you've got a permanent subject there, and i so loved your photos.. i cannot comment last night tho..

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Ana. Those are breathtaking shots. Each one is beautiful in its own way. I love the second one and the last one. You took a wonderful shot of your husband and daughter walking in the beach. I love the words you put in that photo. Very moving.

Dhanggit said...

when i first looked at the pictures i thought that "the sunset at grand canyon was nice",then i saw the one in Venice Beach in La i said "no this one is better", but then i saw the one of the bangka..then i said "nope i love this one"..but then i saw the last one..then i made my choice.."the father and daughter one is the best" just proved that we dont really need high powered camera...really great photos you've got here!

dangkin said...

love these pics! cool! :-)

raqgold said...

cute photos... are you not in winter wonderland europe in that christmas beach photo? sarap magpasko sa beach..

nao said...

aww, last pic is awesome!
musta ka na bading.. dumaan saglit.

Helen said...

Fantastic photos.Last one is my fave too.

mitsuru said...

what no manila bay sunset?:)

Analyse said...

Rachel, that's also my fave ;)

Hilda, and to think, i took that pix with my old cam, with only 3.2Mpixel low tech quality..

Dangkin, ;)

Raqgold, nope.. we were in the hot and humid phils last year.. but yes, a winter wonderland sunset should be nice too..

Nao, im ok bading, how are ya na?

Helen, thanks, so i think my father and child bags the most faved award lol

Mitsuru, you wouldnt believe this.. never saw the manila bay sunset yet.. toink*

Francine said...

wow. i love the pictures

julie said...

Ana, I love your photos, especially the last one. We don't have to be pro s in capturing the beauty of nature. What the camera captures probably does not begin to describe what these are, even up close.

Thanks for sharing your photos.

Have a great week :)


Napotzki said...

graveh! those are all breath taking photos, ganda tukayo, as in.

love the last picture, suits exactly to it's place. and the thought, wow, pedeng post card.

Dexie said...

oh those pictures are beautiful you definitely have an eye for beauty :)

Ann said...

Ganda talagang subject ang sunset.

Si kd rin lately nahihilig sa photography.

Lucille said...

wow galing! you can bet as a real professional photographer na, analyse! :-) that's excellent & nicely taken, ganda ng view! you're such a talented woman. I love to take photos too like these scenic views but i think, i'm only a good mamarazzi for my kids, myself & my whole family! lol

duke said...

My favorite is the last photo! super nice!