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Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is probably my most hated subject when I was still a student. And to double the hate, there was Plant Design I and.. tadan.. Plant Design II. Of course, we will not halt the hate at that level. To triple the hate, I was under a terror instructor who happened to be the husband of our department’s dean. That explained, among others, why there were only 11 students during that batch.

If I remember it right (whew, that was 10 long years ago!), Plant Design I was more of a definition of the subject, market research and project preparation. Sounds simple? Okay, here’s an appetizer. During those times, my group mates and I were regulars at the UPLB Library to do some research. Luckily, we stumbled on a preliminary study on what came up as our subject (transforming wastewater to construction additives). We then contacted the authors of the study to get more details, contacted the company where we could buy our raw materials (eg; their wastewater) to check if it is indeed feasible, evaluated cost for building constructions near the company (to zero-out transportation cost), did some market research to draw a forecast of the commercialization of our product.. and so on, and so forth.

Plant Design II was the start of the technical aspect of the project - plant design as the word denotes (you know, technical computations on the defined process), and of course, its finalization. I still remember, we defended the subject before the juries three times. Yes, 3x! I can't remember all the reasons but one of them was because there was a certain discrepancy in our manpower forecast vs volume to be produced. Nothing linked to the technical aspect of the project, ever.

One thing which probably showed my work personality during that experience was that, I was criticized of doing all the work. Very poor in delegation, etc. I was the group leader and I felt responsible. But it's true that some of the members were not working at all or lacked in engagement in the task to be achieved that I almost hated some of them. I had 1.75. They’ve got 2.50. Fair deal.

Well, going on to real life. As I've mentionned in my previous post, I'm a Project Manager on one subject and with it, I get to re-live my plant design experience at a more exciting pace. Tho my stress level is at its maximum level at the moment, I start to appreciate the new function because I'm learning a lot. I get to see the different stages of a project which was not visible for me before. Tho they present as huge problems, the challenge is to find appropriate solutions.

Working with a Project Team is completely different. Here, each work expertise is represented by a team member who would ensure the accomplishment of his given task. So far, at the stage of the project, I regularly work with 6 experienced male colleagues. I talk, dress up and curse like a man now, darn.

This Tuesday, I, together with my 5 colleagues will drive up to Milan to have a meeting with our supplier (because there will be a huge strike in France starting Tuesday, better not take public transpo). We will spend 2 nights there. Exciting sana, kaya lang, their age ranges from 45-55 years old. Dyaheng gumimik at mag-bar hop. Lol.


tintin said...

Baka naman marunong pa rin silang mag-party!


Ay, nahilo ako dun sa mga technical aspects ng post mo. Galing!

ScroochChronicles said...

Madame Engineer, wala akong masyadong naintindihan...mwahahaha :)

Grabe ka girl, ang lupit!! Anyways, malay mo may mga youngish crowd sa Milan, sayang naman kung di ka maka-gimik kahit kaunti.

Anonymous said...

Tintin, sana nga haha... but honestly, i don't see myself partying out with them..

Cookie, ako din minsan, naloloka na sa work ko, so it's just normal if you didn't understand anything haha..

Hmmm, i just hope I could take some pix, turista ba hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Ayay, ako rin walang naintidihan :(. But I can feel that you enjoyed sharing this new experience and your new function to us.

Oi, naku wag ka ng mahiya, they're maybe older physically but younger in their minds and hearts. Baka magsisi ka at hindi ka nakapag bar sa Milan (sosy), hala ka !

Anonymous said...

Quite complicated. You are a genious. Goodluck in your project and your trip.

Milan ---hmnn, reminds me of the movie "Milan" - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

so, did you try bar- hopping with the oldies? :)

Analyse said...

milan adventure coming next ;)

mitch, i'll reply to that tag laterz.. ;)

Heart of Rachel said...

Sounds complicated but just wanted to wish you all the best in your projects.