Bella Italia = Sad Louna

Posted by Analyse at 8:16 PM

Friday, November 16, 2007

Tho travelling has became a part of our so-called normal life, it was still funny to prepare 3 luggages for 3 different destinations. One for Frenchguy who left last Tuesday for Mexico and the US, another one for me for my Milan trip, and the last one for Louna who stayed two nights at her Nanny's place.

Time management at home has somewhat became a national sport. We normally try to organize our travels so as not to disturb Louna from her regular routine - which means, when one travels, the other one should stay at home. But work engagements sometimes get in the way and we find ourselves driving 600 long kilometers so we could leave Louna at her grandparent's place - a vacation in disguise.

Since my trip to Milan this week just took me 2 nights out of Dijon, we decided to leave Louna at her Nanny's place instead of bringing her back at her grandparent's place. So Tuesday morning, with her luggage in tow, I explained to her that she would sleep at her Nanny's place and that I won't be fetching her up in the afternoon but two days later. The teary-eyed darling started to cling on my legs and when I looked at her, her facial expression just broke my heart (the same expression in the picture). The little boy sharing the same Nanny with her took her hand to bring her to the playroom. There, she broke out into tears. I said goodbye and took the car. I drove teary-eyed on my way to work.

Tho I know that she would cry for barely a minute, her message was clear and I know, we have to reconsider our organization as soon as we can.

The Journey to Milan

6 hours drive up to Milan, sandwiched between 3 unfatiguable men talking about their ski adventures with their kids and their business travel sagas from one country to another was already an adventure in itself. We didn't really find the drive too long. There were some pauses, unable to find a new topic for discussion, but we were 4 in the car, and a simple remark or question could trigger an hour garanteed discussion.

We took the Mont Blanc tunnel to cross the border and I had a little apprehension and a bit of curiosity to cross this tunnel because of the 1999 fire which killed 39 people. Imagine crossing an 11.6 km tunnel having that image in mind. The temperature inside the tunnel reached 1000°C, a real inferno. But security was well in place and toll-fee was discouraging enough that truck drivers must take another route to cross the French-Italien border (> 400€ for trucks).

We stayed in a 4* hotel at the suburbs of Milan and 15 minutes after our arrival, we were already savouring a glorious Italian beer at the bar. Who says I can't do bar-hopping with the oldies?

After a sumptous meal, we decided to head off directly to our respective beds because tomorrow is a promise of a long day.

We had the meeting the whole day and honestly, at exactly 6:30pm, I was glad to end the exhausting brainstorming we had with the supplier. A dose of aspirin was the only source of energy which kept me going.

Our contact person was kind enough to invite us to dinner at a cozy place in Milan that night. Oh, I love Italian cuisine! After bottles of wine, loads of antipasti, and a mouth-watering main meal, the supplier offered us a free tour of Milan by night.

We just loved that Italian hospitality that after saying our goodbyes, we bid each other See you in January.

Back to Dijon

Louna's stay with the Nanny was A-Ok as always. We had a phonecall from Frenchguy last night and he's finally heading to Mexico City (from our production site lost in the Mexican desert hehe) to meet MY friend. Inggit ako. He would spend the weekend with her before he leaves to the US on Monday. That friend was a classmate in my French classes way back year 2003 and despite the distance, we succeeded to kept our contact. They're surely having lots of fun while I write this post.. while I wait for Louna to finish her siesta.

Hope you're having a great weekend too.

Milan Pictures: 1. My colleagues appreciating the beauty of Milan Cathedral 2. Teatro alla Scala 3. Inside the Galeria Vittorio Emanuel II.


Chibog in Chief said...

why babies look so adorable even when they give that "i dont agree look"... they are a such a darling :-)Louna's photo reminds me of my baby when she 's not happy..i agree that time management is really important....have a nice weekend

raqgold said...

hi, sarap naman kagatin ni louna bearing that expression, hehe. kakagigil. pero kids naman are resilient di ba, it's us parents who are more emotional about these things. but you know what, you are doing great with louna :) have a great sunday.

CLC Fashion said...

coucou analyse! wow busy working ang mommy, kudos to your talent & energy! :-) keep it up
cute ni baby louna sa photo, i do understand your feelings when u left louna, ganyan din ako pag iiwan namin mga anak ko sa grandpa/grandma nila mas nauna pa nga akong naiyak hehe

Analyse said...

Dhanggit, have a great weekend too ;)

Raqgold, yeah, I think parents tend to overreact or over-interprete what their kids feel.. hayyy, hirap lang talagang iwan pag umiiyak sila..

Lucille, haha, at least im not alone ..

Lizzz said...

I can imagine Louna's sad expression when you left her. wow Milan! :D

ScroochChronicles said...

aww, kids always manage to break our hearts with that look :(

just the other day gaby formally announced that her mama was not allowed to go to office..pang-meeting lang daw ako. and i'm only allowed to work on the computer!! taray!! hantayin mo si louna when she can clearly express herself :)

oh, so you did party with the oldies..hehehe :)

Anonymous said...

so, nag shopping ka sa galleria? :)

if i ever go to milan, i'll probably appreciate more of Mengoni's works. :)

the pics are great...teatro alla scala and the duomo di milano at night. wow! :)

dangkin said...

at first, she might have thought she's going with you.. poor louna :(

hey! i've seen that view before--on travel channel :-)

Anonymous said...

Wawa naman si Louna, anyway she's too young to complain. Paglaki pa nya nang kaunti baka mag reklamo na yan.

Analyse said...

Liz, made me want to hug her more..

Cookie, she can't express herself that well yet but she takes my hand each time im infront of the computer and drag me to play with her.. so no blogging and blog hopping when she's awake..

re: partying. no choice haha.. but they're cool, so it was fun.

Mitsuru, nope, we worked the whole day, so when we visited, everything was close already except the restos.. we went out around 11pm after dinner!

im sure there are a lot to visit in milan.. probably next time..

Dangkin, siguro nga, my poor baby.

Ann, we will surely review our time management when that time comes.. o baka nanalo na ko sa lotto nun, i dont have to work anymore ;)

MegaMom said...

Hey Analyse. You handled things pretty well ha Great insights and great sights! Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do.

Napotzki said...

Wow, how lovely pictures you posted in here tukayo. Wish ko to get that glimpse in reality...ha ha. And even it's business related, it do pays right especially all those sleepless nights back in college. Ngapla, happy 10th yr anniversary my dear!

Bless said...

Busy family huh! Always on the go but nice to know you handle it well.
Anyways got an award for you in my blog check it out. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love the title, it rhymes :D ! Another busy month for you and frenchie...I am sure Louna understands better co'z she's a grown up girl. I know how hard for you too Ana but the job calls for it! More work less pleasure. Buti 2 days lang and you will not worry about leaving Louna to Nounou, I am sure she's looks after her as if Louna is her own daughter and that is very important ! It is not easy to find someone that can be trusted!! Great pictures Ana, your colleagues are camera shy :D !

Analyse said...

MegaMom, thanks. It's just a matter of organization, i knew that travel will be part of the job when i accepted it, so i assume the responsibility.

Anna, just can't believe it's been 10 years! hey, they're organizing a reunion on dec 8, will you be there?

haha, the sleepless nights, don't remind me.. i hate my grad pic, i looked like a zombie, really haha.

Bless, you're so sweet! thanks a bunch.

Analyse said...

Haze, we're really lucky to have our Nounou. And yes, she considers Louna as her daughter I think, she even tells that Louna is the little sister of her son. She even organized a little party for Louna for her birthday (every year!). Ain't that sweet?

Haha, my colleagues? They didn't even know I was taking pictures. Dyahe naman if I ask them to show me that peace sign haha..

Unknown said...

awwwwwww....parang ang hirap iwanan kapag lumalabi na ang mga anak natin ano?? parang nakakahiwa ng puso....

have a nice Sunday! (este, Monday na pala jan)

kala said...

Aaaw, kawawa naman si Louna... :(

Wenchie said...

i can just imagine the look on louna's pretty face...they look kawawa every time mommies go to work or just take short errands noh. btw, glad to know your milan trip was ok and those are nice pics too.

Anonymous said...

Ana, I know it breaks your heart when you are away from your daughter. But then again, you do what you have to do and that does not make you less a mother. A few years from a now when Louna gets to read your posts, she would understand.

Take care!

Heart of Rachel said...

I can imagine how hard it is to leave your daughter behind when you are traveling because of work but I'm sure she will understand all your efforts when she is much older.

Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of Milan.

Analyse said...

Rhada, naku nakakahiwa talaga ng puso... kelan ba ko mananalo sa lotto para tigil na ko sa work hehe..

Kala, di ko na nga kinuhanan ng pix e, baka lalong umatungal, baka akalain nang aasar pa ko hehe..

Rowena, di naman mahilig umiyak si louna when we leave her, nasanay na.. kaya it really broke my heart the last time.. naiintindihan na nya siguro..

Julie, your message made me teary-eyed again..

Rachel, i really hope so..

Anonymous said...

Hi Analyse,

I've been a lurker of your site for awhile. Like you I'm married to a french guy, but we're based in Geneva Switzerland.

I can relate so much to this post, though I don't travel much for the organization I worked for, its really hard to leave the girls(almost 5 & 2.5 yrs old) behind. Plus everytime I travel my hubby insists on joining me - to have some couple time. It's always harder I think on the mother to leave the kids with just the nanny.


Analyse said...

Hi Jygva and welcome to my hideaway. Thanks for reading.

Yes, it's really hard and anyway, we know that one day, we really have to reconsider our priorities, take our decisions, and take what's best and works for us.. hirap maging nanay.