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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The countdown is slowly nearing its end. Frenchguy and I, inspite of all the worries of the unknown are of course excited with this brandnew event in our lives. Just a few minor stuffs to prepare while I'm on maternity leave and we're ready.

We have been discussing what kind of gift we could give to our bébé for her arrival. A nice out-of-the-clinic outfit which she could pass on to the next generation? Hmm, baka imbes na matuwa ang next generation e maasar pa. A jewel? Hmm, both of us are not much into this fancy. Plant a tree? Ok, frenchguy will add another one in our garden this November. Hmm, that's all? Oh well, I guess our bébé deserves more than that.

Domaine de Faiveley, Nuits St Georges. The wine cellar of this castle could be visited, dégustation (wine tasting) and wine shopping are the main activity in this area.

Last Sunday, we went to the long coast of vineyards in Burgundy hoping to see live vendange (grape harvest). The deal was: if we cross one, we will buy bottles of wine from that same domaine harvested this year (which will be commercialized a year or two from now). The number of bottles will be in function of the actual birth date of our baby: FYI due date is programmed on November 24, that makes 24 bottles if she arrives on time.

The idea behind was to show to our bébé that she was there, watching the vendange behind maman's tummy. The bottle opening is not decided yet, but we're thinking of her first communion, not a bad idea, the wine is just the right age for the dégustation.

So where were we last Sunday? Our afternoon leisure drive brought us up to Nuits St Georges, Domaine de Faiveley. Click this link to know more. You might want to do the dégustation with us ;)

There was a festive ambiance around the area with the wine gatherers and of course, the nombreuse tourists from almost everywhere flocking around the area
(there were even some japanese!). This lady was kind enough to pose for a photo for me. But of course, pahuhuli ba naman ang beauty ko hehe.

So there you go bébé, you will have your gift in two years time, a real Bourguignonne (Burgundy habitant)! Oh well, you're not obliged to finish all the bottles, you could share them with papa and maman hehe. A ta santé!


Anonymous said...
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Duke said...

Hey ana!

That is a good gift idea :) Your bébé will remember you as cool parents when she grows older!
Speaking of Bourguignonne.. I am just reminded, is beef bourguignonne a specialty from your place?

enjoy the weekend bonne maman!

Analyse said...

yep, it's one of the specialties here..i don't know how to cook it tho, it's cooked with red wine, etc etc..

well, it's not actually an original gift idea but hey, we just follow traditions hehe..

bon weekend too!

Makis said...

hey that's a great gift! the tree planting is a good idea too - i'm so excited for you!!!

geri said...

Ana, I love your photos! Parang those sa Reader's Digest articles :)

Analyse said...

Makis, thanks! tho when we saw the wine prices from the net, we were joking to accelerate the process to reduce the number of bottles hehe..

Geri, thanks, photographer wannabe kuno hehe..

Linnor said...

neat idea! 1st time i heard of this. i'm sure its a great way to celebrate milestones with your bebe. :D

Naomi said...

ang ganda naman ng posing mo bading.. panalo! pag click ko, inin-large ko pa ha.. ganda!

gift? um, kanina ko pa nga iniisip eh..

what about keeping a pregnancy journal, yung parang scrapbook.. tapos monthly pa-picture ka ke hubby yung naka-dress ka pero medjo slight focus sa tiyan. Para tamang monthly monitoring ke bebe.

para makita nya paglaki nya.

hey hey.. kiss nga ke bebe and pa-hug sayo sistah! haay.. ang mag-inang ito oo!

Analyse said...

Linnor, first time? really! we must be excited parents to have such idea hehe..i've been thinking of a gift idea since i started conceiving, imagine!

Naomi, nyehehe, dapat nga hiniram ko pa yung balde at gunting ng ale para mas convincing e hehe..ngek, mukha na nga akong balyena dyan, maga na fez ko haha..

i have a pregnancy journal na syempre, ako fi, with all the details, her ultrasound pix and mine, oks ba..that's where my fam follow my pregnancy..

aba, at hugs and kisses na para sa min ngayon, o dahan dahan lang, baka mapisa si bébé...hugs and kisses too..have a blessed sunday!

DOPS said...

kung jan ba, eh..di pwede kumain ng grapes, puro lang un pra gawing wine? hehehe...

sarap kase kainin nung bunch na un na nsa pic, hehehe...

siguro sobra matamis nun no? hehe...

watson said...

Analyse! Wow, I never thought of having something on our baby's first day. The wine is a great idea.

Malapit na ang bundle of joy mo. Ingat ka ha! Exciting ano?

Bless said...

Wow...baka paglabas ni bebe susuray-suray kasi nalasheng hehehe jokes...Malapit na lumabas yan..em sure cool bebe yan paglaki kasi she have cool parents too =) Ingat lagi maman!

TinTin said...

I can see bebe through the chic shirt! Heheh. You're glowing ana! Its a wonderful site to see.

Analyse said...

Dops, actually, tourists are asked not to pick those grapes, but since it's open to the public and nobody's there to watch, syempre pa, out of curiosity, titikman mo di ba hehe...yep, normally wine grapes are smaller and sweeter, yung buong area na yun e dedicated to wine grapes, it's their especialty here..

Watson, i'm counting the days till the D Day now, super excited na nga hehe..

Bless, haha, wag naman sanang magmana sa kin. each time kasi, ako yung nao-overdose hehe..

TinTin, thanks! If only I can post a videoclip showing how she moves! It's amazing!

Anonymous said...

getting closer to the big day! im so excited for you and your frenchguy, ana! and that's a realyl nice gift idea for your baby!


Owen FV said...

bloghoppin from duke!

nasa last trimester ka na pala! ingat sa sarili lagi!

Analyse said...

Kala, yep, closer and closer. can't wait, i'm having a hard time now but i'm almost there, kunting tyaga na lang..just cherishing the moment..

Owen fv, thanks for dropping by. lapit na D Day ko ;).

haze said...

Hello Analyse, thanks for visiting my Blog. You've an EXCEPTIONALLY ORGANIZE BLOG !!! (hope i could make one, just starting thou) Would also like to congratulate you for the coming of an "ANGEL" into your life. Welcome to MOM's WORLD. Maintenant, tu es une femme tu as bien mériter.

Analyse said...

Haze, thanks hehe, i find it unorganized, topics are just multidirectional hehe..anyways. you'll get there, ya know, blogging is kinda addicting.

merci, je suis impatiente d'avoir mon bébé dans mes bras..mais, vu mon counter, je commence à m'inquieter au travail.

Bokbok said...

et ben, moi, je commence à m'exciter là!, hehe. as though c'est moi qui va accoucher.

A great gift idea, Ana! Just don't let her drink the whole bottle at one sitting oki? hehe je plaisante...

bon, you take care et je vous embrasse tous les trois!


mildred said...

bading.. kung ang question eh kung ako ang magbibigay ng gift at ano ang gift ko eh ito.. BLANK CHECK!

hekekekek..! pag ba naman di pa maligayahan si bebe nyan huh!

noemi said...

hi sis buntis!
sosyal ang gift para kay bebe..dramang prinsesita ang dating..ahihihi ay may epek pa ang papa..dramang i love you mother earth (dahil sa planong pagtanim ng puno)...ang galing naman nyan sis..good job, maman!..sali na din natin si frenchguy..hehehe
and in fairness, one hot momma ka sa posing mo bakla! seksi pa din kahit buntis..ganda naman ng sister ko *wink*..ingit ako sa boobs..ahihihi yan ang gusto ko pag buntis eh, libre enhance ng boobs..hahahaha
gift suggestion ko - time capsule kaya? yun foot and finger print ni bagets at iba pang info nya sa araw na pinanganak sya like yun timbang, height, what time lumabas etc..,lagay mo sa capsule tapos ibaon mo dun sa tabi ng puno na itatanim ni frenchguy o kaya yun pagbabaunan mo ng capsule taniman mo na din ng flowers. o kaya naman necklace na may locket, lagyan nyo ng pictures nyo ni frenchguy, what uthink, sis?
sya mahaba na eto...relax and enjoy sa bakayon sis! ingat lagi..mwaah!!!


oist! wag masyado mamihasa sa slurpy, lagot ako sa ob-gyne mo...hahahaha pero dahil labs kita..iwan ko dito LARGE SLURPY na..sshhh...secret eto baka toktok ako doktor mo..ahihihi

Analyse said...

Bokskie, c'est déjà très bientôt! je dois commencer à préparer ma valise, j'ai encore pas mal de chose à n'ai même pas encore des soutiens gorge, mince! en plus, j'attends le beau temps pour laver les affaires du bébé, ma belle-mère m'a dit qu'il faut déjà commencer, l'arrivé de mon bébé est plus sûr que l'arrivé du beau temps hehe...elle a de l'humeur hein?

Mildred, naku bakla, lumulundag sa tuwa si bébé, i guess it means she likes the idea a lot haha..aba, magkasundo na kayo kagad a..

Noemi, hehe, akshuli, ako ang mas pro-envi kesa sa kanya, feel nya lang magtago sa mga kapitbahay, ayan, ginawang front si bébé hehe..hey, i like that time capsule idea, pahiram ako ha hehe..
naku sis, korekek ka dyan, walang push up yan ha pero nagtataray, sana mag stay kahit pagkatapos hehe..
oo nga sis, sige back to small na nga lang ako, aba e 4kg daw si bébé paglabas, baka di kayanin ng powers ko, so diet sa sugar and salt ang hot momma!

noemi said...

kapatid! wala akong time capsule ng bagets ko dahil nun panahong preggy ako sa kanya wala masyadong available na mga ganyan dito sa pinas...hehehe baka sa susunod na pagbubuntis ko magkaroon na ko ng ganyan *wink*
kung gusto mo yun time capsule idea, sabihan mo na si frenchguy, kamo dapat sa D day eh alam nya ang dapat kuhain na info, lalo na yun mga foot and finger prints, kase dito bihira yun binibigay yun prints eh, like nun nanganak ako,kita ko na lang iba kulay ng paa ng bebe...loka ako, akala ko kung ano na at ganon kulay ng paa ...hahaha
have a nice day sis! ingat lagi..mwaaah!

wala ka sa kin

husticia said...

ang slim mong buntis! lucky lucky you!
well, ass for the gift...a vineyard will do! haha

Major Tom said...

Hi analyze. Wishing you all the health in this very sweet moments for you. The view of the fields are just so enervating, makes one wish to be there...

Analyse said...

Noemi, i'll surely tell frenchguy! thanks for the input sis..k lang walang slurpy, nakow, laki ng weight gain ko this week..

jcfs, salamat po sa dalaw..ngek, sexy ba? baka u mean siksik?...hehe, di pa po kaya ng powers ko ang vineyard, pero kung isang paso lang, ok na rin, i'll have to think about it hehe..

Major Tom, thanks a lot ;)

KaDyo said...

What a superb idea re planting a tree & the wine. Just want to know kung sa pagbukas ng wine sa kanyang first communion eh pwede rin bang tumikim/uminom ng wine ung bebe nyo =). Seedless ba yang grapes na ginagawang wine. Nice pictures ha.
Take care po at lagi po kayo sa prayers namin for a safe delivery, ciao

Analyse said...

Kadyo, hehe, nice question! actually, me right lang sya sa champagne for kids..yung wine, para sa bisita - kami! nyehehe, daya ba?

seedless nga yung grapes para sa wine, and smaller sya compared sa nabibili natin..normally, it has higher sugar content..take care din po..and thanks sa prayers, appreciate it a lot ;)

Anonymous said...

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