At the last minute ...

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

My pregnancy countdown's ticking slowly to its end. In fact, it could be interrupted anytime soon for an unexpected delivery, who knows. My maternity leave officially starts today, and I'm glad I took the two-week pathology leave prior to that, it's a big comfort for a semi-insomniac me. At least I could sleep up to 10am without worrying I'll be late...but heck, my agenda is nevertheless hectic, I didn't know pregnancy could get me busy full time...


I still have few remaining sessions. Doing it twice a week surely knocks me off to my bed big time. This afternoon, it was - deadly! The movements I was doing with ease before suddenly became complicated. Among the soon-to-be mamans present, I was the one who gained the most at 13 kg! And I'm not ready for a diet yet. I just had two meriendas this afternoon, before and after my sought after siesta. My respiration is getting better tho, I just hope I could practice it on D Day.

Préparation à l'accouchement (Birthing Classes)

It's funny how some mamans could ask ridicule questions when for me, it's just instinct or simply, logic! It's not a new technology anyway, experiences and stories had already been told - ask your mom. I don't think I'm really learning a lot from this class, the midwife is overly talkative, we always start and finish late..hmm, am I starting to hate her? Next time, I'd rather do yoga classes..

Monthly Visit to the Gynecologist

...which entails monthly blood and urine analysis. This week is more tedious, I had to do pelvic xray too.


Yes, I just opted for epidural.

Room Reservation at the Maternity Clinic

Single room with private T&B + TV. Ok, ok, I have to calm down. Tomorrow, I'll call up my complementary insurance to check my expenses coverage.

Réconnaissance d'un enfant naturel (Prenatale birth declaration)

Done. In fact, we had to declare our baby before birth since we are under legal partnership (PACS). This gives her the legal rights as a daughter of frenchguy and I. Better be prudent with this, french law is just so complicated, better be careful.

Faire Part (Birth Announcement)

Yep, they announce the coming of a new member of the family as though, phonecalls are not enough. So to follow with the tradition, I'm busying myself preparing our faire part. I wanted it to be personal, with maman's with the scissors, glues, etc, I submerged myself into this new art project ;).

Stretch Marks

I guess I don't need to explain why I stay longer hours inside the bathroom since I knew I was pregnant. Anti-stretch mark creams has long been my after-shower buddy, but heck, yesterday, after close examination of my tummy, I knew my buddy has just betrayed me...barely a month before D Day...

Last errands..

Everything's ready except my...bag! Ok, I'll be throwing all necessary stuffs inside my bag tomorrow..

After that, the real wait for the D Day begins..


silentmode_v2 said...

no need to be tense, take it easy! wish you all the best!

JO said...

wow! you must be very very excited! and i see that you are well prepared too...

you should take advantage of getting all the sleep that you can, coz once the baby is out, its the start of many sleepless nights... and the joy of motherhood!

ladycharlie said...

oh wow! it's that close na! excited na ako for you!

Naomi said...

bading! anong procedure gagawin mo:
lamaze method or epidural?
i would suggest that you go for the epidural since first baby mo. Mag painless ka bakla.

and please take note of this:
wag kang sisigaw o magngangawa sa Observation Room & Labor Room. Para hindi maging iyakin si baby. Believe me bading, charge it to the experience.. believe me.

Yung first born ko,, nagwala ako sa hospital. Iyak ako nang iyak, ngawa ako nang ngawa. Kahit sinabihan na ko ng mother ko noon na wag akong ganon kasi makakaapekto raw sa baby, i didn't listen to her, hala sige pa rin ako kakangawa. Nung lumabas nga't dinala na namin sa bahay, sobrang iyakin si bugoy! Napaka iyakin at bugnutin. Kaya sabi ng mama ko.. ayan kita mo na.

Yung bunso ko naman, sobrang tiniis ko yung sakit. As in, hindi ko iniyak, tiniis ko. Tumutulo luha ko pero hindi ako sumisigaw. Silent cry ikanga. I calm myself. Natuwa nga yung doctor sa kin, sabi ba naman nya na I'm amazing daw! Dinala namin sa bahay ang bunso ko.. very silent. Umiiyak lang pag gutom. Tapos masayahin, palatawa pa.

Tama ang nanay ko. Kaya nga naniniwala na kong "mother knows best.."

i wanna share this to you sis.. hope you'll do it. BTW, epidural ako sa parehong babies ko. And NSD.

noemi said...

kapatiiiiid!!!!! malapit na lumabas ang bebe...hihihi, naeksayt daw ba akong
naalala ko tuloy nun nanganak ako..hehehe
ganda ng room ni prinsesita, mas maganda pa sa room ng hari at reyna *wink*...
relax ka lang bading! kausapin mo si bebe na wag pahirapan si maman para pareho kayong ma-beauty sa D day...hihihi oo nga pala, may pangalan ka na ba para sa munting prinsesa?hehehe

pasensya na bakla at ngayon lang nakapagiwan ng bakas dito sa bahay mo, pero palagi ako dito, sinisilip ka kung ok kyo ni bebe *besos*..sya, mag-ingat lagi at mag relax, hane?! labs yah, baklah!!! pa-kiss sa bebe...mwaah!!!

Analyse said...

Jeff, easy for you to say..ang mga guys nga naman hehe..peace bro..i try to be zen nga, hopefully, i could stay that way till D Day..

Jo, what? you mean to say that my sleepless nights now are nothing to what's instored for me? oh you said, it's the joy of motherhood..

Ladycharlie, yep, bilis ng panahon no..

Nao, epidural bading. mahina pain resistance ko e, kunting kibot lang, umaaray na ko..

ganun ba yun? e pano kung feel ko na talagang sumigaw? baka nga di na ko marunong mag bonjour bonjour nun, baka pati tagalog makalimutan ko at bigla akong magzambal hehe...pero salamat sa tip sis, i'll try to apply that on D Day..

Noems, nakow kafatid, sa sobrang ganda nga yata ng room nya, minsan pag hinahanap ko si frenchguy, ayun, nasa room ni bébé...mas eksayted pa sa kin yun..

sana nga di ako pahirapan, sana magmana sa kin, sabi kasi ng mom ko, kung pano daw nya ko ginawa, ganun din daw ako lumabas - no sweat - loko talaga ng mom ko hehe..

salamat sa constant dalaw sis, ako din, laging nadadaan sa bahay mo, as usual, nakikiamoy ng kape hehe..

haze said...

Hi Ana, D Day is approaching & you were saying that your "valise" is not ready yet?! Don't you know that when I was pregnant w/ my 2 children, 3 months before delivery (i'm not exaggerating) "prepare na beauty ko" so I will not forget even a single thing...organized kuno! The things is with my 2nd child (baby girl who'll be 6 mos. on the 25th ) I wanted her to have gloves ksi mejo malamig pa....ngeeekkk wala pala i thought it was "les gants" medyas pala na maliit....ay sus magka shape lang pala. Ayun wawa naman bébé ko medyas suot sa kamay...tama ba naman yon.
BTW, "peridurale" ka ba? Whatever your choice is, it'll be the best!

Analyse said...

Haze, haha, natawa naman ako, pagmedyasin daw ba ang kamay ni bébé hehe..yep, i'll take peridurale, did you take it too?

ça y est! ma valise est prête maintenant, just completed it today..;)

TinTin said...

You are keeping fit and active and I am sure that is nothing but healthy for you and your baby. Don't worry about the stretch marks or the weight gain, they will surely leave your lithe frame soon after.

soy said...

hi, don't worry about the stretch marks. they will fade in no time. that just means that your skin has stretched to its limit, probably because you have a big baby. my first baby was born 4kgs, so i have those browny-worms around my belly as well. this baby i'm having now is due end of february i guess, but hopefully not as big as the first one.

good luck to you. not too long now.

Lynn said...

Oohh ana, I can almost "taste" your excitement. Gosh, feel ko tuloy gumawa ulit ha ha ha... Private room with T&B and TV is really a good thing, although yezz expensive. Pero sa sakit, sa pagod, and all, the private room is your only consolation, it was for me. Nakikicamping then si hubby ko kaya ok na ok... good luck to you!

Bokbok said...

ma belle, don't forget my faire part huh? hehe...

good you have decided to have the epidural, it'll take away the pain of the contractions. and as for the stretch marks, ne t'inquite pas, t'es pas toute seule. welcome to the club! haha!

prepare ta valise maintenant! though sa 24th next month pa ang rendez-vous nya sa inyo, you never know.... so kung gustuhin man nyang lumabas plus tôt, at least naka-ready na lahat, o di ba?

o sha, bon courage! ^-^
take care!
;) *kisses*

Duke said...

Wow! you seem to have everything checked and in place. Now the waiting part really beigns.
As for the stretch marks. Try Clarins Soin Raffermissant Corps. My friend used this before and after giving birth and the stretch marks just disappeared!

Anonymous said...

oh no! ang lapit na! good that you finished your valise already! i can't wait! parang ako rin gustong mag prepare ng valise in excitement! hehe


Analyse said...

TinTin, hopefully ;).

Soy, pareho tayo, my baby will be 4kg at birth daw, i hope she'll be lesser than that, she will have all the time in the world to grow bigger afterwards..goodluck to you too..

Lynn, hehe, what are you waiting for? gawa na hehe...

just called up my mutuelle, and their plafond is way above the room fee at the clinic, so i jokingly said to frenchguy that i could even have 2 tvs hehe..

Bokskie, sure, sure! kaw pa!

hehe, welcome to the club ba, ok, ill be positive, i should be proud pa nga di ba hehe..

ma valise est prête! ça y est!

Duke, i have will experience it too...some moms even told me that im already late, ano ba yan..

im using something i bought from the pharmacy, if it wont work, ill try that..ty! wala bang magic wand na lang, kakatamad din minsan pahid ng pahid ha..

Kala, haha, feeling ko nga i'll leave for vacation e! and it's soooo cute to see those little stuffs na nakahalo sa gamit ko ;)

Francesca said...

Dont forget your make up kit.
Kelangan beauty ka pa rin sa pictures and video noh!
Kahit lipstick and mirror lang, oks na !

Ligaya said...

goodluck Ana! naku, you just never know pero pati ako excited. lumalapit na talaga ang D day mo. =)

private room sounds nice. I had mine too before, we didn't ask for it though, basta they transferred me there a day after my surgery. maganda nga kasi dun din natutulog si hubby. oo nga pala, seen your baby's crib, ang cute! =)

sige, kisses kay bebe. take care and happy weekend!

Bless said...

Whew! kadami palang kaek-ekan pagnanganak ka jan sa Pransya. Pero easy ka lang maman...yakang-yaka mo yan. God bless sa D day and am so excited makita picture ni bebe soon =)

Analyse said...

Ate Amy, haha, each message you leave is a blast, hagalpak ako ng tawa lagi!

Ligaya, yeah, i guess we need privacy for that intimate moment di ba..para naman makapag usap kami ng masinsinan ni bébé in tagalog di ba hehe..

Bless, hay naku, sinabi mo, full time job nga e hehe..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Analyse said...

er, mr/ms anonymous, is that message for me? hehe..i dont find any preggy related stuffs in there..

mildred said...

at dito rin pala nagkakalat ang hitad na anonymous bakla..! kawawa naman si prendship Nao..! tinitira sa bagay na ako naman ang may pakana.. sorry Nao..! hope di ka magagalit sa akin..!

Ka Uro said...

sorry po, kung out of topic. pero ni refer kasi itong site mo ni nao sa latest post niya. nag-iwan ako ng comment kay nao doon pero, ni-delete niya. kaya dito na lang ako nagpasyang mag-comment. gusto ko lang naman kasing malaman ang side ni nao kaya ako nag-comment. eto po ang sinabi ko sa site ni nao:

"it's been awhile since i last made a comment here. i'm commenting now because i'ld like to know your side too. i want to be objective as much as possible. i've seen evidences that seem to indicate that mildred and you are the same person. for instance, the comments mentioned by anonymous, they were made only 1 minute apart. circumstantial maybe but the chance of it happening is remote if you two live apart. the other evidence i've seen which is a solid proof is mildred's use of your IP address. not only once, but many times on different dates. if a mistake has been made by you then admit it and apologize to your readers who i'm sure will forgive you and still likes you and your writings.

Naomi said...

i deleted your post coz i don't want any trace of you in my house not ever again, as simple as that. In the event that mildred posted on your tagboard, you know very well the situation then why she's in my house and have used my laptop as it's for the case of "impaktang amiga". We remember, that Mildred said to you also that she's in my house at that time she left a tag on your message board. C'mon you knew it very well. I don't really wanna talk to you sa totoo lang. And if you would please, don't bug this blogger again, thanks.. but no thanks.

Ann, sorry for this one.
Hoep it wont affect bebe..

Analyse said...

Mildred, sus, di naman siguro ganun kababaw prendship nyo ni baklang nao to be affected by the blogging world no..cheer up bakla..

Ka Uro, k lang, i just hope u could straighten out kung ano mang gusot meron behind those messages..ya know, you pass this way only once, ika nga, let's make friends rather than enemies..cheers!

Nao, k lang, sus. si bébé? ayan, nakikitsismis lang bwahaha..cheer up bading, sabi mo nga, ibuntong hininga mo lang yan..dont be that affected..pati tuloy si mildred, worried na, check her message sa taas..

ka uro said...

sorry po, ms analyse.
hope ko lang kasi to get at the bottom of this. i wasn't referring to mildred's comments on my box, may iba pang comments galing sa iba bloggers ang naka-signed Mildred pero IP ni Nao ang gamit. hindi kasi claro sa akin yon. i'ld still want to give her the benefit of the doubt if i could.

Analyse said...

ok lang Ka Uro, no harm done. you have reasons naman to clear things out..

mildred said...

can't take it anymore..! I really need to speak now

Anonymous said...

hopping from mildred tapos kay marhgil tapos kay nao tapos dito, buti naman may linaw na ngayon ang isyu na ito