On Aquagym and French Bureaucracy

Posted by Analyse at 3:10 PM

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Here's an excerpt of my discussion with my gynecologist G after my routine monthly check-up (last month):

G: Do you have any other questions or worries?
Actually, I start to worry about the upcoming delivery. I'm not at all sportive and I worry that I'll be having a hard time on the D Day. What prenatal exercises do you suggest?

If you're into water sports, aquagym is a good way to tone up abdominal muscles and to lessen back pains. I highly suggest that you try it.

Oh well, that effectively sounds like a good exercise.

(Preparing the ordonnance paper). Do you experience back pains?

Hmmm, no. Well, I
should say not yet.
It will be reimbursed by the Social Security if so.

Errr, ok, I have backaches then (grinning).

Here's the catch. My now Physical Therapist is none other than...tadan...my gynecologist' husband! Isn't that a great way to make the business turning?
Anyways, I've got no complains, I have aquagym courses for free, that's not negligible. I just found it funny how I got it no charge. Me, who wanted to get more out of what I give to the government ;). So once a week, I have a rendez-vous with my PT with other expectant mothers in a heated 32°C pool. Un, deux, trois...whew, kinda tonic, but I start to appreciate it a lot. Little simple gestures which compresses and decompresses my abdominal muscles, keeping my baby active inside at the same time...

Imagine expectant mothers floating with their bloating tummies..great site..get the picture hehe..

Another great bonus with each session is the 15 minute jet massage which soothes my back muscles. Last Tuesday was my 3rd session and I was more comfortable in the water, I had more equilibrium and moved with much ease..can't wait for the next session next week.

Inspite of that, tho, I still have occasional back pains..


JO said...

swimming and lots of walking is good too! now you have a reason to go baby shopping.

take care.

Duke said...

ahhh c'est bien ça pour vous et le bébé! yung friend ko din nag aqua gym a few months before she gave birth.. she said it really helped..
PICTURE naman! :)

Linnor said...

i'm not sure if there's an aquagym for expectant mothers here in the phils. that sounds like a good way to prepare yourself for the D day. good for you! :)

Airwind said...

siguro enjoy din si baby sa pagswiswim... hehehe ... alam ko meron din dito sa pinas nyan. pero expensive. good thing nakuha mo siya ng libre.

Analyse said...

Jo, er, done with baby shopping e hehe...aga ba..ty for the useful tips..

Duke, just imagine 6 moms floating with their tummies, get the pix? yaw ko ngang mag post ng pix..mukha akong butete hehehe..

Linnor, meron daw sabi ni Airwind ;)

Airwind, shhhh, dito, all the maternity expenses e libre...from consultations, to examinations hanggang delivery...at least i see where my taxes are going...bad trip lang kasi wala ako ng ibang benefits coz nasa cut-off bareme kami..

Duke said...

ana! hahahaha I think it is so cute to see preggy mom to be's doing aqua gym! parang synchronized swimming!

Ligaya said...

awww..aqua gym sounds fun and pampering! meron din sila niyan dito but never experienced it. hanggang walking lang ang exercise ko nun..hehe!

DOPS said...

ano po babay nyo? babae or lalake...i just read from onother blog, hehehe...ganda nung mga pics ng ultrasound nung baby nya...

ung lat part mo, sabi mo though occasionally me back pains, hmmm...na-remind me na...aba..dagdag reimbursemnet nanaman, hehehe...hehehhe

Francesca said...

noong panahon ko, di ko naexperience yan. Basta if the baby wants to come, hala sige, iri! sigaw ng midwife.LOL

Now, dami na technology and ek ek to help moms cope up.

Kaya mo yan, ana, ikaw pa.Ready na ba baby's room?

Analyse said...

Duke, cute nga hehe, esp when most of them are on their 9th month, sobrang laki, giving me idea on how i would look like in 2 months..nay ko po!

Ligaya, try it on your next pregnancy (if you're planning to give Ninev a playmate ;). It's a good occasion to meet other moms too, to exchange experiences...and physically, it's soothing nga..i feel very light!

Dops, it's a GIRL! i posted some ultrasound pix too on my former post, check this out.

hehe, baka sobrang masanay ako sa libre nyan..

Ate Amy, dami nga ek ek dito, pero k lang, libre naman hehe..baby's room is ready, si bébé na lang kulang..

Bokbok said...

ano pa nga ba? e bakit nga ba lalayo ka pa, e nandyan naman hubby nya! style!
but since you wouldn't be paying for it, why not di ba?

not only that tita, if you wanna go to the gym to lose weight after l'accouchement, that would also be reimbursed by the securité sociale, so samantalahin mo! okay di ba?

take care!

Analyse said...

Bokski, i'm sure even if i don't ask for it, i'll get it hehe...aba, client yata ito hehe..

Agring said...

Ok lang kahit maaga pang mag-baby shopping dahil kung late ka ikaw rin mahirapan. Noong ako 1 month before my due date nanganak na ako wala pa akong crib or bassinet. Tapos hindi pa naka ready ang gamit ko for hospital or homebirth.

Analyse said...

Hmmm, first day of maternity leave, I guess I'll prepare na talaga lahat, wash and iron those tiny little pieces for my daughter..and prepare na rin yung announcement card for her arrival, so frenchguy will just add the infos and print them while im still at the hospital...hope ill have enough time..