The Evolution of Man: Explained!

Posted by Analyse at 1:44 PM

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Experiment #1: The Evolution of Man

1. Tadpole
2. Frog
3. Prince Charming
4. Royal Pain

Objective: A kikay blogfriend of mine, Bel requested yours truly to dissect this latest discovery about the somewhat evolution of man. The purpose of which is to better understand and justify their behaviour.

1. Up to stage 2, they followed a normal evolution.
2. Stage 3 shows an extraordinary transformation. After hours of research, it has been found that a princess was behind this drastic change. The poor frog catched the attention of a beautiful kind-hearted princess who decided to adopt him. According to legend, after an innocent kiss, the ugly frog became a stunning prince charming...
3. The legend was of course, dissected and redissected to be able to understand this amazing phenomenon. Here are some explainations:
3a. In modern days, the kiss was actually just a representation of the great efforts done by the princess to make her man palatable - a prince charming at that! Efforts include (the list was long, i just included a portion of it):
3ai. cooking for him
3aii. dressing him up (choosing the right colors, design, etc), this includes ironing too.
3aiii. doing the grocery for him
3aiv. encouraging him when he's down, teaching him to believe in himself
3av. teaching him good manners and right conduct
4. The evolution was almost perfect, except that at stage 4, an irreversible reaction to a certain virus has attacked the prince - he wanted to be the king of the world.

Conclusion: A frog is still a frog. (hehe, t'aime bébé).

Suggestion: When he reaches stage 4, find another frog .. or better yet, when you find a frog, make a good adobo out of it ... kokak!


silentmode_v2 said...

aw that's gonna hurt! hehehe.

funny read and oh, frog legs are tastier when fried. yum!

Patrice said...

bwahaha..inabangan ko ito ha! Funny ka talaga! I like how you did this extra challenge! Salud!

Naomi said...

hmm.. isn't this suppose to be a version of Charles Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" yung nanggaling daw tayo sa unggoy? jehjeh, payag ka ba bading??? gandang morning dyan sayo or afternoon ba? ah basta, gandang everyday! =)

bel said...

Galeng!! Sabi ko na nga ba, ikaw ang makakadale nito.Type na type ang banat! hehehe!
stage 4 - Royal pain - ika nga ng mga prinsesitang tulad natin (hehehe)hayaan mo na ngang pain in the ass ang mga froggies, dugong bughaw pa rin naman yung mga palakang lab natin. Pagtiyagaan na lang Tseeeh!

Ladynred said...

Masarap ang frog noh! taste like chicken.

asphaire 許泰莎 said...

haha i agree ana! ribbit.

Analyse said...

silentmode_v2 , Ladynred and Asphaire, hehe, kahit inihaw lang, ok na..

Patrice, pag isipin ba naman daw kasi ako ni Bel, great that you liked it..

naomi, ayan, di ka kasi nagbabasa ng books, akshuli, yung mga princes and princesses e galing sa frog..yung mga barbie lang ang galing sa unggoy! sabi mo nga ajehjeh hehe..if i were to base sa pag ikot ng mundo, malamang pag good morning dyan senyo, good afternoon na dine sa bandang amin...good day bading!

bel, korekek ka dun, masarap pa rin silang idissect hehe..

Duke said...

hahah I like the hirit ana sabay je t'aime bébé!

DOPS said...

mga babae nga naman...sigh... ;)

ngano man sad nya inyo na sad gi-daog-daog ang mga laki? ha? hehehe...

Analyse said...

Duke, baka kasi mabasa hehe..ok naman, he was laughing out loud last night when he read the entry hehe...

Dops, kay kata maintindiwan!

ngek, di compatible dialects natin hehe...