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Posted by Analyse at 4:11 PM

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The past days had been too busy for me at work. Here's my to-do-list and proud to say that I'm more than halfway to the finish line.

- Complete technical and validation files for ongoing and future projects
- Submit closing documents for finished projects
- Submit SS file to the HR Dept for proper computation of my daily allowance during my maternity leave
- Submit updated Carte de Séjour at the HR Dept
- Inform everybody in my workgroup about my upcoming maternity leave and have my boss in Cc systematically on all email exchanges

- Transfer all ongoing and future projects to my substitute and train him/her. (S/he hasn't arrived yet. Darn! But good samaritan as I am, I told my boss that I could go back a day or two to finish the job)
- Complete my Declaration File (a file wherein we declare our daily activities - so starting next week, it reads Maternité..)
- Arrange files /Clean my table
- Clean my Inbox to prevent email clogging
- Inform my friends and family to direct their emails to my @yahoo.com account
- Bring home my laboratory gown and used socks hehe..
- Bring my laptop and phone to our secretary
- Bring home all personal stuffs in my drawer
- Etcetera

Now you understand why I was absent from the blogging world. But hey, I'll be back full time starting next week...see you guys!

Legend: in Red = Done
in Green = Work in Progress
in Blue = To Be Done


Anonymous said...
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noemi said...

wow @-@...dami pa din work, pro malapit na din ma-relax *biggrin*...see you next week sa blogging world, when you have all the time na maki-chika..hahaha
50 days na lang pla at lalabas na ang bebe na maganda o gwapo? masisilayan na ang pretty momma nya, (na-excite daw ako sa panganganak mo)...bwahahaha
ingat lagi sis! lalo na at pabigat na ng pabigat yan si bebe *wink*...smile lagi, okei! mwaaah!!!

Naomi said...

now u put everything in order mabuti naman bading =)

i'm so happy for u sweet momma, kisses to bebe, mwah! =)

btw, you're on my latest entry. Pagpasenshahan mo na yung bading.. thankful lang kasi ako to have a friend like you..

Makis said...

huy, lapit na yung time na you can really kiss & embrace your bébé! excited ka na ba in spite of all your to-do list???

Bokbok said...

whew! napagod ako doon ah! ^-^

ingat, ana, et bon courage pour la suite alors!

tata bokskie

noemi said...

dito ko deliber ang slurpy mo bakla, sabi kasi ni nao..masama tanggihan ang buntis *biggrin*...kahit "masama" sa bebe ang slurpy (cola flavor)..sya pagbibigyan kita...ahehehehe

pero teka...tapos ka ng maglihi di ba?@_@...bwehehehe bawiin ko kaya?hhmmm...o sya, iwan ko dito slurpy mo at hot milk..bahala ka na mamili *wink*...espesyal ka vading! biruin mo left hand hawak ko slurpy, right hand - hot milk...pasma abot ko nito...waaaaahhh!!!! *wink*

have a great weekend sis! ingats lagi..kisses ke bebe....mwaaaahhh!!!

Bless said...

hmmm it's a good thing you have to do list para walang makalimutan hehehe. pagdating ni bebe..wala lahat yang pagod sa to do list na yan. ingat lagi.

Linnor said...

with so much to do, i hope you don't forget to relax in between. :D

Airwind said...

wow very organized... i hope ganyan din ako... wehehe

Analyse said...

whoa! friday, 30/09 at 5:20pm, i'm already on leave...teka, mamamasyal muna ako sa blogging world...

Anonymous said...

one at a time, dear! don't stress yourself out, your baby might be stressed too! anyway, you're almost on vacation... enjoy your last days of work! (alam kong workaholic ka! ;-))


KaDyo said...

lapit na pala ung special day, anyways sama ko kayo sa mga prayers ko pra u have a safe delivery. take care po & have a wonderful day ahead

mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

how organized!!! I am impressed!!!! :D

Analyse said...

Hey there Kala, already on leave..stress-free maman na!

Kadyo, thanks, that's so sweet!

Mell, I have to, me nakalimutan pa nga ako nyan, I forgot my lab gown, darn!