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Posted by Analyse at 10:33 AM

Monday, September 05, 2005

The whole weekend was totally animated in Dijon. As it was frenchguy's birthday last Friday, we decided to while away our time outside, just like the old times. Downtown Dijon was packed with young students due to an open-air concert offered by France Bleu Bourgogne to celebrate the school opening. Yes dudes, back to school! The noise was unbearable (are we getting old?) so we decided to scout a restaurant far from these party people. And the choice was just fantastic. We didn't even notice it before considering we lived just nearby.

Saturday was family day. Oh, actually, we just stayed at home the whole day, doing household chores. Hehe, is that family day for you too? That night, we were invited at a friend's house for celebrate frenchguy's birthday!

Yesterday, Sunday, we decided to go out to attend the fêtes de la vigne and to watch the parade of all the countries invited in Dijon to showcase their folklore. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves (if only I could equally capture the ambiance..)

Burgundy, France

Brittany, France





Serbie and Montenegro





Futuna Island

Sakha Republic

Brazil - the star of the parade!

It was a 32°C afternoon, so imagine those europeans with their national costumes! Good thing there were these hot Brazilians to change the atmosphere. Whoa!


Makis said...

That's a great parade! Nothing like that happens here in & around Marseille (or maybe we're just tuning in on the wrong places). Birthday greetings to frenchguy!!!

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday to frenchguy analyse! yay to hot brazilians ... they always spice up a parade hehehe :-)

Analyse said...

Makis, it's every year here, to celebrate the harvest. great for us, we don't have to go elsewhere to learn about other culture. each year nga, there are some countries popping up which we didn't know before..

Kala, thanks! hehe, viva brazil, cameras flashing everywhere when it was their turn...they're really hot!

JO said...

hi analyse,

wow! nice to see their national costumes. i can never tell which is which... hehehe... buti na lang may caption.

nice pics!

Analyse said...

Hi Jo, euro costumes are somewhat alike nga unlike in asia that we could really distinguish the differences between 2 diff countries..

Bless said...

I agree hottie Brazilians talaga! Seldom we can see parade of nations like that here in US. Wish there will be in the future.

Francesca said...

Ay, ang saya! Harvest na pala ng grapes dyan! Tyak baha na naman ng wine after sa Dijon!
Saka, Mustard Dijon is the best!
tyak si bebe sa tyan, sayaw din sa brazilian music.
And, aba, si frenchguy, birthday?!
hmm, tumatanda ang mama! habol ke Lolo!

Analyse said...

Bless, we're lucky here, they organize that every year, sa laki ba naman ng kita ng community because of wine, it's just their way of sharing the blessings hehe..

Ate Amy, malapit na nga ang harvest. a colleague of mine (now based in the phils) just asked if i cant travel anymore. i know why he's asking, it's harvest time (he's from beaujolais) and he need somebody to remplace him in pinas hehe..sabi ko, ako na lang haharvest..pareho lang ba ng palay yun? hehe..

habol nga ang lolo..and the lil bébé, she adores music, she responds to the noise lagi hehe..

Agring said...

'Asan ang pics ng taga-Pinas?

KaDyo said...

nice pics, thanks for sharing. Para na rin kaming nakarating dyan kulang na lang yung tugtog ng banda ayos na =). Belated hafi birthday sa fafa frenchguy.
tulad ng tanong ni agring..asan yung ati-atihan ? =)

Analyse said...

Agring and Kadyo, i posted yung pix ng pinas sa former post ko about fêtes de la vigne, yung 3rd pix. kaya lang, di yun ati atihan e hehe, they presented tinikling and muslim dance...they were here nung 2002 pa, asian rep this year is from india ;)

Ligaya said...

pictures perfect! ang saya-sayang tingnan! saka ang gaganda ng mga costumes nila. =) para akong nakarating bigla sa Dijon. [wink]
belated happy birthday kay frenchguy! =)

TinTin said...

Uy, belated happy birthday to your french guy!

Linnor said...

The contingents seem to really have prepared and spent a lot on their costumes. It sure makes the parade colorful. Happy birthday to your hubs. :D

Analyse said...

Ligaya, Tintin and Linnor, thanks! ;)

Bokbok said...

nice photos, ma belle!

now where's this Sakha Republic? in Russia? ma-google nga...

tita, i checked out the restaurant's web page... nice decor, menu's interesting too, les escargots & cuisses de grenouilles - my weaknesses. hmmmm...

take care and belated happy birthday to


ps: can't post. mon ordinateur est en panne. tho i can use hubby's, di naman ako makapag-sign-in sa Blogger (cookie problem daw, ewan ko ba!) so pour le moment, je peux rien faire... :(

have a nice day! ;)

Duke said...

kaya namanpala star of the parade ang brazil eh! ang mga girls.. ohlalala pour les

you took really nice pix! glad you enjoyed...

a plus tard,joyeux anniversaire ton mari.

Analyse said...

Boks, I haven't googled that yet, I was thinking it's probably around Mongolia and China, or the eastern part nga ng Russia by the way they look..hmmm, ma-google na nga rin maya..

and hey, we've got another recette pour les escargots, not the traditional beurre persillé...visit me here and i'll ask frenchguy to cook it for you hehehe..

Duke, imagine les hommes following the hottie brazilians with their appareil photos hehe..sana piniktyuran ko rin pala sila haha..

Jopi diestro said...

bonjour! isa po akong estudyante na pilipino na nag aaral sa Dijon simula pa noong september 2011, music student po ako sa conservatoire. Nakakatuwa po na makita na may ibang pilipino pala na dijonaise, medyo malungkot din po kasi na wala ako iba kakilalang pilipino dito, hanggang june pa po ako sa Dijon. Sana po balang araw ma-meet ko kayo o kahit makasalubong man lang habang naglalakad. Salamat po!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jopi,
Great to hear from a Pinoy adventurer in Dijon. Sad to say, we just moved here in the Phils last August, salisi tayo. There are other pinoys there, pero kunti lang talaga, if you're missing home, you can leave me your contact infos and i'll communicate it to them. let me know.

Jopi diestro said...

a ok po, medyo nakakalungkot din po kasi talaga e, may six months pa po ako na natitira dito. saan ko po pwede ibigay o i send yung contacts ko?


Anonymous said...

hi jopi, may fb account ka? hanapin na lang kita ;)

Anonymous said...

a ok, yan po yung mismong name ko sa fb. Salamat po!