we're being questioned!

Posted by Analyse at 6:06 PM

Thursday, November 18, 2004

hay naku, we're buying a house and we're getting indebted! piles of papers to be signed everywhere, medical examinations to be done, preparations, etc.

we've been constant visitors to our bank representative but hélas, laurent and i have been together to sign a paper there just once. the rest of the appointments, we've done them separately. either i was out, or he was out. and since we're binded by PACS, we're being questioned if we're really together. of course, the bank representative was only joking...but then, reality bites! i have been out quite a lot these past months (25% of my time since i started working) and it's not yet finished. hay naku ulit, mahirap kumita ng pera...


Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

ana, reminds me that we both are one of the very few pinays on partnership (not married) relationships hehe. this is one of the things i love about europe (especially for france and NL), they go beyond religion.

please do share your house buying experience. i too have been there and it can sometimes make u want to pull your partners hair!

Analyse said...

oh, now i understand why laurent pulls my hair hahaha...we're cool now, but when we were in the process of looking, we were both stressed out..but well, it's our first big purchase...!!