End of Maternity Leave

Posted by Analyse at 2:55 PM

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Time flies! Not only is Kyla growing, work is also waiting. Would you believe it, I'm supposed to get back to work next Monday, December 22! That's exactly Kyla's 3rd month and the official re-start of my career life. Darn!

But nah! I won't start work before Christmas. Ayoko nga. I'll take some paid leave. I sent an email to my boss yesterday to officially inform him and at the same time ask him to sign a leave form for me. Formality side, I need to sign that form for insurance purposes. And since I opened my work email account through web access, I continued browsing through the pages to keep up with what's happening at work well,to be honest, I've been opening my account from time to time. To sum up, my project didn't progress as I hoped it to be and my calendar started to fill up. I know that I need to meet up with a Thai colleague on January 12, a meeting on this and that date and so on. I then continued deleting a love email from our system administrator informing me that my inbox reached its maximum limit. Nonsense. I again continued browsing, opening only those unimportant messages like my boss buying me a backpack for my laptop. That's cool.

An email about winners and awards was also there but I ignored. Our department is organizing a yearly contest on practices and projects which yield great benefits for the company. It's on a global level so it's a good way to know what our Asian and American colleagues do while we drink our coffee here in France, lol. Frenchguy called me up last night to congratulate me he's again on work travel. he found the best method to get away with dirty diapers and nursing kyla at night. Apparently, I won one of the awards. It's a project I did in collaboration with my favorite Thai colleague.

My reaction? Darn! I hate it. I don't work to get awards. I just do what I need to do. Period. Now, I need to go to Paris dressed up I-don't-know-how to dine in a private museum or I-don't-know-where with the big bosses and deliver a speech on how we got such great results. All that to get an award! The problem is, I'm not used wearing formal dresses I love my shirts and jeans! and I hate speeches. And if it's delivered in French, my, get ready with my terrible accent. I have stage fright!

Hayy, ang laki ng problema ko no?


tintin said...

Sige na, you know you'll enjoy it!

Allow me to say, despite your objections...CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is,"That's pretty darn awesome!" Congratulations on your award. I think it's always great when companies recognize a valuable person.

haze said...

Oi Lola, award means a job well done! So instead of not liking it, just be thankful because not everyone can have an award. That adds PRIDE and good image to a million of Filipinos, yan ang galing ng Pinoy ;) ! Awtograp Ma'am !

And hey, for once naman, keep your jeans and shirt in your closet and reserve them when you visit us in Marseille.

Analyse said...

Girl, ayan, pinagsabihan na ko ni Frenchguy last night, kesyo that was the topic at the office yesterday. That those who were nominated were already happy and satisfied. And me, just because I don't want to quit my shirts and jeans ain't happy to get the award.

PS: Frenchguy's department didn't get any award :(

O sige na nga, happy na ko, hmp.

Unknown said...

What?? I missed your entire pregnancy and even the joys of maternity leave??!

GAADD pathetic talaga buhay ko, virtual na nga lang di ko pa magawa...

I totally sympathise/empathise with you. Aba e di na ko magkandaugaga dito sa work. I can't wait to take a break. I know you must be dreading going back to the grindstone.

Anyway, if I don't dropby again, please accept my apologies.

Adbans na maligayang Pasko na sa iyong newly-extended family
All the best in 2009 and I hope you get some lunch hour in between your meetings

haze said...

O di ba hahaha mas magaling ang Pinoy sa Pranses !!! Go Go Ana ;)! Oi don't forget to take photos while you do your speech :D ! With the robe, heels & make ups on !!!

Francesca said...

hey, perahin na lang kamo ang awards, haha.

pareho tayo ana. I dont work for glory.pera pwede. hehehhee.

pan de leche yang speech na yan in french. ganyan din problema ko. waaahh.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Analyse! I'm sure you'll do fine giving a speech.

Your lovely girls have grown since I last blog hopped.

May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Job well-done yan ah! Congratulations!!!

Buti ka pa, back to work na! Ako kaya, kelan?! I miss work na rin pero di ko kaya ang separation anxiety that might come with that move eh.

Ako din pareho mo, yoko ng spotlight/limelight, kasi may dressing up part na kasama.

lovelyn said...

Auguri Analyse! We're proud of you!

You're right, ang bilis talaga ng panahon.

Anonymous said...

LOL, this post made me laugh!
Congratulations on your award!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations sa award mo, at least di ba, me katuturan ang inyong ginagawa.

Hugs na lang sa mga beauties mo :)

Happy New year!